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White Faux Jacket and Wolfords

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That jacket though!

  • 28.09.2014, 13:39

Introducing the new love of my life, this fluffy white jacket from Lindex. Here's to an amazing Fall Winter 2014 together. ♥

Black on black on black

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I am wearing OUTFIT ONE: skirt Ivy Revel, knit thrifted from Fretex, bag Givenchy, tights Wolford and shoes Camilla Pihl for Bianco




OUTFIT TWO skirt and ink blot top from Ivy Revel, bag Mulberry and shoes Camilla Pihl for Bianco


I've found the perfect skirt for this fall, if i do say so myself! I'm so happy that I discovered Ivy Revel.

✦ I bought my skirt here ✦


PS: Here is a 15% discount code for my readers that is valid until OCTOBER 5!


Happy Shopping!



  • 26.09.2014, 14:03

So freaking typical! I spent three days at my parents house in order to get some help with the baby and of course I forgot my laptop cable. My computer died on the first day! :P Now I am back home and back online.

Baby James' First Autumn

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Autumn is here and James needs to keep his cute little feet and head warm. ♥ I love accessorizing for him just as much as I love accessorizing my own outfits so he is getting quite the collection.

Baby James is wearing shoes and a knit hat from Lindex

Blue Jeans Monday

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I am wearing trench coat Henrik Vibskov, blouse Nelly, jeans Never Denim, scarf BeckSöndergaard, bag Givenchy, ring Glitter and shoes Camilla Pihl for Bianco

Beauty for Breakfast

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In order to try to regain lustre in my hair, skin and eyes I have started taking Swiss Beauty Pearls every morning. 


BEAUTY TREATMENT FOR THE INSIDE - Swiss Beauty Pearls is a supplement that helps promote hair growth (amongst other things). I take two capsules every morning with my breakfast (one of each color)

BEAUTY TREATMENT FOR THE OUTSIDE - If you want long and thick eyelashes, this is just the product for you. I apply Swiss Lashes every morning before my make-up.




I have always used supplements for my hair, skin and nails. Swiss Beauty Pearls is really just the proper nutrients needed to promote long thick hair, great skin, and clear eyes. 


Swiss Beauty Pearls combined with Swiss Lashes is the perfect formula for beautiful long eyelashes with a treatment both for the inside and the outside. 


Both items usually cost NOK 2394,- together but they are being sold at a package price of NOK 1295,-

You can get a further NOK 200,- discount if you enter this code:


Happy shopping!

Baby Bed

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One place that I have never shared on the blog is our bedroom. This is because it is the most unfinished of all rooms and really the place that gets the messiest. It is strange because for me, the ultimate luxury would be an amazing bedroom but at the moment it has an air of impermanence over it. John and I don't know how long we will be staying here so there has never been any point in doing the bedroom at all. We have a two-bedroom apartment but we use one of the bedrooms as a second living room so James' crib is in a nook in our bedroom. I have to admit that he hasn't actually slept in it yet, although I plan to start putting him in it for his daily naps. James has slept by my side since the day that he was born and this has always felt the most natural for John and I. I think James sleeping in his own crib at night will happen naturally when he (and we) are ready for it.

James' crib is very special to us because my father (James' grandad) made it for him. The pajamas that he is wearing from Lindex also has my ultimate favorite print on it out of all of James' things. I have it as a baby body and PJ's but I am planning to purchase a blanket with the same print on it as well because I love it so much and would like to keep it as a memory, maybe pass it on one day.

Dinosaur bedding and wool blanket from Høie of Scandinavia, JAMES blanket from Peppermint Pinwheels, standing lamp from IKEA, and pajamas from Lindex

FOTD (Face of the Day)

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(In no particular order) 1. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer here  2. Lancôme Miracle Air de Teint here (found my perfect shade via the Kicks scanner3. Lancôme Star Bronzer Matte here 4. Giorgio Armani Orient Excess Face and Eye Palette 5. Max Factor Masterpiece Transform here 6. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat here 7. BILLION DOLLAR BROWS Universal Brow Pencil here 8. Naked3 Palette 9. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector here




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Here are some pictures from yesterday evening with Stylista girls ByBenedicthe, Ulrikke Lund, CathintheCity, NetteNestea and DJ/Singer/Model/All-around-babe Lise Karlsnes.


