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Tartan Skirt and Knit Crop-top

  • 31.08.2014, 09:41





I am wearing top NTICE, skirt Vivienne Westwood, bag Givenchy and shoes Dr Martens


Sneak Peek - Tartan Skirt

  • 30.08.2014, 15:05




Today I wore a crop top. Eeep! Can moms even wear that? Does it go over to try-hard zone the moment you have a child? I had fun with my outfit at least, and you know what? Even though I am a mother now I still feel like the same girl. It's a strange conflict inside of me.


I will post the whole outfit in color tomorrow. Right now I am going to cuddle up with my little family and enjoy the weekend. John works for himself and is usually with us a lot, but for the next two months he has work outside of the city on weekdays which means It is just me and baby James alone most days. Suddenly I'm a bit more exhausted by motherhood, which is the reason why things have been slower on the blog lately. I definitely appreciate having John around a lot more now. I am also learning how to drive! John and I are thinking about trading his beautiful Mini Cooper with its buttery leather seats for a more practical and family friendly (and affordable) electric car. Le sigh. :)

I hope all of you are having a lovely weekend! I've been having pretty vivid dreams about Manila (where I grew up) lately. I haven't been there in years. Maybe I haven't prioritized traveling there. Maybe I have been avoiding it. I don't know. All I know is that it is heart-shattering every time that I leave that place. I miss Manila a lot, and think about home every day. Now even more that I have a little one. If there is anywhere that I feel that I truly belong to, it is there. It is difficult sometimes, to come from two very different and very faraway places. A huge part of me yearns to take James home to where I grew up and where my heart is the most full.

Beauty with ELEVEN

  • 28.08.2014, 06:00



It has been a LONG time since I have done a proper beauty post, so here comes a BEHEMOTH entry brought to you in collaboration with ELEVEN.NO. Here I showcase to you some old classic favorites plus some new ones! For those of you that have been missing my tutorial videos, I have one in the works. I've been procrastinating on it big time because I have to transfer just about a gazillion files to my online server in order to make a video (my disk space is full). But more on that later! 

This is a look that can be used both day and night, as it is very neutral and flawless. You can choose how dark you make your eyeshadow and switch the lipstick with lipgloss if you want to look even more natural. The products that I used are linked below:


Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 The Truth / Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara / Too Faced Natural at Night Eyeshadow Palette / Bare Minerals Ready Luminizer Duo - The Love Affair & Shining Moment / NYX Matte Lipstick Whipped Caviar (it is a bit darker than I expected, FYI. If you are paler than me I suggest the color Tea Rose... at their price I suggest getting both!).



THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR PERFECT SKIN: One great tip that I have learnt lately is to apply Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on a clean face before I apply my make-up. I've also been using the Kanebo SENSAI Powder Foundation for years now and I mention it over and over again. It is expensive... but I cannot live without it. It is velvety smooth and doesn't crease in fine lines. You end up looking like you have perfect skin. The coverage is very light though, so under eyes and on blemishes I apply concealer. I have written about Clarins Instant Concealer in an earlier entry. For a perfect glowing complexion I apply Bare Minerals Ready Luminizer Duo on cheekbones and The Balm HOT MAMA! on the apples of my cheeks.


1. Clarins Instant Concealer in 02 2. Bare Minerals Ready Lumizer Duo in The Love Affair & Shining Moment  3. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 4. Kanebo SENSAI Total Finish Foundation Refill in 204,5 and Kanebo SENSAI Total Finish Foundation Compact Case 5. The balm HOT MAMA! Blush (can be also used as a beautiful eyeshadow or highlighter)



TOO FACED 'NATURAL AT NIGHT: I have been testing this eyeshadow palette in different variations for about a week now and I am very impressed. The palette comes with cards that explain how to apply six different looks and they look beautiful on. In this entry I chose to do the look called "Classic".

After a week of applying this eyeshadow I have one important tip: when applying the eyeshadow on your eyelid with you finger, moisten your finger with water first because the eyeshadow does have a lot of fallout. This will stop the eyeshadow from drizzling all over your face. Also do this when applying with an eyeshadow brush - moisten the brush first! The eyeshadow gets a stronger and smoother pigment, and you get much less fallout. Once again, this eyeshadow palette is VERY RECOMMENDED, and you get a lot of different eyeshadow looks for your money. The yellowish matte block of eyeshadow on the bottom left called 'FASHION' really makes both blue and brown eyes pop and it is a beautiful and neutral daytime shadow.


