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My favourite corner

  • 31.08.2015, 19:04

This area of the living room has become my absolute favourite corner of the house. It is here that I sit and use the computer, with a view to the tv area, our kitchen and our dining table.

The standing lamp in the background is from Northern Lighting and is called Snowball. The copper candle holder is from By:Lassen. The blue and white porcelain vase is from Mester Grønn. The bench is from Ellos - you can buy it here. The chairs are from Vitra, the carpet is from Linie Design (Cover carpet) and the round mirror is from IKEA.


Interior Update

  • 31.08.2015, 09:00

So this is how things are looking at home at the moment. We still need to hang up art and mirrors, and we are missing the main coffee table, but otherwise our house is starting to look like a home. The entrance hallway is starting to form now as well, although we still have a lot to do in there. From now on we are taking things slow and enjoying every project. <3

Style Copycat

  • 30.08.2015, 18:35

We've had my family over for a litte visit this weekend so I've been busy tidying and hosting. I just wanted to pop by to share my new favourite dress from Ganni. I have literally worn it every day since it came in the post. Both Guri and Henriette had a dress like this when we were in Copenhagen, and I just had to copy. Now all three of us have one!

I bought mine here. (adlink)

 Got -10% on my first purchase as well! Winner!

Lancôme Hypnose Palette

  • 23.08.2015, 22:22

I tested this eyeshadow yesterday and just had to share it on Snapchat immediately! I am in love! Silky application, great pigmentation, looks beautiful and stays all day long. I've thought a long time about what my absolute favourite make-up brand is... and now I have to say Lancôme.

First I fell for their lipsticks (that I have written about here). Then they launched Miracle Cushion foundation (that I am wearing in this post). People are obsessed with Miracle Cushion. Did you know that I wear Lancôme Star Bronzer in the lightest shade every single day? I always have three extra Star bronzers unopened in my bathroom. (I am wearing the bronzer here).

Nowadays I am loving this new trend of wearing beautiful eyeshadows, but in a more natural and 'glowing' way. This is right up my alley, as I've always worn eyeshadows. Lancôme Hypnose Palette in DR11 Nuit Mordoré has beautiful bronze and brown tones that will compliment most skin tones and eye colours. If you want to move the look from day to night, you can add the striking blue color on the inner corners of your eyes.

I think that a tutorial is in order soon, don't you think?

Protect your most precious

  • 23.08.2015, 14:58

If you follow me on Snapchat you probably know that one of my favourite things to do with James is watch him play in his little pool in the garden. The sun is strong, and I've been worried that the water has been washing away his sunblock.

Luckily I found Cosmica Kids Sun sunscreen. It's extra water resistant and developed for sensitive skin. Perfect for little water babies.  :)

About last night in Copenhagen

  • 22.08.2015, 16:48

Sponset Opphold

Here are some shots from last night in Copenhagen with Triumph! I had the best "extended" birthday celebration with Guri and Henriette. We danced, ran around with helium ballons, and explored the CRA-MAZING (crazy amazing) mansion that Triumph had turned into a lingerie wonderland. My first ever "real" bra was from Triumph and I have loved the lingerie label ever since.

If you want to so a sneak peek into our night then hurry up and follow me on SNAPCHAT before the videos disappear! My username is ingridho_lm  

One to read: Elisabeth Heier

  • 12.08.2015, 21:01

One blog that has inspired me immensely since we bought our new home is the blog of Elisabeth Heier. I love her neutral color palette and love of light and airy interiors. Although I won't be as strict as she in on her colour scheme there has been a lot about her home that has inspired me when decorating here in Nesodden.

Lately, I've thought a lot about my role as a blogger mixed with my role at work and as a mother. Many don't exactly put bloggers in high regard and I think that this is a pity. Blogs are backed by people, and people can be as different as night and day. It would be like pointing at a group of people and proclaiming that they all are the same. When I have to prove this point I usually refer to Elisabeth Heiers blog. Her keen eye and beautiful styling bring lots of inspiration, and she is in no way the archetypical "blogger". Her blog does nothing but showcase a wonderful side of her. So there.

