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Green Knit

  • 30.09.2015, 21:56

This new knit is just about the warmest, cosiest knit that I have acquired, probably ever. True love!

I am wearing knit from Second Female, jeans from COS, sunglasses from Céline, bag from Givenchy and shoes from Zara

Gel polish on a budget

  • 30.09.2015, 12:49

Innlegget inneholder sponsede produkter

This week I have tested the new Gel Polish from Lindex beauty. You can see how long they have lasted, as I have red nails in all my latest entries. They're still going strong! :) You can read my review (in Norwegian) here.

//Den siste uken har jeg testet den nye gel lakken fra Lindex Beauty. Jeg sitter i skrivende stund og stirrer på mine blanke røde negler, og er fortsatt kjempefornøyd! Du kan lese mer om dette på Stylista!


Welcoming Hallhuber to Trondheim

  • 29.09.2015, 16:00

Sponset Opphold

If there's one thing that I love about being a blogger, then it has to be discovering new things. New brands, new cities, new impulses. I feel that I am constantly learning new things, meeting new people, seeing new places. This might sound crazy, since Trondheim isn't exactly a world metropolis, but I was so excited about visiting Trondheim that I didn't sleep so well last night. Trondheim is after all one of the larger cities in Norway, and I don't usually get to travel so much within my own country.  So, this morning me and a handful of other bloggers boarded a plane and visited the newly opened Hallhuber store that had just opened there. Have you heard of Hallhuber yet? Nope, neither had I! When I walked into the store I was pleasantly surprised. First of all because of the beautiful clothes, and then second of all because of the inspiring interiors! I found myself completely in my element, in a city that I had never been to before. So exciting!

So here are a few pictures from my day today. I hope that it inspired you to visit a Hallhuber store. Just go inside and have a little peek. I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

// Her er et bildedryss fra min dag i dag. Jeg og en knippe andre bloggere besøkte den nyåpnede Hallhuber butikken i Trondheim. Jeg anbefaler på det høyeste å ta en liten titt innom!

Happy Monday

  • 28.09.2015, 09:40

Today I thought I would share some tips for how to start your week off right

They are so basic and logical, but so many forget to get back into a good routine every Monday!

  • Review you calendar and see what you did last week, and what you need to do this week. Work and personal.
  • Spend 15 minutes writing your goals for this week. Work and personal.
  • Go through your email inbox. Delete unnecessary mails and answer necessary ones.
  • Say a positive motivation to yourself. I'm sure a lot of people may scoff at this, but you are your best cheerleader! I like to say to myself (as I walk towards my office): "This is a going to be a great day, and I am enough".  That's a good mantra for someone like me, as I sometimes feel spread a little too thin. :)

A good nights sleep in a jar

  • 27.09.2015, 08:08


Good morning beautiful!

I have a little confession to make. I breezed through the first year of having a baby. I slept well, had time for lots of personal activities, and hardly stressed. I would smile and tell my childless friends that having a child wasn't actually as tiring as people make it out to be. And then, coinciding when the time that James started nursery... I suddenly understood what all the complaining was about.

Alongside stress and lack of sleep my skin started breaking out like crazy. I've never really had spots so I was waking up every morning, looking in the mirror and feeling terrible! I started to blame everything around me for the state of my skin: dirty towels, old cream, bad pillowcase, hormones...

In my time of need I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to test Vichy's wonder product promising 'a good nights sleep in a jar' and my interest was piqued. Could this be the answer to my stressful days and sleepless nights wrecking havoc on my skin?

Here's the lowdown:
*Vichy Idéalia SKIN SLEEP is a night gel cream that strengthens and restores skin quality while you sleep. 
*The cream is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Glycyrrhizic Acid, repairing oils, Vitamin B3, caffeine and LHA 
*It promises: rested features, a fresh and even complexion, refined skin texture and re-plumped skin
Did you know that the body, our organs, our hormones and our cells all recover, regenerate and re-boost while we are sleeping?
 This might sound weird, but the first night that I tested Vichy Idéalia SKIN SLEEP I actually felt it working on my skin. My skin started tingling and the cream gave a cooling effect on my tired face, which was very soothing. The next morning my spots actually felt less irritating and less "fresh". This gave me ammo to try the whole routine:


Daytime: First apply Idéalia Life Serum and then apply Idéalia Day Cream




Nightime: Apply Idéalia SKIN SLEEP on face and Idéalia Eye Cream around eyes


The products definitely give lots of glow and life to a tired complexion! I am very pleased so far. I have also tried the BB cream a few days as well, and it works very well for days when you want just light coverage on your skin. I use the MEDIUM tone.
Remember that you can only buy these products in pharmacies!
//Endelig er den her! Det siste tilskuddet i Idéalia-familien: den nye nattkremen fra Idéalia som beroliger huden og får den til å føles jevnere - selv etter en natt med lite søvn. Jeg har vært heldig nok til å kunne teste nattkremen i flere uker og er strålende fornøyd med resultatet! Gleder du deg til å prøve den?


