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take me away

  • 26.09.2011, 14:44

Check out for my weekly outfit post for them ?

healthy body, a beautiful mind?

  • 24.09.2011, 21:55

Picture collage from the Filippa K Soft Sport Collection

Every time that I try to write a semi-personal entry on my blog lately... something just stops me from pressing publish. I've just had such a complete renovation of my life and my lifestyle which I so want to share with you all but... It just never comes out. It includes trying to spend more time at the gym, using mostly organic products on my skin as well as mineral make-up on my face. And well... just taking care of myself, inside and out.

My new loves include skin products from Bare Escentuals (more on that later), all natural Goji Berry juce, and a spoonful of spirulina and wheatgrass powder every morning. For my hair I've fallen in love with L'oreals new shampoo & conditioners set that does not contain silicone (It's called "Volume Collagen"), and I always apply argan oil products from Alexander Sprekenhus in towel-dried hair.

Any of you interested in knowing more about the products that I feel have really changed my skin & hair? I know this is a fashion blog but there are many other things that I would love to share - recipes, skin products & little peeks into my interior projects.

oh dear

  • 22.09.2011, 14:18

Feeling way too excited about the fact that By Malene Birger has opened a new online store.

People say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so can you tell which fashion editorial I was inspired by for this outfit? Key words: Kate Moss & Balmain.

My awesome red By Malene Birger pants can be bought here

The blouse can be bought hereMy jacket from Zara can be bought here& finally, my Christian Louboutins can be bought here.

My wallet is crying, but I am in sartorial heaven.

xx Ingrid

the new truth

  • 20.09.2011, 19:35

Check out for my newest outfit contribution. ?


  • 19.09.2011, 20:09

"You create your own universe as you go along."

-Winston Churchill

my favorite dress of the moment

  • 17.09.2011, 16:22

Is pale blue, backless & cost me almost nothing.

Photo diary:

  • 15.09.2011, 18:11

A few days ago I did a shoot for my good friend and hilarious hair-maven Momo. We shot for Head Hair which is a super chic hair salon on Hegdehaugsveien 30, which is just a few steps away from my first apartment ever. >>Check out the website here if you want to see how chic it looks! I was impressed.  For those of you don't know this yet, I moved out on my own when I was 15  (I guess was much more stubborn and rebellious back then). It was nice to walk around my old stomping grounds, as I barely walk around that part of town anymore, even though its just a ten minute walk away from my new place. Here's a photo diary of my day...

1. Momo in the background, Cyril & I in the foreground, getting primped and preened for the photoshoot.

2. They put in beautiful extensions for the shoot.

3. The photo studio.

4. Getting my face done.

 5. One sweet day I shall have hair this beautiful again.

 6. Le Outfit: Simple and casual (really not blog worthy at all). My sisters parka with a top from Karen Millen & shorts from JC.

 7. Peeking into other peoples windows.

8. Getting my face touched up by sweet Terje.

9. MOMO <3

10. This shot turned out so beautiful. Cant wait to share. 

11. My favourite shot was one that wasn't actually supposed to happen. This was Cyril & I just mucking about, with the direction of the photographer Einar Aslaksen of course. :)


  • 13.09.2011, 19:51

I never in my life thought that the name of my blog would end up on the cover of a magazine!

I'm overwhelmed...

Here's a little article about my blog in Norwegian magazine Streetstyle...

The September issue!

in with the old

  • 09.09.2011, 19:00

(Indiska skirt and knit, Karen Walker sunglasses and Bianco boots. )

So I guess it's final... this is the only blog that I am going to write on.

In the beginning I was sad because I knew that I was going to lose a lot of readers but as I started to blog back here again with not many people even knowing that I had moved I realized that I don't blog for readers. I blog because I love to. And possibly also because after all these years, I'm afraid it has become quite a habit.

So here is my new-old home on the internet. I'm excited to continue to use this little space on the internet to write my little fashion diary, share bits of my life, and continue to be creative. 

Lots of love,


i live here now

  • 08.09.2011, 19:01

1. Autumn "outfitting". Amongst the jumble: new glasses from Karen Walker, a jacket from Zara, my vintage belt, and my new favourite shoulder bag from H&M. The perfect size. 

2. Still getting a lot of mileage out of my "birthday dress".

3. The latest issue of ACNE PAPER, which I have decorated with little beads, which now also cover my whole blackberry. So kitch that it's cute.

4.  Loose pair of Replay jeans (straight leg), a top from Zara and my Miu miu sandals.

5.  Cutest apartment building ever in Oslo. I want to own a whole floor one day!

6. I've traded my black kohl for brown kohl smudged around my eyes. I thought I'd never see the day.

7. Most viewed picture on my iPad. I still dream of Paris.

Lots of love,


life or something like it

  • 06.09.2011, 08:02

Sorry about the lack of substantial posts lately... I've been kinda wrapped up in this amazing new job of mine!

In the meantimehere is my latest article/outfit post for

...and I'm preparing a Photo Diary to share what my lifehas been like the past few weeks.

Lots of love,



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  • 02.09.2011, 21:08

Oh my goodness, the past few days have been crazaay! Just got back from a really really short trip to Stockholm where I learnt a whole bunch of cool things for my work.

Otherwise I've just realized how much I love Oslo. It's beautiful, charming, safe, and most people have it pretty good here. Stockholm took my breath away because it's this huge metropolitan Scandinavian city! It gave me the same big-city vibe as London without the London-ness (instead Scandinavian-ness). What an amazing city.

Oslo gives you more of a Parisian-ish vibe in some areas, although it is a super-duper tiny city. It's just charming and quaint... People may disagree with me here but my argument to this is that Oslo has a great cafe-culture and boutique culture.

Anyways, I'm going to stop my rambling. I'll check back in soon. x

Lots of love,


Ingrid Holm



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