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Marni + H&M

  • 30.11.2011, 22:16

Marni x H&M

Now this I am truly excited for. Much more than the Versace x H&M collaboration.

I can imagine myself mixing a beautiful printed piece from the collection with

 a slouchy basic like a super-soft Alexander wang tee and black patent boots.

 I am excited to see the jewelry and accessories!

Kimono jackets and a night at the opera

  • 29.11.2011, 22:27

Kimono from Indiska.

Just a quick hello, as I've just gotten back from watching The Nutcracker (ballet) at The Opera House here in Oslo. My friend Line and I decided to absorb a little bit of culture so we got ourselves some bargain tickets. Luckily for us we were transferred to some pretty amazing seats! It was so beautiful - everything was so beautiful - the costumes, the dancing and the opera itself. I've officially decided that I need to do more things like this. I wasn't allowed to take pictures during the show but I really wish I could have, in order to entice you to take the trip as well. That's one thing about this blog - I love sharing my life through my personal lens. Copy-pasting pictures would tell the story from another persons perspective. This may sound overtly corny, but for me, every filter counts. 

xx Ingrid 

dream come true:

  • 29.11.2011, 08:23

So this is where a a good chunk of this months paycheck went to - a massive wardrobe completely customized by me. I want it to grow a little bit wider soon - with space to display my shoes and bags. I feel like I'm one step closer to becoming Carrie Bradshaw... except, I don't live in New York and I'm not Carrie Bradshaw. 

I'll share more of it soon - in daylight.

xx, Ingrid

Snake print

  • 28.11.2011, 22:11

Snake print scarf from By Malene BirgerCardigan from IndiskaSkirt from H&MBag also from By Malene Birger.

Today: headache, dizzy, ugh.

Hug from under a big thick duvet in a little apartment in Oslo. 

Smokey Eyes

  • 23.11.2011, 17:06

I just had to share this little product guide that I tore out of this months Det Nye (the one with Charlotte Thorstvedt on the cover). So inspiring! I've just ordered a golden-brown eyeshadow palette from Bare Minerals, but now I'm also craving the one from Bobbi Brown, as well as the longwear lipcreme from Mac.

Mari Ruus, who is Det Nye's beauty editor is so good at make up - I always find her work inspiring. Mari also did the make-up in the cover shoot with Charlotte Thorstvedt, who looked stunning. Here's some inside info from Rubi (fashion ed. at Det Nye): apparently the girl doesn't own a bad angle... every single shot of Charlotte was flawless.

... luckily for us mere mortals, there's the delete button.

If you haven't already, go buy the latest issue of Det Nye! It's so good!

Close-up, cheer up

  • 22.11.2011, 21:09

Gosh darnit! My attempt at "smiling more for pictures" is failing miserably. Here I am fixing my hair (looking annoying), wearing a cozy knit from here and a clutch from here. 

I overheard a girl saying that she wanted a complete makeover of everything and I'm sort of in the same place at the moment. Us girls... we alway seem to need change. :)

Till next time kiddos x

Balenciaga, The Essence

  • 21.11.2011, 09:20

Balenciaga L'essence                

I am a complete perfume-junkie.My favourite place in the whole entire world to buy perfumes is at airports. In a few weeks I will be heading to Stockholm,and I think this is the perfume that will be coming home with meeven if I don't even know how it smells yet.

Girly girl

  • 20.11.2011, 17:05

why am i so annoying?

  • 20.11.2011, 16:40

Actually... don't answer that! This picture was taken on a "warm" Saturday, when I ventured out in this sweater-as-a-dress. The weather was humid and awful so I was trying to fix my hair in this shot. This was also the only picture where you also could see the great cut of the sweater. Just so you know it, I threw on a leather biker-jacket after about 5 minutes. That looked pretty cool too... and I obviously forgot to take a picture. 

To see what I was wearing click here. 


  • 20.11.2011, 16:37

Whatsup whatsup! I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was spent sleeping in the sauna at the gym (the only place where I can really just think), and caressing my new ponyhair clutch from By Malene Birger. I am obviously going through a "chain bag" phase - this one has a detachable chain for easier everyday use. 

I am wearing: Vintage velvet blazer, shirt from Nowhere, vintage Levi's cut-offs, bag from By Malene Birger & shoes from Din Sko

yesterdays details - @ work

  • 18.11.2011, 13:50

1. Spider cuff from here 2. Leather card holder from here 3. Pilot shades from here 4. Supercute tiny swiss army knives from here. I use mine literally every day. Easy access tweezer, scissor & nail file = Genius. There's a contest for a really cute one here (for Norwegians)

5. Sexy ankle boots from here - totally wrong timing for bare ankles though.

It was freezing yesterday... literally! 6. Silver jeans from here. 

Elle Outfit - Dagmar

  • 17.11.2011, 21:20

Here is my one of my outfits from the Elle article. It is from my favourite clothing brand ever - Dagmar.I don't think I've had a favourite brand before - but I really, really love their clothes.

I've also been thinking that I should probably smile a bit more in my pictures?I always looks so morose, but in "real-life" I'm constantly laughing and smiling. 

