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Sweet Christmas

  • 26.12.2011, 13:44

I think I am still in post-Christmas shock! Too much sugar, thoughtful presents and love all around.

I've been having so much fun navigating through the many blogs that my extended internet world brings me to to see all the wonderful and stylish presents that everyone has received from friends and loved ones. I got my guy a black silk bowtie from Hermès that made my heart skip a beat as well as a clock from Triwa that I knew he had wished for. Unfortunately the Hermès bowtie wasn't such a hit! That's what I get for trying to get a guy that isn't too interested in style to wear something that I would love on him... never works! ;) He is more of t-shirt and baseball cap guy (with a pair of Nikes). Very American for a European. I will try to snap a picture of the bowtie before he returns it though.

Otherwise I have been lying around in a constant food-coma. I've also been trying to rediscover my (almost non-existent) cupcake baking skills! As you can see by the picture above, I've still got a while to go before they're actually picture-worthy.

Snapshots and life lately

  • 22.12.2011, 23:54

Last night with Jenny.

Instagram Funnies

  • 22.12.2011, 12:50

Forgot to post this Instagram from last weekend!

Hope you're having a happy week. :*


Favourites - Trop Belle

  • 21.12.2011, 12:14

I know its easier to click on the super-famous bloggers but there are som favourites I have followed for many years even though they dont have their own clothing collections and designer bags named after them.

Swedish/Spanish Estefanía is one of them.

She's beautiful, and oh so cool:

PS: Her blog entries are almost always the title of a wicked music track.

Enjoy. :*?

Vogue Australia

  • 20.12.2011, 15:22

It has been a long time since I've seen a cover this sigh-inducing! Isabel Lucas looks amazing on the December Issue of Vogue Australia.

I must book a holiday somewhere warm, soon.


  • 19.12.2011, 10:46

Just got back from family time in Germany (well, was actually on a boat, in the sea most of the time).Here are some snapshots taken by my sweet sis'.

I am wearing both a Dagmar wool jacket (with leather details) as well as a Dagmar wool sweater.

More later. x


  • 17.12.2011, 08:44

Time, why must you fly by so quickly?


  • 16.12.2011, 23:05

Just got back from an quick trip to Stockholm.While I was there I got to check out the Turner Monet Twombly exhibit at Moderna Museet.Very inspiring, and definitely recommended!

Now I'm off to Germany for the weekend! Phew!



  • 14.12.2011, 12:24

Still craving this skirt from Carven.


  • 12.12.2011, 22:41

So is the weather getting to you too?The weather in Oslo is... awful.

I cant even think of getting properly dressed at the moment, so my good 'ol silver jeans from Zara and a gold glittery sweater from Lindex are giving an otherwise casual outfit some shine. I accessorized with an armor ring from Bik Bok and a birds skull necklace from All I have to do nowadays is throw on a sweater, jeans and a pair of chunky black boots and I'm happy.

I'm also happily learning how to get perfectly disheveled hair from youtube videos!I discoverd Heyyyjune when I was researching bleaching my hair and she has some great hair tutorials.

This one is my favourite.  


  • 12.12.2011, 10:25

For those of you wondering what lipstick I have been wearing lately:

It's Mac Faux mixed with a little bit of Mac Pink Nouveau.

My blouse is from Lindex. :)

Things I Love - Dagmar

  • 11.12.2011, 12:16

Dagmar is one of the brands that I discovered through my new job. There is just something about their design philosophy and the quality of the clothing that has made me such a fan. Out of all of the amazing brands that I have gotten to work with, it really is Dagmar that I have fallen in love with. 

from Costume Norway October 2011

As much as I love the clean and minimalistic design of Scandi-favourite Acne, I've always felt there was something missing from the fashion scene and I feel that Dagmar fills that void completely. Their concept of arty-chic mixed with quality designs give the fashion scene here in Scandinavia a nordic-bohemian vibe that I have really been missing. This kind of style is all over Iceland and has made them incredibly unique fashion-wise, but I have seen very little of this type of design in Denmark, Sweden & Norway. 

Dagmar as seen on Ele-ista, Elin Kling & Annabel Rosendahl

I guess I feel that the Scandinavian minimalistic design side has been given so much attention all over the world but that disregards a huge portion of cultural capital here in this side of the world - artists and artisans that use wool, patterns and leather in a very scandinavian way. 

Scandinavia is not all pole-thin platinum blondes in head-to-toe Acne. Really. 

It's amazing how involved one get when you really believe in something! Happy to be spending my sunday sharing this with my lovely readers. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have this little outlet to share all that inspires me. I will always love the merging of art & design. 

