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Aquaderma wipes + VINN SPAWEEKEND!

  • 27.07.2015, 08:00


KONKURRANSE til mine norske lesere ♥: AquaDerma wipes fjerner effektivt sminke, er fri for unødvendige ingredienser og beroliger huden med mineralrikt kildevann. Ekstra deilig og praktisk om sommeren! :) Når og hvor bruker du AquaDerma i sommer?

Del ditt bilde på Instagram under taggen #aquadermawipes! Vi kårer en heldig vinner, som får spaweekend for 2 + AquaDerma kit til en verdi av til sammen 10 000 kr. I tillegg trekker vi 3 vinnere av AquaDerma kits (verdi 1000 kr per stk)

First of all, I have a little confession to make: sometimes, even if I am going to spend the day at the beach, I still apply a tan-colored CC cream and apply my favorite pink-toned lipstick. I let the lipstick sink in for a few minutes and then press my lips into a tissue so that only a stain remains. I like how it looks, and the CC cream and lippy have SPF which helps protect my skin. The problem with this is that sunblock application and a sweaty face after a long, hot day at the beach dont mix well with make-up. That's when wipes come in handy.

I always have make-up remover wipes on me. Usually a whole stash. My boyfriend has never been forced to run to the store late at night to buy lady-related (read: period related) things, but if it is 11pm and I realize that I have run out of make-up remover wipes I panic... and out he runs to buy me some wipes. Aquaderma has definitely become my go-to brand for wipes because they don't dry out the skin. I can get really dry and sensitive skin, so I am very picky about wipes. These ones really are perfect, and they remove all traces of make-up!

Another really positive thing about wipes is that they are perfect during the summer. Spontaneous trips to the beach are no longer a problem as I can remove a full face of make-up with one wipe, and I don't have to look like a panda with mascara rings around my eyes. These wipes are so gentle that I actually used them on James during an emergency diaper change at the beach. Is that TMI?! Sorry guys! ;) I've apparently become one of those annoying mamas...

So here's the lowdown: Aquaderma wipes are made with pure mountain spring water and do not contain alcohol, parabens, silicone or mineral oil . They remove make-up well and leave skin soft. They do not dry out skin. Totally recommended!

You can read more about Aquaderma here

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Thrifted treasures

  • 25.07.2015, 16:08

It's raining today so I thought I would share the goodies that I picked up in thrift stores here in the South for next to nothing. Our kitchen will be full of these treasures. Now I can finally serve coffee and cake to my visitors in proper porcelain! ♥

Time to relax

  • 24.07.2015, 22:11

So far we've been to two amazing dinners, slept in (James slept past nine a.m. this morning) and we've visited every single thrift store in the area. I found an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G sheepskin coat from the seventies (presumably), a snakeskin handbag, and lots of beautiful porcelain sets in all white for coffee and desserts. We are going to have a massive display cabinet in our new kitchen to fill up with pretty things, so I finally have the perfect excuse to go crazy on pretty plates, cups and vases. I just love the South!

I am wearing a bikini and shorts from Lindex



  • 23.07.2015, 16:33

Me and my little family are finally in place in the South of Norway! AND I AM SO HAPPY! Time to relax, go through my work emails in peace, enjoy the summer and eat!!! Cant wait to finally be a little more present here again, now that we are far away from our renovations. At least for a little while. :)

I am wearing top from Nelly NOK 299 here and Levi's 501's NOK 1095 here

*Dette innlegget inneholder affiliate lenker.


Week Three

  • 21.07.2015, 17:57

With some expert help we've torn down part of the wall that goes into the kitchen. The pinewood floors have also been sanded down and oiled with a white toned oil (not by us, thankfully). The finishing touch was to lacquer the floor with a matte lacquer (silky matte lacquer). The electricians come tomorrow, and then we head straight to the South! I am so excited to be with Johns family by the sea and just relax for a little while before work starts up again. James is starting nursery school (barnehage) for the first time in August! Things are finally settling.

I am packing down my clothes and make-up and can't wait to get out of these scrappy renovation clothes! I've worn minimal make-up these past weeks while testing my Aquaderma products that I wrote about here. What a change! My skin feels glowy and supple.

Progress Report - Week 2

  • 17.07.2015, 21:25

Restoring an old house is one hell of a job, but we're starting to realise why people find it so rewarding. Our house is still a shell, but little by little it is becoming more beautiful. In the second picture you get a glance into our entrance hallway, with stairs that lead up to the second floor. Our first priority is the living room. The kitchen will be built in the end of August (luckily not by us). Third in line comes the entrance.

The roses in the pictures are from our own garden, and the bench is from Ellos (here)


*Dette innlegget inneholder affiliate lenker.

