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  • 30.08.2011, 13:34

Hi guys, you can find my first contribution to the fashion site FLINGLY here. I share my love of vintage items.

Lots of love,


sweater and heels

  • 28.08.2011, 23:03

Sweater Indiska, silver jeans from Zara and shoes from Miu Miu.

Here's a cozy sweater  that has been perfect to pull on for a lazy sunday with my girlfriends. Sometimes the simplest of outfits are the ones that make you feel the best. No accessories, no statement pieces, and tousled weekend hair.

Lots of love,


some steps, oslo

  • 23.08.2011, 20:37

Lucia sunglasses from Super by Retrosuperfuture, Yves Saint Laurent ring, Zara Jacket, Bik Bok blouse, T by Alexander Wang skirt, Karen Millen bag & Zara ballet flats.

I've forgotten how amazing it is to hide behind a good pair of sunglasses. Here I am, sitting at some steps in Oslo. I think the little bite of autumn-freshness in the air has been good for me lately. I'm excited for the next few weeks... months even! My friend Jenny is coming to town in a few days, and in a week I will get to visit Stockholm! I love how little plans are bubbling up in my head all the time. Feels so good after months of placid behavior and uncertainty. 

Lots of love,


the other one

  • 22.08.2011, 21:33

Here is another dress that I bought for my birthday, and my birthday present to myself - the Lucia sunglasses from SUPER by Retrosuperfuture which I bought here (my new favourite webshop for unique things).

I had a really quiet celebration this year, as I do every year.

I feel sometimes maybe that the best way for me to celebrate getting another year older and wiser is by taking some time for myself, as I am constantly surrounded by so many impressions and changes that need to be absorbed all the time.

I am wearing: dress from H&M, sunglasses from SUPER by Retrosuperfuture, rings from Yves Saint Laurent & Bik Bok, and shoes from Miu Miu.

PS: Sorry about the mirror-posting right now on the other blog, I''ve just not been informed yet how I am to go about moving back to this blog. It is my intention to only write here, once I sort out all of the formalities. 

Lots of love,


in the details

  • 21.08.2011, 22:59

Here are some details shots of the H&M dress that I wore on my birthday.The pictures were taken against my living room wall,while balancing on the top of the couch,in stripy ankle socks.

goodbye glamour. ;)

Lots of love,


le birthday

  • 20.08.2011, 19:39

Hi guys! Today is the best day of the year? my birthday! I feel so blessed, and the sun came out for me as well!! I had a late breakfast at Bagel & Juice with my love, then we sat in the sunshine with big Coke Zero?s from Mcdonalds and enjoyed the beautiful weather in this charming little city. My Oslo. Now I?m at home and can smell some pretty delicious smells from the kitchen. Eirik is going to cook me dinner for the first time in about 8 months, then he?s off to work. I wish I could make you all feel how wonderful I have felt this birhday ? I started celebrating last night and I don?t want it to end. :)

I am wearing a dress by H&M, leather jacket & shoes by Zara, bag from Karen Millen, and bracelet from Bik Bok. I?m a high street birthday  girl today!

summer song

  • 19.08.2011, 12:28

Just had to share while this is still relevant... this is probably my favourite set of pictures that I took this summer. I never really got my proper dose of sunshine this year. Currently dreaming my self away into a quiet place with sweet, warm air and a book on my chest that I am too relaxed to read.

I am wearing vintage Levi's, boots by Din Sko, a vintage belt & a denim shirt from JC.


  • 18.08.2011, 23:28

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Rogue Magazine II

  • 18.08.2011, 23:17

Costume Magazine

  • 18.08.2011, 23:11

Vixen Magazine

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  • 18.08.2011, 23:06

Preview Magazine

  • 18.08.2011, 23:05

Rogue Magazine I

  • 18.08.2011, 23:02

drink me up

  • 18.08.2011, 21:58

1. Some people suck all of the energy out of your body. Like evil sponges.

2. Others give you an enormous amount of energy and inspiration.

I will live my entire life aspiring to be that second kind of person.

I am wearing a suede coat from Zara, sunglasses from Gina Tricot,

top and bag by H&M, bracelet from Bik Bok,

a skirt from Asos and a scarf from Herms.

**Smoothie from the best smoothie joint in Oslo - Smoothie Exchange.

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the day it arrived

  • 18.08.2011, 19:06

This picture was taken the day that my YSL ring arrived for the first time.

Pure happiness, and a young girls pleasure.

I am wearing a sweater and jeans by JC, bag by H&M, and a Yves Saint Laurent ring.

so this is it, then.

  • 18.08.2011, 17:48

I know I keep mentioning this, but it feels so good to be back on my old blog. There's just something about having the creative freedom to make a space that is just all your own. Here's a little catch-up on what has been going on in my life- I got a new job in fashion, I fell in love and Norway has had just about the crappiest summer in years for many different reasons. Everything from the awful cold weather to the horrible and numbing massacre that happened just a few weeks ago. So what has happened while I've been gone? I have to admit that I got a bit lost... For a long time I walked around with what felt like veils over my eyes. I didn't feel like anything was inspiring me. Just now I am starting to see the beautiful things around me again, and I feel awakened. I've learned to appreciate my surroundings and the life that I've realized is my own. It sounds weird but understanding that this is my life now is almost like a revelation. I look around in my home, and at my wonderful new job, and it doesn't feel like this is my life. I feel like I am in a movie that is in another language. But it hasn't all been strange. I've learned to appreciate my new life through the way that has always helped me reflect: through the lens of my camera and through written word. I was having problems posting on the other blog for exactly that reason. This blog is an extension to my world because it is made  by me, through and through. This space of electronic words and pictures is me, inviting you in for a cup of tea.

Leather vest by Gestuz, ring by Yves Saint Laurent

last weeks oslo fashion week diary

  • 18.08.2011, 17:14

Some snapshots from Oslo Fashion Week.

I am wearing: a dress & jewelry by Indiska, harness belt from By Malene Birger, bag from Karen Millen, knit Jacket from Dagmar, and shoes from Bianco.


  • 17.08.2011, 22:52

Ok... I admit it. I've missed you guys so much. I've missed my blog so much. It isn't finalized yet, so I'll still be updating the other blog, but I'm so happy to be home. Please bear with me while I re-design the blog - I am so incredibly happy to be the master of my own universe again.

I am wearing a beaded & sequined playsuit by Asos and boots by Din Sko.

Ingrid Holm



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