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Shaggy Jacket and Dr Martens

  • 30.11.2014, 22:26



I am wearing jacket from Lindex, knit sweater from By Malene Birger, necklace from Jane Kønig here - I am wearing a "Love Tag" necklace with the initials J-J-I to represent my little family, high waist jeans from Never Denim, bag from Givenchy and boots from Dr Martens


  • 29.11.2014, 18:30


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, the little one is sick. Some days everything else has to be put on hold to be a mama to James. ♥

Norwegian Fjords ✈

  • 23.11.2014, 20:58

Location: Up in the sky. Norwegian Fjords



I spent the beginning of the weekend with my work in beautiful Ålesund. Here is a shot from up in the sky looking down. So pretty! You can see a video from my view on my instagram.  

Hope you had a great weekend! xx Ingrid


Blue Fluffy Jacket and Leo Loafers

  • 21.11.2014, 07:00





I do realize that too many of my outfit posts since it got cold have featured a fluffy jacket.

One of my ongoing discussions with John since the day that we moved in together is the amount of outerwear that I own. In a country that is cold like 80% of the time (arguably 100% of the time since I am an island girl from Manila) I should be able to own as many jackets as I please because I truly live in them here. So he just has to deal with my fluffy jackets in all the colors of the rainbow, and my coats, and my leather jackets and whatever else that keeps me warm and happy. Thankyouverymuch. 

I am wearing vintage blue jacket found on eBay, dress from MEXX, patent leather belt from Giles Deacon for New Look, bag from A.P.C, tights from Triumph and loafers from Zara.

Gevir Eger

  • 20.11.2014, 15:51

Location: Gevir, Høyer Eger. Oslo, Norway



Life like a beauty editorial

I have to admit that I have an inbuilt scepticism towards hair salons. I say 2cms and suddenly 5cms is chopped off, I say that I want very light sunkissed streaks in my hair and I walk home with garish corn-yellow stripes like some sort of skunk. We girls just want one thing when we walk into the magical realms of a beauty salon: we want to leave even more beautiful than when we came. 


I know of Gevir because of its untarnished reputation. Everyone loves them. My girlfriends are addicted and celebrities use social media to share how pleased they are with their hair.


In her opening speech Agnes, the owner of Gevir answered so simply why so many women flock towards her salons. It is because they focus on beauty. A hairdressers aesthetic isn't always a regular womans aesthetic. We just wanna be pretty! No architectural cuts, and yes, even though we're spending a small fortune it NEVER warrants cutting off more than we requested. 

Looking at the models styled for the occassion I was seriously inspired. My hair needs a touch up soon and I know EXACTLY where I am going to get my hair done!!

The models are all wearing Marc Jacobs and their hair and make-up have been styled by the Gevir team with Kérastase products.














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Christmas Party Outfit

  • 18.11.2014, 07:00









So remember how I said that I was going to find the perfect playsuit for my office Christmas party? Voila! Here it is! I love the simple skinny straps and how it makes me feel about ten feet tall and. My boob area has NEVER been a 'problem' for me before the baby, but unfortunately now they are an 'issue', even when it comes to my sideboob situation - so I have ordered boob tape to tape my playsuit down. I prefer my girls small, I have to admit. Apparently they shrink to even smaller than they were before the baby after bf-ing so they might actually disappear completely. So trivial but still kind of worrying! Just another reminder that my body was created the way it was to nourish a child and not to fit perfectly into an outfit. I've had a lot of those reminders since my pregnancy test showed up as positive last year. 


I am wearing: Dungaree Jumpsuit, vintage teddy jacket bought in London and vintage handbag bought in the south of Norway.

James Robert 6 months

  • 17.11.2014, 07:00


When I was in Copenhagen on friday Taco turned 6 months! Daddy cool visited his good friend and Tacos replacement mom for the day Jeton at his studio so I just had to post the picture for posteritys sake. My boys look good! Happy 6 months my little son (just a few days late). I love you to the moon and back.