You can read her blog here

My Summer with Aquaderma

  • 09.08.2015, 08:00


I have now spent my summer testing products from Aquaderma. As promised, here are some thoughts around their product range. Here are the three most positive things about Aquaderma: 1. The Age Defence Day Cream absorbs quickly into the face, with no greasiness. Perfect before make-up application in the mornings. 2. The Sensitive Mineral Facial Mousse washes effectively without drying out my skin. 3. The texture of my skin has improved and my skin never felt dry the whole time that I have been testing the Aquaderma products. I think this is because of their amazing  Age Defense Night Cream.

This is the routine that I have been following:

In the mornings I simply (1.) wash my face with the Aquaderma Sensitive Mineral Facial Mousse and then (2.) apply Aquaderma Age Defense Day Cream before I apply my make-up.

Before I go to bed I (1.) remove my make-up with Aquaderma Sensitive Mineral Facial Wipes. I usually try to wash my face with Aquaderma Sensitive Mineral Facial Mousse if I have time, but the wipes work very well! I then (2.) apply Aquaderma Age Defence Night Cream. The last thing I do is (3.) Apply Aquaderma Age Defence Eye Gel around my eyes.

My favourite product

This leads me to my favourite Aquaderma product: the Age Defense Night Cream. I understand that it is unlikely that you are suddenly going to splurge on the whole range. If there is one product that I recommend as my very favourite product, it is definitely this cream. If you are around my age, then I am sure that you are already taking care of your skin with anti-wrinkle creams. The Aquaderma Age Defense Night Cream is reasonably priced and works amazingly well. I've woken up every morning and have been amazed at how supple my skin feels. Definitely recommended!

You can read more about Aquaderma products here

This is a collaboration with Aquaderma

Late Summer Kimono

  • 08.08.2015, 16:27

I am wearing sunglasses from Céline, vintage bag, lace-up top from Nelly HERE, skirt from Shein HERE, bracelet from Hermès, watch from Daniel Wellington HERE, shoes from Ellos HERE and kimono from Ricco Vero

Dette innlegget inneholder affiliate lenker

Week 4: half a living room

  • 03.08.2015, 22:30

We now have a sparsely furnished half-living-room! The dining area and kitchen area are cordoned off with plastic sheets. It is week five already, but renovations have stopped while we get back into our work routines. There are still wood shavings on the floor from the kitchen and entrance, and I am still waiting on furniture that I ordered months ago. Newly purchased lamps and a table are sitting unopened in packages in the garage. I am incredibly impatient, but as we've moved furniture in, I've realised it is going to be a while before things settle. I might as well enjoy the process.


Review: 1 year with Stokke Crusi

  • 03.08.2015, 09:00

It has been over a year since James was born (14 months) so it is about time that I write an updated review of my Stokke Crusi stroller. This past summer I have been using the "Summer kit". The summer kit features extra air-ventilation, a sun shade and a soft terry cloth lining. Because of this kit I have never been afraid of James overheating while he naps in it

This is the Stokke Stroller Seat and Crusi base in the sitting position. You can either have your child sitting upright or slightly tilted like it is in the pictures above. James prefers position 2 (slightly tilted). You can also have the stroller seat facing you, or forward facing. I communicate a lot with James so he usually faces me. When he wants to see the world around him I place the seat in the forward-facing position.

This is the stroller in sleep position. When James nods off I gently switch to this position. This is how he naps during the day.

I thought that I would be changing to a more lightweight base by now, but honestly, John and I cannot justify purchasing a new base when this one still looks brand new! I admit that in the span of 14 months we have changed the wheels once, but otherwise the stroller looks in really good shape still. We have friends that bought the newly launched Stokke Trailz stroller and I have to admit that we were a little bit jealous over the wheels on the Trailz but the Crusi has been and still is a perfect stroller for us.

My favourite things about the Stokke Crusi:

1. It is a great stroller for taller mamas.

2. The open angle helps you to see your child at all times.

3. It is really good quality.

4. The different kits! Every time that I change the kit to my stroller people ask me if I've bought a new stroller. So much fun!

I hope that this review helps! You can also read all of my entries about Stokke baby equipment here. :)

Oh hi there!

  • 02.08.2015, 19:20

Things that are currently making me very happy at the moment:

1. I have HALF a finished living room now. The sofa and our marble table have moved in. Luxury!

2. Work starts tomorrow. I miss le office!

3. These sandals from Teva. I read about them on Vogue, and now they are mine. Brown suede hippie chic love!

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