Du og en venn kan vinne "en god natts søvn". Alt du må gjøre er å registrere deg på Facebook siden til Vichy Norge.

LYKKE TIL! :) <3


If you want to read Part II of this blog entry you can read My Vichy Favourites here

Hello Beautiful

  • 25.09.2015, 09:22

Good morning! I just had to post this little ode to this beautiful little camera. The shot was taken by another similar Olympus camera, naturellement!

Leather skirt, white tee, blue vintage coat

  • 24.09.2015, 17:35

Coat vintage, tee H&M, sunnies Céline, bag Givenchy, shoes New Balance and skirt Leon & Harper

Todays Details

  • 23.09.2015, 21:12

Coat vintage, tee H&M, sunnies Céline and skirt Leon & Harper

I write this with a heavy, thumping head and I'm hoping that this feeling will fade by tomorrow morning! I seem to have caught what ever baby James had, so I am taking it easy tonight. Today I stopped by Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen's sample sale and went nuts. I really do love her designs. If you are based in the Oslo area and want to check out her designs the sample sale is open tomorrow as well. You can read more about the sale on this Facebook event.

// Jeg skriver med et tungt hode i dag dag, da jeg har blitt litt dårlig jeg og. Det blir rett til senga for meg i kveld, men jeg ville først bare tipse dere om at favoritt-merket Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen har vareprøvesalg, og i morgen er siste dag. Hvis dere er på utkikk etter en vinterkåpe eller saueskinnspels til en god pris så anbefaler jeg dere å ta turen innom! Det er ikke mange norske merker som måler seg mot denne, i min mening.

The years keep passing

  • 18.09.2015, 18:52

Summer 2012

Summer 2014

Summer 2015

Although I love all of Johns photographs, the ones that I hold closest to my heart are his family portraits. Here are three photographs taken from 2012 to 2015. They feature the Kerlefsen cousins (with dark-eyed James in the middle from photograph nr. 2). As the years have passed the group has grown bigger and the boys keep getting older. I hope that he keeps up with this tradition because it is a poignant reminder that time keeps passing me by. These little ones have their whole lives ahead of them, and I love that we're keeping a little bit of their baby selves immortalised in pictures.


Jeg måtte bare dele disse bildene som John har tatt i tidsperioden 2012 -2015, da jeg synes at de er så fine. Kanskje noen av de aller fineste bildene han noen gang har tatt. De viser Kerlefsen fetterne (med James i midten av bilde 2 & 3). Jeg håper at han fortsetter å ta slike bilder av gutta gjennom årene, mens de vokser og blir større. Det er en fin påminnelse at årene flyr forbi. Denne gjengen har hele livet foran seg, og jeg er så takknemlig over at vi har disse minnene å beholde for alltid.

New in: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

  • 16.09.2015, 20:52

For those of you that follow me in Snapchat ( Ingridho_lm), you may have seen how impressed I am with my new Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. I am going to do a proper review on it soon, but first I need to take my time to get to know the product. I also need to buy an even lighter tone, because the one that I have is a little too dark for me. I actually first purchased  Nr. 6, which was way too dark for me, so I ended up giving it to my sister (who obviously spends more time at the beach and on holidays than me). I have now purchased Nr. 5.5 which is gorgeous on my skin, but still not a perfect match for my skintone. My plan now is to figure out which tone suits me perfectly. I really look forward to doing the review! Did you know that Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is used a lot during weddings because it is supposed to be long lasting, makes skin look flawless and looks amazing in pictures? That's the kind of product I wouldn't mind using every single day.

// Jeg har nettopp kjøpt Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation etter å ha lest flere positive anmeldelser og beautyinnlegg om produktet. Selv om Nr. 5.5 ikke er perfekt match til hudtonen så ser den helt fantastisk ut på. Planen er å kjøpe en lysere nyanse og teste den ut i noen uker før jeg gir min endelige mening. Jeg har lest at flere bruker Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation på bryllupsdagen da den skal vare lenge og ser helt fantastisk ut i bilder. Kunne godt tenkt å bruke et sånt produkt hver dag, jeg! Hvorfor spare den til bryllupsdagen??

