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The Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

  • 31.07.2013, 10:00

When I stayed at the Lloyd Hotel a few days ago I stayed at Room 219, also known as the Ellen ten Damme Room for two nights. The other room is picture here. The Ellen Ten Damme Room is devoted to the photographer Danny Ellinger's photos of the famous Dutch singer. Her face is literally everywhere. The wallpaper consists of thousands of little pictures of her, the toilet features a massive picture of her... err, doing her business on the toilet, and personal memorabilia is lying everywhere. Taxidermy (a stuffed bird and a fox), a wedding dress and a magnifying glass were lying around the room. The room was incredibly photogenic and featured beautiful shuttered windows as well as just about everything covered in sheepskin. Another feature of the room was the "fold-out shower" which is a Lloyd Hotel concept that I am not completely a fan of, but it is definitely a conversation starter! Basically the shower is in the wall and you sort of fold out the wall in order to make the walls of the shower. The water gets kinda everywhere, so a mop is provided. All in all I found the room to be a beautiful and inspiring space, but it lacked a little in the "luxury" department. If you're expecting fluffy towels, sparkling bathroom appliances and room-service this isn't the hotel for you. If you're looking to stay in a building with a lot of history within its wall, art at every corner, and run-down charm then I would recommend it whole-heartedly. I would also suggest that you take a good 4-star room or a 5-star room (the Lloyd Hotel is the first hotel to provide 1 to 5 star rooms). The people working at the hotel are incredibly kind and warm so they let John and I change rooms twice as well as view a selection of different rooms in order to choose a room that we preferred. 

The hotel itself is a strange building. It was formerly a migrants hotel and the last stop before people travelled to South America on Royal Dutch Lloyd ships. From the early forties onwards the Lloyd hotel served many functions. As the Germans occupied the Netherlands, they converted the building into a prison. Members of the resistance movement were kept prisoner here. Later, it became a regular detention centre and it remained so after the war. In 1964 Lloyd Hotel was transformed into the first experiment with detaining juveniles apart from adults. It reopened in 2004 as a hotel. For better or for worse, the hotel still feels a bit like an institution. I would also suggest to avoid staying at the hotel in the hottest summer months as they do not have air-conditioning and some of the rooms can get quite steamy. 

For what the Lloyd Hotel lacks in luxury they make up with their friendly and accommodating staff and their beautiful art. The hotel is a treasure in itself and you can keep yourself occupied for hours just walking around and discovering the little nooks and crannies of the hotel.

Lloyd Hotel & Culturele AmbassadeOostelijke Handelskade 341019 BN Amsterdam

T +31 20 561 3636F +31 20 561 3600E

Frilly Socks!

  • 30.07.2013, 10:00

I was so happy when I came across these cutie socks at H&M in Amsterdam. Now they're on my feet constantly.


NO: Jeg ble superglad når jeg fant disse søte sokkene fra H&M i Amsterdam.  Nå er de på føttene hele tiden!

When in Berlin

  • 29.07.2013, 10:00

Beautiful, multi-cultural, creative, vibrant Berlin! Now this is truly a city for me. It is steaming hot right now but I just love it here! 

Here are some things to do in Berlin:1. Visit a flea-market2. Rent a bike and discover the city3. Take pictures of all the beautiful grafitti4. Shop in Mitte5. Visit an art exhibit if it rains

I am wearing a dress from Costume x Bik Bok, bra from Gina Tricot, socks from H&M, bag from Karen Millen and shoes from Din Sko

Our Other Room in Amsterdam

  • 28.07.2013, 17:54

I'm in Berlin now but I just wanted to share a sneak peek of the other room that we stayed in at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. 