Day to Night

  • 16.11.2014, 08:00









Remember just last week when I visited Stockholm, got to stay at the amazing Story Hotel and was able to chat to President and Chief Creative Officer of MEXX Julia Hansen about her journey with the fashion label? Well I got to play around with their AW14 collection on the blog!


I remembered Julia talking about how items from Mexx were easy to bring from day to night with just a few small outfit switches. I decided to play on this idea when putting together outfits and boy did I have fun coming up with outfit combinations! If you switch out the strappy heels with more conservative boots the outfit suddenly becomes more work appropriate, or if you change the trousers with your favorite pair of jeans the look suddenly becomes more casual. I added some neck bling and a fun faux fur into the mix and suddenly I was ready for a night out.

I am a fan of trousers at work because I like to run around the office without tugging at my skirt but I challenged myself by putting together an outfit with a dress from MEXX that with just a few switches could either be dinner/cocktail approriate or more conservative. The dress was amazing because I didn't really notice it when I was wearing it. I know it sounds weird, but that is such a huge plus from me, as it is really obvious when I am uncomfortable in an outfit. 

If I were to choose my favourite item in these outfits, it would have to be the tux jacket! I have one already that is very boxy and masculine so I just love that this one swings in at the waist. It leaves such a beautiful silhouette and can be worn in so many different combinations. I already see myself wearing it with my jeans and a t-shirt. I hope you enjoyed the outfit experimenting as much as I did, and that you are inspired to put together similar outfits! 



Outfit Nr. 1 Tuxedo jacket, see-through blouse, patterned black trousers all from MEXX, ponyhair clutch from By Malene Birger and lace up shoes from H&M. Outfit Nr. 2 See-through blouse & trousers from MEXX, white faux jacket eBay, bling necklace Lindex, bag Givenchy. Outfit Nr. 3 Tuxedo jacket and dress from MEXX, patent leather belt from Giles Deacon for New Look, tights from Triump and shoes Louboutin


PS: Remember how I wrote that I wasn't too familiar with Mexx and that checking out their SS15 collection in Stockholm was one of my first encounters with the brand? Well I just recently found out that they sell in Glasmagasinet in Oslo through their store finder. Can't wait to check it out! 


You can find more outfit posts under the category "OUTFIT POST"


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Sneak Peek

  • 15.11.2014, 15:29


Hi lovelies! Here is a windy preview of tomorrows OOTD post. Check in tomorrow for a giga post! ♥

Happy Weekend.


  • 12.11.2014, 21:21

Jacket ACNE, sweater H&M, bag Givenchy Nightingale

Life With Baby

  • 11.11.2014, 19:00






The weather outside is terrible so no outfit shots today. Here are some pictures of what I do every day when I get back from work... I SMOTHER Taco in kisses and hugs because I miss him so much. As John says: "there's a reason why the word mother is in smother!" Haha!

Breakfast with Mexx

  • 06.11.2014, 11:57


Location: Story Hotel. Stockholm, Sweden










Here are some snapshots from my morning with Mexx. President and Chief Creative Officer Julia Hansen flew in from Amsterdam to tell us about her journey with the fashion label and it was really inspiring to listen to her speak so passionately about the brand. The clothing items in the images are from their SS15 collection and there were some really good quality items that I would love to have in my closet. 

At its height Mexx was a revolutionary brand that challenged norms. They used Naomi Campbell as their model before she was super famous and created thought-provoking advertisements. Today Julia is working towards bringing Mexx back to its core. She spoke of how she was inspired by the idea of  taking a very street item and making it fashion or taking a very fashion fabric and making it street. During her talk she put a lot of emphasis on items that you can wear from morning to night with a few tweaks and this went straight to my heart. I don't have time to change outfits anymore so I tend to gravitate towards items that I can dress up and down. Mexx also has baby clothes and I loved how she used her own kids as examples - urban kids need clothes that they can run around in with a bit of edge. Kids nowadays are cool, not little dolls. :) 

Good Night from Stockholm

  • 05.11.2014, 21:14

Sponset opphold

Location: Story Hotel. Stockholm, Sweden








Hello and goodnight from Stockholm! Story Hotel is one of my favorite hotels to stay in while I am in Stockholm and it almost kind of feels familiar by now. I really do love it here.  I am in Stockholm to learn about the fashion label MEXX which I have to admit that I am not too familiar with. I cannot wait to share what I discover! This is my first night ever without James and I miss him very much, but luckily I am knackered so I know that I will sleep. 

