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Yellow Knit and Fluted Skirt

  • 30.07.2014, 22:23



I am wearing: yellow knit from H&M, fluted skirt from H&M, vintage lion belt, bag from Givenchy and shoes from Valentino

Sneak Peek

  • 30.07.2014, 21:01


Here are two behind-the-scenes shots from when I shot my outfit earlier today. I know that my outfit posts don't always reflect it, but James is always right by my side. I take him just about everywhere. James is a bit over 7 kilos now so he is already getting quite heavy but lately I have been picking him up and carrying him wherever we are. He wants to be part of the action and I like holding him close while I can. Before I know it he will be running around like a maniac with no time for cuddles from his mother. 

Postcards from this Summer: My Crusi

  • 28.07.2014, 10:41




Sorry for the little hiatus! John, James and I have been enjoying our summer by the sea. I just wanted to share some images of our "fourth family member" the Stokke Crusi and car seat. The car seat can be attached to the Crusi base and has a seated position and sleeping position so we've been able to bring our little tot around stress-free.



Hope you are enjoying the sunshine... and heat!

Tropical Oslo

  • 21.07.2014, 21:32




Sunglasses Karen Walker, crochet top Vero Moda, shorts H&M, bag Givenchy, shoes Birkenstock


It is so hot in the city! Tomorrow James, John and I head down to Nesodden to hang out with my mom and little brother by the sea. It will be great. I hope you are all having an equally amazing summer. 

Det er varmt og deilig i lille Oslo. I morgen drar John, James og meg ned til Nesodden for å henge med mamma og lillebror ved sjøen. Det blir digg det. Håper at alle koser seg i varmen. 

You can find more outfit posts under the category "OUTFIT POST"


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Back in Oslo

  • 18.07.2014, 13:31








My little family and I are back in Oslo! Baby Taco has really woken to life now. He wants to look at absolutely everything around him. Motherhood is incredible. I've been told that there is nothing people hate more than people going on and on about their babies but I could have never guessed how amazing and all-encompassing being a mother is until the day that he was placed in my arms. Or to be honest, a little while after he was born. I first had to get over the shock of giving birth and heal a little first. I just woke up one day and realised - this is final - nothing will ever be as it was before, I am a mother, and this is my new life. When I understood this, I was able to relax for maybe the first time since I got pregnant. I have been so scared to 'lose myself' after becoming a mother but I shouldn't have been so worried. More than anything, I've found myself, and the old Ingrid is still here. 

Summer City

  • 12.07.2014, 11:25




Sunglasses Bik Bok, top Indiska, shorts H&M, bag Givenchy, mules NLY here


Yesterday was a proper Norwegian summer day for me and my little family. First we took a long walk, ate ice cream, John swam in the ocean while baby Taco and I lapped up the salty air, and then we headed to Kristiansand in the late afternoon so that John could buy a navy suit for a wedding that he is going to attend in August. It's funny how a man in a suit can make a girls heart flutter. I love Kristiansand. Some areas aren't the prettiest, but all cities have their not so pretty parts. I love the cozy little cafes that have been popping up since I first started visiting the city three years ago, and I wouldn't mind living in an apartment in the areas facing the ocean. Most people in the south are probably more house and white picket fence types - but I am a city girl through and through. I like apartments. That and a summer house outside of the city would be a dream for me, it would be like getting the best of both worlds.   

Sneak Peek

  • 11.07.2014, 21:24


Hello my loves! The weather is crazy hot at the moment. Here is a little sneak peek at todays outfit, will post more pics tomorrow. Little James wants to sleep now, and the world revolves around him right now. More pics tomorrow, promise. ♥

Boyfriend Jeans

  • 05.07.2014, 21:10



This isn't a very 'Ingrid' outfit. I generally prefer more tailored or ladylike clothes. Summer weather and a new baby has softened me up a bit. What do you think of the change? Love it or hate it?



  • 03.07.2014, 19:32

Today I wore these beauties. 

Ingrid Holm



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