Reviews are coming soon! :*


  • 25.07.2013, 23:20

Here are some snapshots of the hotel that John and I checked into ... what a strange building! I will write a proper review later with more pictures, I just wanted to write a quick update now as I have so many pictures that I want to share. We decided to change rooms as it is really hot in Amsterdam right now and we wanted a cooler room. In the process of choosing a new room we got to check out some of the rooms that this hotel has to offer from the incredibly kind people that work here. We first viewed a room that looked like a sex-dungeon in the basement with a massive round mirror above the bed (I was too shocked and amused to take a pictures) as well as a lovely loft room with beautiful exposed beams. No rooms are the same. Our new room is even quirkier than the lime green one with the massive bath tub that we stayed in during our first night here, and it is huge! I will share it soon. ;)

Her er noen bilder av hotellroomet i Amsterdam. For et merkelig hotell! Jeg kommer til å skrive en ordentlig anmeldelse snart, med masse bilder. Vi måtte bytte til et kjøligere rom fordi det er ganske varmt i Amsterdam nå. Jeg har fått titte på flere av rommene for å velge, og de er helt fantastiske. Ingen rom er like. Jeg har sett alt fra et flott loftsrom med vakre takbjelker og en ganske så mørk "sexkjeller" med et gedigent rundt speil over sengen... å herre jemini (!) Jeg ble litt for sjokkert til å ta bilder. Som jeg angrer! Jeg kommer til å legge ut bilder av det nye rommet snart, men tenkte bare å skrive en fort oppdatering for jeg har så mange bilder som jeg ønsker å dele! 

See you later South of Norway

  • 23.07.2013, 15:58

See you later South, because tomorrow John and I head to Amsterdam! 

This morning I took a trip to the police station in Kristiansand at 9 AM sharp, got myself a temporary passport, and tomorrow we're off! That's what happens when we don't plan properly. I love it! I am in many ways a spontaneous soul and I hate to over-plan.  

I've chosen two pretty amazing hotels (all my choice, John told me to surprise him) so I will definitely write some hotel reviews and take loads of snapshots! I tested a roll of film from my thrift-shop analog camera and it works just fine aside from some small leaks (which is just charming anyways) so I am excited to be carrying that around with me as well. 

Things that that I am looking forward to:

1. Biking around Amsterdam (I've already rented a bike package from the hotel)2. Checking out the Dr. Martens store in Berlin. I'm already planning my AW13 wardrobe additions.3. THE HOTELS!! I've read so many great things about them already4.  Updating this blog on my travels like I used to do all the time.

I know that I used to blog a lot more about travels before, but life happened and I had to focus on shaping a career-direction for myself after my studies. I'm happy for the experiences that I picked up while this blog suffered with less frequent posts and I am happy to come back to this blog now much more of an adult that I've ever been and a with few experiences under my belt. To be honest, not all experiences were particularly pleasant (although most of them were ... like moving in with John for example). Life has ups and downs, and that is just fine by me. I've learnt to let go and I don't mind getting older. It is a part of life and it feels very right. For every downturn I get a little bit wiser and a little bit tougher. In one month I turn 27, and although it is far from old, I am definitely not a teenager any more. It feels nice.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.                                                                       -Plato

I am wearing a crochet bathing-suit from Shop the Show and hat from H&M

Patterns and Second-hand Treasures

  • 21.07.2013, 16:51

How I love summer! One of my favourite hobbies is to peruse thrift shops and a few days ago I came across this analog Olympus camera for 25 kroner (the cost of an ice cream). I popped in a film roll and have been taking pictures since. Now I only have to find out if it works. If it does, I promise to scan some of the pictures and share them here on this blog. 

On Wednesday I head to Amsterdam, and then to Berlin!  So excited! The camera will of course be coming with me. 

I am wearing a Helmut Lang dress and Kaibosh sunnies.

Gypsy Life

  • 20.07.2013, 10:25

*and my latest book recommendations

Words cannot describe how taken I am by Johns hometown in the South of Norway. 