I had so much fun hanging around with the girls and the rest of you that stopped by. I feel that us girls are so different yet we're all bonded by the fact that we love fashion. Ulrikke Lund is just an incredibly cool, kinda reserved it-girl that doesn't need to say much to stand out from the crowd. I guess that is why people really listen when she has something to say. ByBenedicthe is just such a babe! I love her and want to be her. I keep asking her for advice on hair and make-up and kept eyeing her everytime she chose something from the stores for her rail. I am such a stalker! Haha! CathintheCity is an all-around classic beauty with a very sultry voice (and the Bergen dialect is just gorgeous when it comes out of her mouth). She reminds me of an elegant Marilyn Monroe. And then there is NetteNestea who has this quality where you feel like you've known her for years cause she is so down-to-earth and fun and too pretty for words. I guess I am the clown of the group (as usual) because I always geek out and cannot keep my cool for the life of me. I should learn a thing or two about keeping poised but I had too much fun dancing around to the music.  

PS: I am wearing a dress from Bik Bok Strømmen Storsenter, trenchcoat from H&M, bag from Givenchy and shoes from ALDO Strømmen Storsenter

Tiny Tim

  • 16.09.2014, 09:40


Happy Tuesday from me and my little love! I am sending lots of good vibes your way. ♥


I am wearing earrings from Lily and Rose


Strømmen Fashion Weekend

  • 15.09.2014, 07:00



(I am going to write this bit in Norwegian as it is for my Norwegian readers)


Til mine fine Stylista lesere! Ville bare invitere dere til Strømmen Storsenter på torsdag 18. September. Hele Stylista gjengen skal være til stede fra kl. 18:00-20:00 i atriet 2. etg for å vise fram motefavoritter fra senteret.


Torsdag 18. til lørdag 20. september er det Strømmen Fashion Weekend på Strømmen Storsenter ? høstens store motefest! Bli inspirert, få høstens trendrapport, gjør sesongens motekupp ved hjelp av ekspertene, få gode tilbud fra senterets over 200 butikker ? og få med deg motevisning ledet av moteikon Lise Karlsnes. Mer informasjon om SFW finner dere her

I dagens antrekk viser jeg også noen favoritter som jeg har plukket fra senteret:

OOTD - pompom Caps, Grey Coat and Shiny boots


Location: Fredensborg. Oslo, Norway









I am wearing: caps, coat and marble dress Bik Bok Strømmen Storsenter black boots from More than Shoes Strømmen Storsenter, bag Givenchy, v-neck sweater H&M, rings and earrings Glitter


Some of my favorites


Location: Strømmen Storsenter


Store: COMPANYS Strømmen Storsenter. Bag Leowulff, knit and coat Tiger of sweden


Stores: Bik Bok Strømmen Storsenter and Ricco Vero Strømmen Storsenter. Hat from Bik Bok, dress and trousers from Ricco Verro


Store: More Than Shoes Strømmen Storsenter, sunglasses from Monkeyglasses


Store: Bik Bok Strømmen Storsenter. Hat, top and skirt from Bik Bok


Mitt inntrykk av Strømmen Storsenter: superfreshe STORE butikklokaler og utrolig mange fine butikker, blant annet: ALDO, Companys, More Than Shoes, Noa Noa, Bik Bok, Gina Tricot, Ricco Verro og mange mer. Pluss: de har Smoothie Exchange! Yeah!


Jeg skal ha på samme kjole på torsdag, bare stylet med sko fra ALDO! Gleder meg!


Weekend Family Fun

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I am wearing a Stokke MyCarrier, dress here, boots Camilla Pihl for Bianco, sunglasses Karen Walker and James is wearing a hat from Polarn O. Pyret (thank you Ofelia! He is so cute in it!)

