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I am wearing jacket from Dagmar, knit sweater from By Malene Birger, skirt from Zara, tights from Triumph, tote from BeckSöndergaard, shoes from More Than Shoes and hat from H&M



High-waist blue jeans

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I am wearing turtleneck knit from Benetton, leo coat from Vivikes, high waist blue jeans from Cubus (they're called Skye High) studded boots from Sam Edelman and tote from BeckSöndergaard


Without the Coat

  • 21.12.2014, 09:00




Just wanted to showcase yesterdays OOTD without the coat! My jumpsuit is from here



Vintage Coat

  • 20.12.2014, 19:54



I've found a new way to wear my playsuit that I bought for the Christmas party season! I put a thin merino knit underneath it and it can suddenly be worn in a more casual way. I'm considering trying a blouse underneath it on Christmas day. For some reason I always seem to style this playsuit with vintage! If you want to see how the playsuit looks without a knit underneath you can check out this outfit.



I am wearing vintage blue coat from London, knit from Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen, dungaree jumpsuit bought here, tote from BeckSöndergaard and shoes from Filippa K



Christmas City

  • 15.12.2014, 20:20


Today marks the start of the last week of work before my Christmas holidays so the office was buzzing. After hectic hours and too many cups of coffee I decided to give myself 15 minutes to walk around my pretty little city and just breathe deeply. I walked past Steen & Strøm, looked into the window displays at Hermès and Gucci, turned to Høyer Eger and looked at the Royal Castle in the distance before I turned back towards my office past the sparkly windows of the jewelry store David Anderson, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry. I love the fact that I my office is located right by the best stores in Oslo. I love that my apartment is just a ten minute walk away from my office. John and I have been taking our sweet time moving on to another apartment and I'm enjoying every second of our city-centred

Sweater Dress

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I am wearing sweater as dress from Lindex, coat from Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen, bag from Givenchy, tights from Wolford and shoes from Bianco by Camilla Pihl.  


Casual Saturday

  • 14.12.2014, 07:00







I am wearing coat from Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen (favorite coat from my favorite Norwegian label), two piece set from Lindex, Love-tag necklace from Jane Kønig here, bag from Givenchy and shoes from New Balance.


That necklace deserves a special mention because it has become so meaningful to me. I wear it almost every day because it has the initials J-J-I (John, James and Ingrid) and I thought I lost it for a while... I was so sad and I even asked John to re-purchase it for me as my Christmas present. Luckily he found it under the carpet. Not going to lose it again!


Copper Elements & Christmas Touches

  • 13.12.2014, 11:36


Mason Jar vase from Rainy Sunday and candle holder from By Lassen



Advent star from Åhlens (background) and holly in a vase from Søstrene Grene



  • 12.12.2014, 07:00





Christmas has of course been about everyone else but myself. That's why it was extra nice to receive this little beauty box in the mail a few days ago. I just love the concept of getting a little suprise box full of products! Especially because I really enjoy discovering new beauty essentials. A couple of days ago I eagerly tested the Sunz spraytan and it worked so well! I'm usually quite careful when it comes to self-tanning because I like the naturally golden look and I was scared of looking unnatural but even though I sprayed quite a lot my tan looked very natural. And no streaks! I even sprayed it on my face. It didn't take me long to test every single product in the box and I loved them all. The eye patches were used the morning before a shoot and worked really well.

Here are the products that I received

  • CRYSTAL nailfile made out og glass crystal. The file can be used in all directions and last much longer than a regular nailfile.
  • SUNZ SPRAYTAN My fave product in the box! Great for a beautiful and natural looking tan which is streak-free. A good tip is to apply just a little and wait for it to dry (takes about 5 minutes). Then you can add a second or third layer if you want a darker tan.
  • LASH SERUM A great way to acheive long and lush lashes! The serum repairs and nourishes damaged eyelashes.
  • EYEPATCH I used this before a shoot, and I swear it kept my eyes looking fresh the whole day. The hydrogel patches contain active collagen that plumps skin and licorice which reduses signs of tiredness.
  • NOSE STRIPS is a deep cleaning plaster that contains Witch Hazel which is an antioxidant that helps prevent acne. They are great for unclogging pores.
  • A+E is a serum that contains vitamins A and E. It is used in damp hair to repair damage and retain moisture. 
  • BRUSH is a 100% biological toothbrush.