It is just so idyllic here, especially in the summer. Not to mention Johns amazing Scottish mother who completely supports and loves all of my strange fashion-outfit whims. "Let the old ladies shake their canes at you!" she laughingly exclaimed when I asked her if wearing a completely see through lace dress with just underwear underneath was a bit too much for the old ladies in Kristiansand city. Johns father makes the most amazing Indian dishes and seafood in the world so I always feel like I gain at least 7 lbs. every time I am here. Johns sisters also have the most cherubic babies ever so I run around pinching fat cheeks and begging for cuddles every five minutes. I always ask John why he would ever bother to leave and move to Oslo (now more than ten years ago) but he looks at me like I am crazy and starts mentioning all the cultural reasons why Oslo is such a great city to live in. To me this place is absolute heaven!

I have been catching up on my reading so I thought I would share the three books that I am reading at the moment:

1. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan2. Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington3. Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

I've linked all the books to Amazon so just click on the titles to read more about them! I am thoroughly enjoying reading Crazy Rich Asians as it just ridiculously glamorous. I know that I am late in reading the Grace Coddington book but I honestly haven't had the time to pick up any book at all until a few months ago. Now I am cherishing every minute doing one of my all time favourite things: curling up with a good book. 

I am wearing H&M swimsuit (old) & sunglasses from Velouria Vintage

Forever 2013

  • 17.07.2013, 20:23

So I basically haven't moved the past few days. I'm still in the South. I've just been sleeping long, looking out to the sea, reading books and enjoying Norwegian summer. John just bought a car so he drove my film & photo equipment here from Oslo, YAY! We might take road trip but we haven't decided where to and I of course have forgotten my passport back home in Oslo.... typical. Lets see where we end up. Until then, here are some shots of a dress that was on my mind a long time before it became mine. It is from Wiksén and it is from quite a few seasons ago. I found it by chance at a sample sale and was so happy to finally make it mine. 

Four things that personify my past week:

1. Buena Vista Social Club

2. Exploring the city of Kristiansand

3.  Johns Mini Cooper

4. Love

Summer 2013

  • 13.07.2013, 23:30

After a kind of hectic end of my week I am finally exactly where I want to be: in the sunshine in the South of Norway. I freaking love summer holidays!!!

Etter en ganske så hektisk uke er jeg endelig på plass ved vannkanten på Sørlandet. Som jeg elsker sommerferie!

I am wearing: vintage fringe leather vest, sunnies Bik Bok, bikini & hat H&M

The Summer of sunshine, sugar snaps and... cars?

  • 09.07.2013, 13:51

Our Oslo apartment at 8 a.m.

John and a beautiful Oslo bridge

Today it is exactly three working-days until I take my summer holiday. Last year I thought I was experiencing the most wonderful summer ever but this one really does top 2012. This Spring - Summer 2013 has had hidden little surprises and gems along the way, amongst them an amazing new job which I love that began at the onset of spring, my two bestest girlfriends deciding to move back to Oslo by autumn and a new hobby: gardening on our terrace... of all things. Sugar snaps, tomatoes, all kinds of edible plants and even flowers! All sown from seeds. And cars? Yes. Kind of. I've never been interested in cars, but this year there has been a lot of car-talk in my surroundings. Talk about classic cars, cabriolets, customized leather seats, rims and the whole lot. I am admittedly still no convert, and prefer handbags, no offence, but I have to admit that my head now turns when I see a pretty car on the street. I guess you can take a girl out of the fashion industry but you cant take the girl outta a girly girl. :)

I dag er det tre jobbdager til det er SOMMERFERIE. Har allerede hatt den beste sommeren ever, til og med bedre enn i fjor. Vår/ Sommer 2013 har vært full av nye inntrykk samt små og store overasskelser, blant annet en fantastisk ny jobb som jeg gleder meg til å komme til hver morgen , det at mine to bestevenniner har begge bestemt seg for å flytte tilbake til Oslo og en ny hobby: jeg har nemlig blitt helt plante-gal(!). Planteguri kan du kalle meg fra nå av. Jeg dyrker alt fra sukkererter, tomater, dill, gressløk, til og med blomster på terrasen. 