Sunday Inspiration

  • 11.12.2011, 09:55

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.

-Paulo Coehlo

Here is some Sunday inspiration from various tumblrs.Hope you're having an amazing weekend. 

Hair care for bleach blondes

  • 10.12.2011, 21:35

I thought I would do a (hopefully) informative entry on hair bleaching. I spent about one month researching on the internet before I had it done at Head & Hair so I was well aware of all the things that were going to happen.

THE BASIS1. The most important thing to note is that I have been dyeing my hair black for many years. That's a lot of layers of pigment. These were almost impossible to lift out of my strands, so the bottom of my hair is still quite orange. Luckily for me, I kinda like it. My friend called the bottom bits of my hair the same color as a fox - reddish blonde. 

COMPLIMENTARY TONES2. The top bit which is previously uncolored is light blonde. In order for the hair to look the most natural Momo (my hairstylist) left the roots as they are. That way I wouldn't look fake bleach blonde with awful orange tips.  Instead it is several complimentary colors all around, from blonde to brown (to orange) in a beautiful gradient mix.  

BRASSY HAIR3. In order for me to get rid of the orange brassy tones in my hair I wash my hair with purple shampoo and conditioner. I am using Bleach Blonde by Lee Strafford. You can get purple/blue shampoo at most hair salons or on the internet. The shampoo and conditioner deposits blue pigment into the hair  which stops the hair from turning completely orange.  When my hair regains some strength I will dye it blonde one more time to really lift the orange out. Momo wants to wait 3 months with deep treatments as my hair is super dry and damaged, while I am trying to negotiate it to 4 weeks. I don't mind my hair looking fried, as I think it looks kind of cool and "beachy".

AFTER-TREATMENTS4. According to Momo I should only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. When I wash my hair (with the purple shampoo and conditioner) I finish off with a hair treatment. At the moment I am using All Soft by Redken. 

5. After washing I rub in loads of Hair Styling Elixir by Alexander Sprekenhus and spray in tons of de-tangling spray by Alexander Sprekenhus. They both contain Argan oil which is really good for dry hair. I also rub it in to the "crispy bits" when its dry. 

6. I try to avoid blowdrying my hair at all costs.

SUMMARYAt the moment my hair is super dry, damaged and with orange tips. It is not a perfect blonde - and this was expected. I love how it looks kind of textured and beachy. When you go from black dyed hair to blonde you can expect a lot of damage.  Becoming blonde from brown/black hair is quite a commitment and is going to take a few months at the least. I personally love the result, but it is not for the weak-hearted. Your hair is put through a lot. Luckily for me, I have thick healthy hair. If your hair is thin and damaged to begin with, I really don't recommend trying this at all. 

Bottle Blonde

  • 08.12.2011, 20:33

Photos taken with my iPhone

Today Momo turned me into a blonde!I had it done at Head Hair on Bogstadveien (in Oslo).

I get a bit of a shock every time I walk by a mirror, but I really love it!

Here is a link to Momo's work:

He's awesome ? 

gypsy london girl

  • 07.12.2011, 21:24

photos by: David Richardson

Yet another day, and still no update! I thought I would share some pictures that I took with photographer David Richardson in my old living room in London. Tomorrow I am going to go get my hair lightened to an even lighter shade and these pictures are making me wonder if maybe it is my true calling to be raven haired. I've colored my hair black since as long as I can remember.

These pictures were shot on film, not digital.

In these shots I am wearing all vintage. 

That dress in action:

  • 05.12.2011, 13:48

dress from H&M.

Was just perusing the internet when I came across this picture of me and sweet Nathalie at an event.Here's one of the dresses in my recent Elle feature in action. Yayz for event photographers! 


  • 03.12.2011, 15:24

This little luxury came home with me today, and I found the most beautiful winter jacket I have ever seen! Ack. I usually weather through winter without a proper one (just wool coats) but this one was beautiful and I could picture it lasting me for many, many winters to come. I am properly crushing on a winter jacket! Ack! You know those poofy shapeless ones that will never, ever be chic? Canada Goose style... Oh lord! Now lets see if I actually invest in one... they're bloody expensive.

Sometimes I think I need to remind myself that I live in Norway where a proper winter jacket is almost mandatory, considering the weather. Sometimes I do go into denial... especially when it comes between me buying something incredibly beautiful but much less practical.

Back to Voluspa. I ordered Elysian Garden on ebay but this one (Citron Vert & Vanille) was too irresistible to leave behind. Good things come in pairs right?  

xx Ingrid

Eyeliner ♥

  • 02.12.2011, 15:02

**Just some eyeliner inspiration on a Friday.

Ingrid Holm



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