I've had this baby-carrier for a few months now but I have to admit that I haven't used it until now! This summer was way too hot so the thought of sharing body heat wasn't very tempting but now that James can hold his head properly we put him in the position where he can face the world and we both had so much fun! My hands were finally free and James dangled around in front of me like a baby kangaroo. I might be the most boring 28 year old in Oslo because I'm really looking forward to carrying him around this way again tomorrow.

Flared Jeans and Striped Top

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I am wearing striped top Marimekko, flared jeans Victoria Beckham Denim, bag Givenchy, shoes NLY and sunglasses Bik Bok


These shots were taken a while back for KK magazine, where I talk about my renewed love for flared denim. I got a little nostalgic after seeing the Clarins video from early this summer and then these pics, as they seem so far away now even though time has gone so quickly. I'm soon back to 'the old Ingrid'. What an overwhelming process this whole pregnancy has been. Now that I am finally almost back to my old shape I find it important to say that I didn't just jump back into shape right after I had James. It was an ongoing process where I steadily lost weight through light exercise (mostly walking for hours with the stroller) and breastfeeding on demand. I didn't have time to worry about losing weight as I kept myself busy with the baby and gave my free time to this blog. I instead dressed for my body and put focus on my legs and arms as they didn't gain as much weight during my pregnancy. It is only now that I have my old waistline again. Now that I've had a child I cannot comprehend this worry we girls have about our bodies changing with a baby. Yes, it does change. But if you're fit and healthy you WILL get back in to shape. Especially with a little one taking all of your energy. There are other more important things to worry about. Like your health, the health of your little one and balancing a career with a child, for example. If you stay healthy and fit your body will be just fine, promise.

My Day With Clarins

  • 11.09.2014, 15:39


(Screengrab of me clowning about, as usual)

Hey girls, remember this? The film from my day with Clarins early this summer is finally out! Since then I've become a H.U.G.E fan of their products. The film was shot when baby James was just a few weeks old (luckily he slept a lot back then) and it was the perfect skin pick-me-up for a new mommy. Even back then I wasn't completely prepared for how absolutely draining motherhood can be. With these products by my side I actually feel that my skin has gotten better with motherhood instead of worse. Now that is a HUGE endorsement. In my experience, their products really work.


My Clarins Picks

1. Beauty Flash Balm. This product is used under your make-up on a clean face. Ever have those days when you feel really tired in the face? I do, almost every day now that I have a baby. This amazing product tightens skin and brightens up your complexion. It is the perfect prep before you apply your make-up and I am completely addicted to it. It can also be used as a face mask, but I haven't done that yet because I'm scared to run out!  2. Clarins Multi-Active Jour Day Cream is the perfect day cream for 20 somethings that want to prevent the first signs of aging. Perfect for me. 3. Multi-Active Nuit Night Cream this little wonder is called "8 hours of sleep in a jar" and it helps protect the skin against the early signs of aging. They may call it "8 hours of sleep in a jar", but I just call it "my lifesaver". 4. Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. I don't use a lot of facial masks, but I am completely obsessed with oils. This oil softens and smooths skin, as well as seals in moisture. I use it on those few days that I get some me-time to pamper myself at home. It's like a little spa-facial in a bottle. I will be using this oil more regularly when winter comes because my skin gets really dry. 5. Fix Make-Up. This product keeps your make-up looking fresh all day long. After you apply your make-up just spray it on your face. This well set your make-up and help it last longer, and it smells amazing. 

Clarins Double Serum

Out of all of their products, I really fell for their Double Serum. I started using this product just a few weeks after I had baby James when everything about me was looking and feeling tired. After using this product continuously I started to notice a difference in my skins elasticity and tone. By the time I had finished my first bottle my skin looked renewed and dewy. If you are serious about having beautiful skin, I really recommend this product before your regular face cream. 