Og biler? Ja det har vært Bilens Sommer for meg selv om jeg egentlig ikke er veldig opptatt av biler i det hele tatt. Felger, skinnseter, veteran-biler.... hele pakka! Men jeg må inrømme at jeg fortsatt foretrekker en fin veske. Du kan ta jenta ut av motebransjen men ikke kjærleik for mote ut av en alt for jentete-jente tenker jeg. 

Perfect Eyebrows Video Tutorial

  • 07.07.2013, 14:33

Hi everyone! In todays beauty tutorial I share my little secret for perfect thick eyebrows. I have used Aquabrow from Make Up Forever for several years now and really love it! The great thing about Aquabrow is that it works for all skin-tones. They have the lightest shade and  a grayish-tone one for blondes as well as a whole range of darker colours for darker complexions. It is definitely worth trying out if you've always wished for thicker brows.

Hei og hopp! I dagens sminkevideo deler jeg min lille hemmelighet for tykke, perfekte øyenbryn: Aquabrow fra Make Up Forever. I L.O.V.E IT! Det beste med Aquabrow er at produktet kler alle hud og hårtyper. Aquabrow finnes i alt fra lyse /aske farger til lyst hår, samt flere mørke farger til de med mørkere hår som meg. Personlig så liker jeg Nr. 20 best (lys brun) selv om jeg har veldig mørkt hår. Om du har alltid ønsket deg tykkere øyenbryn er dette produktet kanskje noe for deg! 

Mer produktinformasjon finner du her

Check out my video here:

Products used:

AQUABROW #20 from Make Up ForeverBeguile Eyebrow Mascara from Mac

Southbound and down

  • 05.07.2013, 20:55

Five more work-days and I head to south with my love! I'm bringing my cameras and will film and photograph as much as I can. Excited!

Nå er det bare fem jobbdager til jeg reiser til Sørlandet med min kjære! Jeg skal pakke kameraene og lover å filme og fotografere som bare det! Gleder meg!

The Face Behind the Faces

  • 04.07.2013, 19:35

These pictures of Yvan Rodic / FaceHunter were taken by me in London in 2010. I shot them on film in evening light.

Three years later, I've written an article/interview/retrospective about him and our strange friendship for Sva Magazine.

You can read it here. ___________________________

Disse bildene av Yvan Rodic / Face Hunter ble tatt av meg i London i 2010. 

Det er nå tre år senere og jeg har skrevet en artikkel / intervjuet han for SVA Magazine sin nettside. 

Du kan lese artikkelen her.

Beauty Tutorial: So Nineties!

  • 03.07.2013, 11:34

It took one day longer than promised, 

but here is my SO NINETIES make-up tutorial! Enjoy!



BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer

L'oreal True Match Foundation in Golden Beige

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer SC-3

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder in 5 Soft Sand


L'oreal SMOKY INFINIMENT BRONZE Eyeshadow Set in E3

Blacktrack Gel Liner from Mac

False Lashes from H&M

DUO False Eyelash Glue (transparent)

Dior Show Mascara

Bare Minerals Summer Bisque applied with Max Coverage Concealer Brush


Make Up Forever AQUABROW

applied with - Make Up Forever 5 SB Brush

Mac eyebrow mascara in Beguile


Make Up Forever Sculpting kit

Lancome Star Bronzer Mineral Matte

Benefit Dallas blush

Tomorrows Tutorial: Nineties Babe

  • 01.07.2013, 21:49

Here is a sneak peek at tomorrows beauty tutorial.  If you're liking the beauty videos please check in here tomorrow for contouring, hair tousling, and uber-glamorous nineties supermodel make-up. It's going to be a lot of fun!

Ingrid Holm



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