TOO FACED 'Natural at Night' Eyeshadow Palette



*If you end up purchasing any of the products, don't forget to use the discount code: eleveningrid for a 15% discount on your first purchase ♥



Lastly, as a little bonus to this look I have decided to highlight these two basic beauty items because I feel that they are great additions for a fuss free beauty look. The first one is Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara. It is a beautiful jet black color that really makes eyes POP. I used it in the look and recommend it for everyday use. Secondly, the Bare Minerals eyeshadow Palette 4.0 The Truth is perfect for natural and beautiful eyeshadow looks. I am a HUGE fan of all Bare Minerals products and this palette definitely delivers. Today I just used the palette to fill in my eyebrows, which is another thing that this palette is perfect for. :)   


Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara and Bare Minerals eyeshadow Palette 4.0 The Truth er en av Nordens største skjønnhetsbutikker på nettet for parfyme, sminke, hudpleie og hårpleie. er en autorisert forhandler som tilbyr deg en komplett linje fra dine favoritt merker og du kan alltid være sikker på at produktene er ekte. Alle produktene du ser i butikken er på lager, noe som betyr at de kan bli sendt innen 24 timer etter at bestillingen er plassert.


You can find more beauty related entries under the category 'Beauty'


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John and James

  • 27.08.2014, 10:38


Baby James is wearing leopard print pants from LINDEX and John is wearing a shirt from A.P.C


My man has a lot of opinions. In fact, his family likes to tease him and say that he has an answer to absolutely everything. When it comes to how we raise James, John is pretty strict about letting James be a baby without a million gender-roles being thrown at him at an early age. 

If you can read in Norwegian, there is a great article on MAMMANETT about exactly this, where John gets to have his say on gender-roles and why he would dress his boy in pink clothes (if I would let him):

Selv nyfødtklærne er ulike for jenter og gutter


What do you think? Should all young girls be 'princesses' and young boys be 'future CEO's'?

Flared Jeans and Blazer

  • 23.08.2014, 08:26




I am wearing t-shirt Lindex, blazer ACNE, flared jeans Victoria Beckham Denim, bag Givenchy


My attitude seems to have changed with the weather and I seem to have caught the autumn blues. It feels like all the adrenaline and the extreme happiness from the past few months has finally worn off. Don't get me wrong, I am still brimming with happiness. Sometimes I want to hold James so tightly that I am afraid that I am going to hurt him. But I am craving routine. Watching days turn into nights so quickly in a blur of changing nappies, wiping drool and comforting James when he cries is starting to leave me feeling a little bit breathless. I want to find order in all of this chaos, and I want to find my inspiration again.

PS: Yes, I know. This rainy weather is making me look like Lion King. 

Baby James OOTD - Panda Print

  • 22.08.2014, 13:26


Today baby James is wearing a panda print body and panda print pants from Lindex ♥

Stripe Dress, Two Outfits

  • 21.08.2014, 18:20



I am wearing leather jacket from ACNE, stripe dress here, sunglasses Karen Walker, bag Givenchy, shoes eBay



I am wearing tuxedo blazer from ACNE, stripe dress here, Dior inspired earrings from Ludora, bag from A.P.C and mules from NLY here

The first outfit is the outfit that I wore out and about on my birthday (I ate two burger meals, went on a shopping spree for baby James and had cake and coffee at my favorite cafe - perfect day). The second outfit I wore a few days back. I just love this dress! Stripes just always work for me.


  • 20.08.2014, 15:24

Todays is my birthday ya'll! It's kind of a relief to wake up and be 28 with a little one beaming up at you in the morning. When you have a kid the day isn't about you anymore, it's about family, and love love love. Here James is excitedly posing beside his panda bear which he got from his uncle Alex. Panda is called Gucci Parfum because he is wearing a black ribbon that was on the packaging of my Gucci Guilty Stud perfume. You can't see the ribbon in this picture, but I have a feeling Gucci will be appearing on this blog again. His mom and dad love the name at least, as it makes us laugh every time. Gucci the Panda is James' very best friend, and he spends hours every day babbling to him.

Denim Skater Skirt and Studded Boots

  • 18.08.2014, 12:23



I am wearing top from Nelly, skirt ASOS similar here, boots Sam Edelman, bag A.P.C.

Denim, Leather and Pearls

  • 15.08.2014, 08:00



I am wearing sweater from Moods of Norway, Dior inspired earrings here, sunglasses Prada here, bag Chanel, leather trousers here and shoes from ASOS.

I bet you're wondering what my sweater says... and if you weren't, you probably are now!

Hihi :D

It says: SHE IS DISCO.