A beauty secret: golden eyes

  • 15.09.2015, 08:00

Have some of you noticed that I sometimes have golden eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes? I started using this product to make my eyes "pop" more in outfit posts and I don't think I've ever actually written about it! My little secret is called 'Cream Color Circle Interferenz' in 'Classic' from Kryolan, which is a professional make-up brand that is produced in Germany. It's a thick creamy highlighter that I use on my face to really bring attention to the places where I want the light to hit.

It looks like this:

I use the two golden tones in my eye crevices, and I use the two white tones on my cheekbones, nose or wherever else I want the light to hit. It's beautiful, but very strong! Use very little at a time. It also lasts forever!

Pretty right? Now you know my little secret. ;)

My weekend kitchen

  • 14.09.2015, 09:00

Here is a little peek into my kitchen, and my weekend. We spent our Saturday picking blueberries in the forest and on Sunday we made waffles with our freshly picked berries. For our kitchen we chose a whole wall of white french tiles, a wooden counter and black oak kitchen cabinets. We're very happy with this so far.

Her er en liten titt inn til kjøkkenet vårt. Helgen har vært rolig og koselig. Vi brukte lørdagen til å plukke blåbær i skogen og lørdagen koste vi oss hjemme med rømmevafler. Som dere ser så ble det franske fliser og svarte eikefronter i kjøkkenet. Vi er superfornøyde, og jeg gleder meg til å dele flere bilder.  

September beauty favourites: Beauty Flash Balm

  • 13.09.2015, 18:19

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - I started using this product after a Stylista x Clarins collaboration over a year ago and this wonder product is now a loyal friend. I use it under my make-up every single morning as it makes my make-up hold better during the day and it gives my face a beautiful glow. If I'm feeling tired I also use Eye Revive Beauty Flash under my eyes.

Another great thing about this product is that you can use it as a mask! I usually bring it along with me when I travel and use it as a mask before I sleep. I wake up in my hotel room fresh faced the next morning. Beauty Flash Balm delivers as it promises: it refreshes, tightens and brightens tired skin.

Tip: Did you know that Clarins advises that you gently pat the balm into your face instead of rubbing it in? That way you don't pull at your sensitive skin and your skin absorbs the product better.

Knit Set

  • 12.09.2015, 20:34

I am wearing knit set from Second Female, bag from Becksöndergaard, sunglasses from Karen Walker and shoes from Zara

Finally Fall

  • 11.09.2015, 20:41

I am wearing a whole look from the Lindex fall campaign -  I obsessed about it the moment that I saw it. The leather skirt is so soft and beautiful. It is definitely an item that I am going to appreciate for many seasons to come.

// Dagens antrekk er kopiert fra høstkampanjen til Lindex. Antrekket var bare så utrolig fint! Jeg gleder meg til å bruke skjørtet med en god og fluffy strikk.

Top and leather skirt from Lindex, bag from Givenchy, sunglasses from Karen Walker and shoes from Bianco

It's an MQ party!

  • 09.09.2015, 22:18

Here are some snapshots from todays event to celebrate MQ opening a new store in Oslo. The decor and the night were truly inspiring. 

Her er noen bilder fra en intim middag for å feire åpningen av den nye MQ butikken på Grensen. Jeg fikk ta med en venninne og valgte selvfølgelig Emilie. Vi satt med vår felles venninne Stine og Stylista gjengen og det var så himla koselig! Jeg blir så varm i hjertet når man sitter med folk som sprer positive og varme vibber og folkene bak MQ er en bra gjeng med masse positiv utstråling. Den nye MQ butikken på Grensen åpner offisielt i morgen og jeg anbefaler definitivt en tur innom. De har masse bra brands som Whyred og Twist & Tango, samt fine in-house merker.

Husker dere disse buksa her? De kommer fra MQ merket ST CKHOLM.

The Sofa Area

  • 07.09.2015, 21:29

I've been posting a million interior posts lately because... life has been crazy.

I've had a huge event at work (Designers Saturday), and well, there haven't been enough hours in the day. I haven't shown this corner of the living room just yet, so here it is! This is where we sit and watch the television. Since I took this shot a few days ago I managed to snag a gorgeous new chair from Varier. Can't wait to share it! I also have a bunch of new autumn outfits that I want to show off. Keep in touch, and I will update soon. xx

Pssst: I shared my new chair from Varier and the kitchen on snapchat (ingridho_lm). Catch it  before it disappears!

Copper table lamp

  • 07.09.2015, 19:10

Last week my friend Emilie and I were picking up some interior styling for an event this weekend and she went crazy bananas for some copper decorations. This reminded me that I still haven't shared this copper table lamp that I bought from Ellos over the summer. Isn't it lovely?

Copper table lamp from Ellos here, Acqua di Gioia Jasmine perfume & black plant pot with saucer from HAY here.

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