Stokke Style Kit

  • 04.11.2014, 20:07






I can't believe that I haven't written about the Stokke Style Kit yet! Or have I? At least not properly. :) I came across these pictures that John took a little while back of the Beige Cube Style Kit for our Stokke stroller and just had to share them. Basically the Style Kit transforms the whole look of your stroller and this one is just gorgeous! You can mix and match different parts of the Style Kit for different looks.

I'm going through a bit of an emotional stage at the moment since I started work on monday. Day 2 was definitely a lot tougher than Day 1 and I found myself holding back the tears at work. I think it is a combination of not having slept much these past two nights as James is still getting used to his new routine without me so his sleep has been very interuppted. One thing that hasn't changed is James' smile that just lights up a whole room. He smiles and giggles continuously and that smile calms even the worst of my nerves. I know that everything will be fine, but somehow I cannot help but feel a little sad. I am sure that by next week everything will be fine.

My Best Beauty Investment

  • 03.11.2014, 20:54



I write so much about beauty products but I still haven't written about the most important tools in my make-up routine: my make-up brushes!


This is because I have been waiting for brushes that I can write about that are easily available in Norway. I have almost 50 different make-up brushes, both affordable ones and expensive ones. Most of them were bought while traveling or from international webshops. I have FINALLY found a good set of brushes that are available in Norway and at an amazing price as well! Even though I do love my luxury brushes, I have been purchasing more and more budget brushes because they actually last longer!


These brushes in the picture are from MAKEUP MEKKA and you can actually order the whole brush set + a brush cleaner for NOK 299. That's a great price if you want the proper tools to apply make-up properly without spending thousands of kroners on brushes.

You can find the brushes here




Here is what you get in the starter kit:


1. Pro Large Powder Brush 131 which I use to apply my powder foundation or finishing powder

2. Pro Blush Brush 401 for applying blush or contouring

3. Pro Foundation Brush 111 - with this brush I actually apply my foundation with my fingers first so that it melts into the skin and the use the brush until the foundation 'disappears' into my skin. You get an almost airbrush effect!

4. Pro Concealer Brush 121 is great for concealing under your eyes. I used cream concealer or even a yellow-toned powder highlighter.

5. Pro Blending Brush 201 blends your eyeshadow on your lids and brings your eye make-up to another level.

6. Pro Shadow Shader Brush 212 is great for applying eyeshadow.

7. Pro Pencil Brush 205 - this brush will give you the perfect smokey eyes.

8. Pro Small Angle Brush 235 is for applying gel eyeliner

9. Pro Angled Brow Brush 245 is for filling in your eyebrows

10. You've got a great brush set... now maintain them with a Pro Brush Shampoo. Washing your brushes regularly will stop bacteria growth so you won't get any impurities on your skin, plus, it will make your make-up application flawless as there will be no old leftover make-up in the brushes.



Happy Baby

  • 01.11.2014, 07:00



Happy Saturday from Taco! He is snug as a bug in his new Stokke *vognpose* (winterbag??) and jacket from Lindex.

The anxiety of not cuddling up to little James 24/7 and sniffing his beautiful baby smell all day long is starting to creep in now, which is of course completely natural! Luckily my office is a ten minute walk from my apartment so I will feed him during my lunch break and I have worked out a schedule where I get mommy+baby feeding time in the morning, afternoons and when I get back from the office. It will all work out. ♥


Ingrid Holm



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