Draped Skirt

  • 12.08.2014, 08:00





I am wearing top Yves Saint Laurent (vintage from Butikken NR. 9), skirt eBay, ring Yves Saint Laurent, bag Givenchy and shoes Birkenstock

I must be the only girl in the world left still wearing her YSL Arty Oval ring. I pulled it out of my jewelry box this summer and have decided that I love it still, even though its 15 minutes are up. I am obsessed with its green 'stone', and remember spotting this exact ring in an YSL advert. The ring creates a nice pop of color in a otherwise colorless outfit, dont you think? 

James is going through a phase where he absolutely wants to be picked up at all times as he is enthralled by the world around him. Great weight-lifting for me, as he is soon an 8 kilo megababy. Today he started hollering at the top of his lungs while I was walking him in his pram downtown. People around me were looking at me and I was breaking into a sweat as I tried to wheel him home as quickly as possible while cooing at him and shaking a rattle to distract him. I thought to myself that something must really be bugging him as he refused to stop screaming. He is usually a very calm and happy baby. The possibilities circulated in my mind: a dirty diaper, sudden extreme hunger pangs, a bad tummy ache... suddenly I was drenched in sweat. And worried. 

Finally, about a couple of minutes from my front entrance I couldn't take it anymore as he was breaking my mummy heart into little pieces so I pulled him out of his pram to hold him close to me and comfort him. Before I even managed to get him halfway out of the pram and into my arms his eyes lit up, he broke out into an ear-to-ear smile and he started laughing his little baby laugh. He wasn't upset at all. He just knew that if he screamed like he was dying I would carry him. Cheeky little baby. Needless to say, he got his way for the last two minutes and I carried him the rest of the way home as he looked wide-eyed around him, me manouvering the pram clumsily with one hand. Yay. Baby: one point. Mama: zero.

PS: Isn't he such an adorable little poser? I am loving the over-the-shoulder-and-pout look that he is giving in the shots above. The little scene-stealer is making my OOTD shots fade into irrelevance. 

Details - JAMES 14.05.14

  • 11.08.2014, 08:00



To say that I have the worlds kindest colleagues is an understatement. I stopped by the office a few days ago and I was presented with this beautiful keepsake from Marte Frisnes Jewellery. I really miss my worklife with them and they are relaunching the whole brand in September so I kinda feel left out sitting at home with little James but I will be back at work soon enough. 

Sunday Cuteness: Baby Bathtime

  • 10.08.2014, 07:01







Here is some Sunday cuteness from our cozy little Oslo apartment. James loves his bathtime, and this foldable Stokke Flexi bath is perfect for our compact city life. You can attach a newborn support to it for infants, and it can be used until your little one is 4 years old.

Wool Turtleneck and Lace

  • 09.08.2014, 09:00




I am wearing: knit United Colors of Benetton, dress as skirt H&M, bag Givenchy, shoes Miu Miu, iPhone cover JFR.SE here and bracelet Marte Frisnes Jewellery

Current Favorites

  • 08.08.2014, 08:03



Calvin Klein Chantilly Lace Triangle bra, Essie Sand Tropez, REPLICA Lazy Sunday Morning perfume by Maison Martin Margiela


Triangle bra, I will never again underestimate your comfort! Now that the boobs are considerably deflated from when I started breastfeeding (they go down a few sizes after the first few months) I can finally wear my favorite bras again! I'm still holding on to my summer tan so I am loving the beautiful neutral Sand Tropez nailpolish from ESSIE, and this perfume is still a favorite as it kinda smells like a wonderfully luxurious detergent. I know that sounds weird, but it just feels so clean!

Knits and Sequins

  • 07.08.2014, 08:00




I am wearing: necklace, knit & sequin shorts H&M, bag BeckSöndergaard and pumps Christian Louboutin


  • 05.08.2014, 15:31

Here is a sneak peek at todays OOTD and my beautiful, buttery soft bag from BeckSöndergaard

Cape Dress

  • 04.08.2014, 07:30



I am wearing: Cape dress here, ponyhair clutch By Malene Birger, stud belt Karen Millen, shoes Valentino

Baby James OOTD - Lilleba PJ's

  • 03.08.2014, 12:42




Happy Sunday everyone! Today Baby James is lounging around and napping in these gorgeous PJ's by Norwegian label Lilleba. James got the Tuva PJ as a present from my family a few days after he was born and I am completely enamored by the label. He will definitely be getting more clothing items from Lilleba as he grows. ♥

Blue Shirt and Print Pants

  • 01.08.2014, 20:57



I am wearing: sunglasses BIK BOK, blue shirt Theory, pants Matthew Williamson x Lindex, bag Givenchy and shoes Asos

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