Happybox bestiller du enkelt ved å sende HAPPYBOX til 2434. Du kan også benytte deg av bestillings skjema på HAPPYBOX.NO 

One Year Ago

  • 11.12.2014, 20:48




One year ago I was 5 months pregnant and still had my hair colored raven black. I have to admit that I don't exactly miss being pregnant and will probably wait quite a long time before daring to go through it again. I was one of the unlucky ones that was sick basically throughout my pregnancy and I threw up most evenings. I started feeling a tiny bit better the week before James came into this world and luckily went back to normal almost immediately after birth. I spent about nine months feeling seasick and horrible. I wish I could say that I was one of those that just glowed throughout my pregnancy but nothing could be farther from the truth! I was usually a lovely gray-green tint in my face. 

I just love this haircolor but I don't have the time to color it every 4-6 weeks anymore so I am sticking to my natural dark brown with highlights.

My Outfits Lately

  • 10.12.2014, 18:50




Here is a little roundup of my outfits lately. Which one do you prefer? My favorite is outfit Nr. 3. That Zara skirt is everything!

Girls Night with Olympus PEN

  • 08.12.2014, 17:48


Location: Scandinavian Photo. Møllergata 4, Oslo, Norway.



L- R: Me // Ulrikke Lund // ByBenedicthe // NetteNestea



Remember how I wrote about the Olympus Girls Night at Scandinavian Photo last week? Well they had set up a photo studio in the middle of the shop floor and everyone that wanted to could have their picture taken by photographer Kristoffer Myhre! There was even styling help on hand! Benedicthe and I had too much fun hogging the studio (haha sorry guys). The pictures were of course taken with an Olympus PEN camera.




I am wearing tuxedo jacket from Lindex here, similar here, bandage top Rebecca Stella for NELLY here, tuxedo trousers from ACNE, mules from NELLY similar here and here and camera Olympus




I don't know Benedicthes full outfit but her bag is from Chanel, her amazing trousers are from NELLY Estradeur here and her camera is of course from Olympus.



No Tights No Problem

  • 07.12.2014, 17:18



I am wearing sweater from Dagmar, skirt from Zara, bag from A.P.C and shoes from Nelly


  • 07.12.2014, 10:00






Yesterday I had an appointment with Gevir Eger first thing in the morning to cut my hair. My hair is slowly being nourished back to health after pregnancy and I am trying to trim my ends every 6 weeks as my split ends are slowly creeping their way up. This is the first time that I have tried Gevir and I knew that once I started that I would get addicted! That scalp massage, the service and the beautiful location were just amazing. ♥

The Prettiest Earrings This Season

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Baby Steps

  • 02.12.2014, 11:09



Here is a little Taco update for those of you that have been missing him! He has gotten really good at standing over longer periods now, and he just loves the view! I can coax him into trying to step just a little bit when he isn't distracted by the television or his dad, and when he gets tired he just plonks down on his little baby bum. ♥

Its an Olympus PEN Party!

  • 01.12.2014, 06:46





På torsdag kl. 19 blir det skikkelig GIRLS NIGHT med Olympus og Scandinavian Photo på Møllergata 4 i Oslo. Jeg gleder meg masse! Det blir en AMAZING goodie bag til de første 150 som kommer, servering av sushi, champagne, rød løper, mini konsert, en profesjonell fotograf som kan ta bilder dere får med dere hjem og MASSE ANNET GØY! MOO kommer også til å være der og vise frem sin nyeste veske Pen by MOO som er spesialdesignet til Pen kameraet. Pluss så blir det trekning av 4 ekstra flotte goodie bags utover kvelden.

Alle bilder som jeg har tatt selv på bloggen i det siste er tatt med Olympus PEN kameraet mitt. Kameraet er helt fantastisk til antrekksbilder med en 45mm linse, og den er så pen og liten at jeg alltid har den i vesken. Virkelig det perfekte jente-kameraet. Kom kom og join oss! Det kommer til å bli så gøy!



Ingrid Holm



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