Clarins actually has a special way to apply the product for maximum effect. Did you know that when you pull at your skin when applying creams and make-up it can damage the sensitive areas of your skin and cause wrinkles? Clarins recommends that you gently pat the product into your skin like this: 




1. Pump the product into your hand (obviously, he he).


2. Rub your hands together to warm the product.


3. Pat the product softly into your face and neck without pressing.



Here is the film created for StylistaTV with information from the experts! Hope you enjoy!

Love these shoes

  • 10.09.2014, 17:20


Today was one of those days where things just didnt go as I had planned. John had to work late so I ended up taking James to the Camilla Pihl for Bianco event. Not the best idea! I ended up admitting defeat and leaving early... Luckily I secured myself my favorite pair from the collection. The perfect classic boot. I really look up to Camilla and I admire how she has always stayed true to herself. These designs are simple and beautiful and to me this is what makes them chic. ♥  

Patterned Skirt, Stars on baby James

  • 09.09.2014, 06:08











I am wearing skirt PEACOCKS here, top here, shoes here, and James is wearing top here and pants here


My whole outfit is from Peacocks which has an online store that ships to Norway. I was introduced to Peacocks when I lived in London, and my mother-in-law is Scottish so we love our British high-street brands. One of the reasons why I miss living in the UK so much is the fact that you can get really great clothes at affordable prices. I was really impressed by the quality of the skirt and John and I L.OV.E.D the baby clothes. I am already itching to order more things! John is pretty reserved when it comes to compliments and he sees me dress up in a million outfits so I think it all becomes a blur to him but when I put this outfit on he took the time to tell me that he really liked it and that it looked nice on me. I also squealed over the cuteness of baby James' outfit. As you can see by the pictures he is getting very long! He is about 70cm's now, which is very tall for an almost 4 month old baby.

Print Pants and Ponyhair Tote

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I am wearing FWSS top, jacket By Malene Birger, prints pants here, ponyhair tote BeckSöndergaard and mules NLY


Here is a workwear inspired post to start the week! I hope you like it.

bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF 20

  • 07.09.2014, 07:57


(close-up shot while wearing the foundation - I am wearing shade 07 Bare Natural)


bareSkin Serum Foundation is another reason to be obsessed with make-up from bareMinerals. Their products don?t irritate the skin, they never feel heavy, and best of all is the result: bareMinerals will make your skin look flawless. I?ve been a follower of bareMinerals since they launched many years ago and have a huge artillery of products that I keep on re-purchasing when they run out. To me that is the mark of great beauty products: 1. They keep running out 2. I keep re-purchasing when they do run out. bareSkin Serum Foundation is a product that I will definitely be re-purchasing over and over again.





The Product:


bareSkin Serum Foundation is formulated without:








The foundation comes with an application brush.


1. Shake the bottle well, as it does not contain and binding agents.

2. Drop 1-2 drops into the brush 

3.Buff the foundation into the skin in circular motions


If you feel you need more coverage apply more drops. My advice: less is more! 


Get the Look

I have so many bareMinerals products in my make-up drawer that I made a whole make-up look featuring ONLY bareMinerals make-up! I wouldn't be able to do that with any other brand. This look is the same look that is featured in the first two shots above.


1. Apply bareSkin Serum foundation with foundation brush. I am using shade 07 Bare Natural in the pictures.

2. Apply bareMinerals eyeshadow palette 'The Truth'. Apply Serendipitous (delicate peach) in the inner part of your eyelid and Magnetism (brushed taupe) in the outer part of your eyelid with your finger. Use a blending brush to apply Fate (light mocha ) in your eyelid crease. WIth a small moist eyeshadow brush apply fate in the middle part of your lower lash line. Apply Apropos (twinkling espresso) with a small moist eyeshadow brush on the outer part of your lower lash line. BLEND LID WELL with a eyeshadow blending brush. You can also fill in your eyebrows with the shade that suits you the most.

