oktober 2011


Top from Marimekko, skirt from H&M and shoes from Din Sko

Here's a quick shot from today. I'm wearing a gifted striped top that I received while I helped out at a Marimekko store opening for my work a few days back.Marimekko is a quirky Finnish brand which was a favourite of none other than 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The top is a classic piece and made out of 100%

cotton so I've been reaching for it a lot since I received it.

Thank you Marimekko. 

xx Ingrid

its getting too cold for this

Jacket from Zara, knit by Whyred, pants by Vero Moda and shoes from Bianco

Getting winter-vibes lately, but for some reason I'm really positive about this winter. I think it has something to do with the fact that my apartment is falling into place, I have a challenging job that I enjoy waking up for every morning and I have about the kindest boyfriend I could ever ask for. Simple things. As you guys can probably tell, I'm in the throes of new-love with my Mulberry Lily. I promise not to style it with absolutely everything in the future. I am currently eyeing two beautiful shoulder bags that I am hoping that I can take home with me soon. Now if only I can start to "effectivize" my work so that I can leave a tidy desk at 5pm every day and I will be in heaven. My mind is a carousel of checklists and plans. 

sparkle bum

Whyred skirt & sweater, H&M bag, Karen Walker sunglasses & By Malene Birger keyring

Here is a shot that I took for a magazine that didn't make it to the final cut... I thought I should still share it here. This skirt makes me think of a conversation that I had with a stylist who is probably the person that I admire most out of all the amazing people that I have met that work in the fashion industry here in Oslo. We were working out what the skirt would look best with. I suggested a beautiful and simple knit sweater. She suggested a perfectly crisp white shirt, buttoned all the way to the top,  neatly tucked into the skirt. Respect.

I've been obsessed by the idea of a perfect white shirt since.

I found an amazing candidate from By Malene Birger that I haven't tried on yet, but it isn't in stores until Spring Summer 2012. Torture. 

oslo life

Here is my latest outfit post for Flingly.com! To find out the details of what I'm wearing just click yourself over to my latest blog entry for them (below). 


They've finally launched their online magazine now and it is looking pretty cool! I would kind of describe their site as a compilation of "evolved" blog entries - they sort of take them to the next level and present them in an online magazine format. As long as the blog entries remain personal I find this really unique.

Kind of difficult to explain, so I made a screenshot below of the latest "front page" of their magazine 

It's interesting to see how the site will evolve and I'm really happy to be a part of their project as a contributor.

I'm always wondering how this blog-craze is going to evolve... if blogs will still exist in 10 years or if something completely new will replace them. Technology works in crazy ways.

portrait of an artist as a young woman

"I have been painting for the last two years, and have been experimenting with interiors and their potential to express something about our state of mind and living. I'm fascinated by how we relate to society, as both an abstract concept and an ever present space outside our windows filled with daily routine. What I really want to shed light on is our relationship to the public sphere through a metaphysical close up of the private sphere. I mostly focus on the home as an arena to discuss human affairs, as it is at the crux of our private lives, where we live, feel, think, plan and hide. I use many means of creating atmospheric scences, like obscuring proportions and perspectives, experimenting with color, and rich textures. I abstract the settings of my rooms in pursuit of creating a dreamlike, liminal atmosphere that suggests the interior is both a mental and physical space.I am inspired by the challenges of urban enviornments, isolation, and community. I strive to express my own feelings while trying to tie that into emotions that many of us seem to share, such as fragmentation and alienation. I have grown up in a multi-cultural family in the Philippines where extreme urbanization, post-colonial culture, and East-Asian art and architecture have also been an influence."

Info:Andrea Isabelle Phillips has done: 2 years at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole, is now starting a bachelors at Chelsea School of Art and Design London, made it to the second round of assesment of Høstutstillingen 2011. ( Det var 244 blant 2221 søkere som kom videre til denne delen av utvelgelsen, og bare 93 kom inn med verker til Høstutstillingen) From the email I got from Kunstnerens Hus, you can use the numbers.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4ze_9nA0OZA/TZBqanqSmgI/AAAAAAAAABc/8L3sOEigyI... (this is the painting that was selected by Høstutstilling første opptak)

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XGMsQ86G0Q4/Th7txhj8S3I/AAAAAAAAACI/BNC5lSDh6K... (this is my latest)



Preparations for tomorrows events...

Hmmm, busy girls must improvise - so I've started using Instagram via my twitter account in order to update everyone when blogging seems impossible. You can follow me on Twitter here. :) Tomorrow there is going to be a really posh Hermès event in Oslo, arranged by my work. So excited!

little lace dress

Hello dear readers, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend!

If you want, you can visit Flingly for my weekly outfit post for them:


You should also check out their new site - Flingly.com which just re-launched a few days ago. I'm not exactly sure of their complete concept just yet, but as I've understood it - it's a a user-based online fashion magazine. I think that there is a link on the site where you can apply for an invite to contribute.

Big kiss,

Ingrid x

inspirational photographs

from Costume Norway & Heartbreak Blog

When the pictures on my blog are up to par with these photographs, I will know that it is fulfilling its potential. There is always room for improvement. I really do believe in constantly improving our little crafts and talents. 

favourite things

I've been waiting for the right time to share these with you all, and it seems that now is the right time. Leave me a message and I will send you a bunch of my favourite products from NBG - just about the best skin creams that I've ever used in my life and a brand that I know I will be a loyal consumer of for many years to come.

I've written loads of marvelous things about these products before, but I guess the best way to share them is by literally sharing them - so one lucky reader will get a bunch of my favourite products from this brand. If you want to enter just leave you email address in the comment section.

The winner will be announced in exactly one week.

Good luck. xx

boho-chic Indiska

Models chilling in the kitchen, shot by my sister

One of the stars of the show - a kimono style jacket. 

Indiska belles

 Le food

Indiska interior and a waterfall wall at the entrance

A collection of key pieces from the collection

I know I twittered about this like crazy so here are some pictures from the Indiska fashion show that my work put together last week. I was so happy about the outcome that when the models started walking down the runway I seriously almost cried. Everything was perfect. After the show Marie (Editor in Chief of Modette) mentioned that some of the clothing items were so me. Maybe that's why I had such an emotional attachment to the whole event. All I know is, those kimono-style jackets are definitely going to find a home in my closet. I wish I had time to take an outfit-post as I was wearing head-to-toe Indiska, but unfortunately hours felt like seconds and suddenly it was over. 

Big kiss, Ingrid xx

one week

Here is a snapshot from today... I cant believe it has almost been a week since my last entry! The past few days have been so exciting with a fashion show at work and other happenings. I have a mountain-load of images to edit so I'll share them as soon as I can. I wish I had more time to blog, and people always say that when there's a will there's a way so I'm sure you'll see and read more from me soon.

In the picture above I am wearing some new wardrobe investments but I thought I'd share the whole outfit in my weekly contribution to Flingly which I publish every Monday.

Big kiss x