I'll try to remember that next time I have a lens in my face. *Squirm*.

I'm in Elle

  • 17.11.2011, 09:07

I think every little fashion-girl dreams about one day being in the pages of Elle. I guess that's another thing to cross off the bucket list! So happy right now! 


  • 16.11.2011, 16:16

 By Malene Birger SS12

1. At the moment I am dreaming about a holiday in a land where I can wear bare shoulders, long voluminous dresses and tanned skin. 2. Oh, and this hair. Anybody know of a salon in Oslo where they are good at colouring dark hair into almost blonde without it turning brassy??

out of order

  • 14.11.2011, 21:30

Sorry for the lack of updates on my side... I get major guilt trips when I leave my little blog home for too long. I've been exhausted as of late - it must be the short days and long winter darkness that has gotten to me. There are few things that make me realize that winter really is knocking on my door:

1. I collect clothing items that cannot be worn outdoors (sad face).2. I realize that I should buy a "proper" winter coat (but I never do).3. My skin gets really dry and unhappy.4. I spend too much money on ebay on new make up products to make up for the lack of natural dewiness of my face.

And here are some new additions to The Showmanship closet & vanity table as of late:

1. Three amazing kimono jackets from Indiska.2. A lighter Bare Minerals Matte foundation for wintery skin.3. Star Bronzer from Lancome.4. New make up brushes.5. Beautiful ankle boots from Bik Bok6. An Iphone 4S because my Blackberry got stolen (and because I'm addicted to Instagram. I'm not even joking).

I'll make sure to share very soon. 

x Bisous

when broke wear vintage

  • 08.11.2011, 20:53

When rich wear vintage (for that matter)... but oh does it feel good to find a beautiful vintage item for a vintage price.

little things that make me happy:

  • 08.11.2011, 20:24

I found these delicate bracelets at H&M today, for 10 kr. on sale! I'm such a fan of delicate little bracelets but these things fall off/break off pretty quickly. Buying delicate bracelets is like buying a bouquet of flowers... you know they're going to die on you but they're worth it anyway.

I also met Ingrid & Patrick - the designers of Mardou & Dean a few days ago & I was gifted with this beautiful little business card holder when I proudly showed off my new business cards. Unique little things like these are the things that I truly treasure. I even wore it as a mini-clutch to the Define Hair Awards later that day with just my credit card and a lipstick in it. It was a great little conversation piece. I'm making tiny-ass clutches in fashion now - forget the oversized ones! ;)

PS: Patrick & Ingrid: you should really consider producing these in a larger size you know... and then gifting me with one?? ;) 

PPS: For all M&D lovers: Mardou & Dean has opened a store in Oslo (Sorgenfrigata 17, Oslo) which I haven't visited yet - I'm super excited to drop by soon. More about the store here.

quiet times in the golden lions den

  • 06.11.2011, 14:56

1. Clothes I am wearing this mild November.

2. My two favourite sweaters of the season. The first from JC Jeans & Clothes and the second from H&M.

3. The best Eclair(s) that I have ever tasted in my life (I had two). From my neigbourhood delicatessen: FLÂNEUR FOOD on Niels Juels gate 51.

4. Warmth and good food.

5. My unmade bed and a sock peeking out of my sock drawer = life. My baby brother gave me a framed picture of my cat  Sofia for my birthday and checks that it is by my bedside every time he visits.

6. Returning to favourites: Chanel Bronze Universel on my cheekbones for a diffused glow, Barry M Dazzle Dust on my eyelids, and my favourite drugstore lipstick from London that I just cant seem to find a replacement for. Here's another new favourite: Lancome Color Design eyeshadow in Nr. 50 applied wet under the eyes with an eyeshadow brush.

7. Peppermint tea and apple cake that has already been scarfed down at the Litteraturhuset (House of Literature in Oslo). I am currently reading a book that I bought there which is shifting some paradigms in my mind.

8. Super warm wool blanket that my lovely man bought for me when the "ber-month" chills started. 

please say you will

  • 02.11.2011, 20:29

I vaguely remember clicking myself into this Cola Light contest this summer, but I do remember the promise of a trip to London with the most beautiful of Norwegian girls Charlotte Thorstvedt.

Thanks to lovely Panthea (what an amazing name) I was informed that I've made it as a finalist! And the contest ends in about A WEEK! 

Please, please take a few minutes to vote for me, as its the fateful last few days of the contest! I promise to shower you with pictures and anecdotes if I win. I also promise to shower you with pictures and anecdotes if I don't win... but please do!

*For those of you who don't understand Norwegian - you just have to enter (in this order) Your name, email, telephone nr, birthdate and if you are subscribed to Costume magazine (obviously option NO or NEI if you dont understand Norwegian). Don't worry, I don't think they are going to call you! ;)

PS: Here is Charlotte's latest Costume Norway cover, and here is a link to her blog!Here is another Costume cover of hers, in a dress of her own design if I remember correctly.

She is over the top pretty.

yours truly

  • 01.11.2011, 13:19

Oh how I wish!

White shirt from By Malene BirgerLouboutin spiked pumpsLeather skirt from Carven.

Ingrid Holm



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