3. Apply two coats of bareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara.

4. Apply bareMinerals Well-rested Eye-brightener under eyes with a Maximum Coverage Concealer brush.

5. Apply bareMinerals Lumizer Duo in 'The Love Affair' and 'Shining Moment' on cheekbones with a Angled Face Brush.

6. Apply bareMinerals Soft Focus in 'True' on the apples of your cheeks with a Soft Focus Face Brush.

7. Apply bareMinerals Pure Radiance in inner crease of eyes and on top of cupids bow on lips with a moist small brush.

You can find more beauty related entries under the category 'Beauty'


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I am wearing playsuit Lindex (60 years collection), sunglasses Prada via LOVEYEWEAR, chain-link bag By Malene Birger and boots found on eBay


It is finally THE WEEKEND but for people like me who are on maternity leave all days just melt into each other in a fuzz of taking care of a baby. And for those of you that think that I must be having a ball I mentally shake my fists at you! Being a mother to an infant is the hardest job I have ever done. How I MISS getting dressed for a day at the lovely office with a strong cup of coffee by my side. It takes all sorts of willpower to get dressed in the mornings now. Luckily for me I have this blog! Keeps me on my blog-toes. At my office we have the best chairs ever as well. Will write more about that later! I'm not going to any party this weekend but I've decided to dress up for one anyways. This works for daywear as well right?? And tonight I shall dance the night away... in front of my television because it is my guilty pleasure SKAL VI DANSE (this celebrity dance competition show. I LOVE IT.) Did you know that STYLISTA Benedicthe's husband is a dancer on the show?? I just about DIED of envy when she told me that she watches the show live in the audience.

Wide-leg Trousers

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I am wearing zipper blouse here, wide-leg trousers Lindex, leather jacket ACNE, shoulder bag A.P.C. and sandals Birkenstocks

Lindex is celebrating turning 60 years old with a beautiful collection and these gorgeous wide-leg trousers are a part of that collection. Happy 60 years of fashion Lindex! It is strange to think that Lindex started around the time that my parents were born. Now that I have a son of my own I've realized how different times were when my own parents were just children. And how different my sons childhood will be in comparison to my own. I never really thought about it before, as my parents have always just been here. I will always just be James' mom to him too. This entry (in Norwegian) by Live of Elle Interior really hit home because she writes about how different things were just 10 years ago when she had her first child in comparison to now, as she awaits her second child. Time keeps on passing us by.


Leather Pants + Knit

  • 02.09.2014, 06:15



I am wearing knit from United Colors of Benetton, bag By Malene Birger, pants here, sunglasses RETROSUPERFUTURE and shoes Valentino

Monday Snapshots: The Updated Crusi

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Happy Monday from us! :) This entry is dedicated to our updated Crusi pram from Stokke. I have been looking forward to this change big-time because as much as the carry-cot stage is precious, it is now that things are starting to get really fun! James is enthralled by the world and wants to look at absolutely everything around him. He smiles and babbles up at me while we stroll around and when he finally has had enough he conks out and I put the seat in "sleep" position. At the moment he has a head support pillow because he is still quite small, but we will remove that when he gets bigger.

The 'seat' part of the Crusi is the reason why I fell for the Stokke pram in the first place. James is seated high up and facing me so that he feels safe while discovering the world around him. He can communicate with me at all times, and I can look at him and talk to him while I am strolling without having to bend down and break my back. It is for this reason that they are called "connection strollers" and it makes me feel close to him and responsive to him even when I sometimes spend hours strolling around the city. He always has my full attention if he wants it. ♥

Another fun thing about the seat is that it can be restyled with seasonal 'style kits' of different fabrics and accessories (even attached lined winter muffs)! I love the idea of giving the stroller a makeover when I want a change. So much fun! I think what I love the most about this pram is the adaptability and the fact that it is so gorgeous. I definitely do not feel like a 'dowdy' mom when I stroll around with it. I will post a full shot of the pram later so that you can properly see how the seat looks in the different positions.

Here is a little flashback of how the pram looked like with the carry-cot:

Even when we had the carry-cot it was placed quite high up in comparison to other strollers so I could always look at James and I did so obsessively! The first few months with him are a blur, but I still see him clearly in my mind's eye, snuggled up in his Crusi carry-cot. They really do grow crazy fast.

Ingrid Holm



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