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I dont live here anymore

  • 14.08.2012, 18:15

A new day

  • 12.08.2012, 11:11

Fall is just around the corner. I always measure my years by autumns - maybe because my birthday month is August. Everything changes but some things stay the same. 

I might be moving the blog very soon so I thought I would leave you with a few snapshots from spaces that have suddenly become a part of my life. My boyfriend John has been going on a decorating frenzy lately so I thought I would help by adding those small things that a guy would never buy - white orchids, candles & flowers. He doesn't seem to mind and I think that he may even like the coziness of it all. Or maybe he just lets me have my way because he's realized that life is just easier that way... ;)

The silver plate is from Indiska. It turned rusty from sitting out in the rain on the terrace and now I like it even more. Johns got a million cameras lying around so the camera as decoration was actually just a nice mistake.  The print in the white frame is a failed polaroid print attempt that John decided that he liked anyways.  I guess these little mistakes lying around have become a symbol of picking ourselves up when things don't exactly go as planned and making a beautiful life out of them.

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