Beach Break

  • 15.07.2015, 20:07

This week has been insane. Finishing up the living room, moving a whole apartment and coordinating the design of our new kitchen (electrician, plumber, carpenter) all with baby James in tow and John working full time has been.. challenging. We've been quite set on always making time for James to enjoy his summer so we've taken a few trips to beaches here in Nesodden.

These pictures are from one of our much needed beach breaks.

I am wearing sunglasses from Céline, bikini from Victorias Secret and coordinated set from Second Female

Introducing Aquaderma

  • 13.07.2015, 07:39


For the next few weeks I will be testing products from AQUADERMA.

Aquaderma is a brand new series of skincare products that uses active ingredients from the sea. The products do not contain parabens, alcohol (which dries out the skin), silicon or other nasties like mineral oil that you don?t want on your face. My first impression is that the creams smell really good and glide smoothly on my skin when applying. The packaging is also really pretty, which I love. Another interesting fact is that all of the creams are produced in Norway. I am turning 29 years old this August so I am most interested in testing out their anti-age products.

Did you know that Aquadermas ?Age Defense? series contains ingredients taken from salmon roe that are the most well-documented anti-age ingredients on the market?

Skincare is the most vital part of my beauty routine. I never go a day without washing my face with a gentle cleanser in the morning and removing my make-up with wipes every night. I am really excited to test the products and share my opinions with you! I already have a pack of the wipes in my handbag at all times, as they are just genius for me in all of this moving chaos. I will keep you updated!

What are your skincare essentials?

You can read more about Aquaderma here

Kitchen Talk

  • 11.07.2015, 12:42


John and I were convinced that we wanted a bright, all white kitchen. After numerous rounds to showrooms my opinion changed that moment that I saw a black lacquered oak kitchen. I just really liked that way that it looked and the sturdy feel of the wooden cabinets. So the decision was made. The plan is to have white french tiles all the way up the walls, pale lacquered wooden floors and the beautiful black lacquered kitchen counters. It keeps with my colour scheme for a monochrome home, and I think it will suit our little kitchen perfectly. I've never designed a kitchen before, but I think (*hope) that it will look beautiful.


Image source: Pinterest and Stylizimo blog (third image)

Current Beauty Favourites: Giorgio Armani

  • 07.07.2015, 23:08

I get a LOT of questions from both friends and readers about Giorgio Armani beauty products.

Giorgio Armani is one of my favourite beauty brands because their products make skin look glowing and amazing. I also just love their packaging! I don't use much make-up during the summer, but these three products make me feel extra sunkissed. They really compliment a summer tan beautifully

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer - I've written about Fluid Sheer in an earlier entry and I still love it so much. I want to collect all of the different shades!

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in Nr. 14 Sunrise is the perfect cream eyeshadow for tanned summer skin. Its creamy consistency is super easy to work with and it sets like a thin veil on your eyelids. Such a beautiful eyeshadow! Nr. 14 is a limited edition shade.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Compact in shade 4 works great for me in the summer months because it sets my foundation (I only apply a little foundation where I need it). I just feel like it keeps my face "together" in the heat, and it has sun protection, which is a super bonus.


I have also written about Giorgio Armani fluid sheer HERE

Progress Report

  • 04.07.2015, 16:45



Here is a little progress report from our new home. Layers of wallpaper are being scraped away while we take turns watching baby James play in the garden. ♥


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Luxury vs. Budget - Tulip Tables

  • 03.07.2015, 21:10

I've got interior on my mind, so there will be a few more interior related entries than usual until the dust settles in our new home. I have been on the lookout for a round "tulip" table for a few months now, and it seems that it isn't only me. Here are three great options in different price ranges.

BUDGET: Docksta table produced by IKEA, costs NOK 1495,-


MID-RANGE: Planet table produced by Calligaris, costs nok 8550,-


LUXURY: Tulip table produced by Knoll, costs NOK 30,000+


The original tulip table designed by Eero Saarinen is very beautiful, and very expensive. Eero Saarinen vowed to address the ?ugly, confusing, unrestful world? that he observed underneath chairs and tables -- the so-called "slum of legs." Saarinens now classic icons the Tulip table and Tulip chair both have a beautiful stem instead of four legs. This has inspired "tulip" style table designs ever since.

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Project: House Renovation

  • 03.07.2015, 08:19






Here we go!

And suddenly we became house owners. We moved in a couple of days ago, and we have started renovating the living room. The plan is to "live" upstairs and renovate downstairs. I promised that I would update you all on our progress, so here is our first project. PART 1: Remove wallpaper, paint walls and ceiling classic white. PART 2: Remove the carpet and bring the original wooden floors backs to their glory days by sanding them down and applying new lacquer. Here we are going classic all the way, and trying not to follow too many trends. 


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