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The Elle August Outfits Pt. 3

  • 31.07.2012, 19:04

 Sweater from BZR, shorts from Bik Bok, bag from Morris, vintage bracelets & shoes from Filippa K

The Elle August Outfits Pt. 2

  • 28.07.2012, 11:11

Leather jacket and lace dress from By Malene Birger, sweater from BZR & shoes from Christian Louboutin.

Accessories and life

  • 27.07.2012, 10:37

I have one best friend that has always been perfect at accessorizing. When we were teenagers she always wore hoop earrings and bangles as well as bohemian necklaces before it was cool to look bohemian. She has always had this quirky signature style of classic Audrey Hepburn outfits mixed with beautiful statement jewelry. As we moved on to university she bought herself a pair of oversized Celine sunglasses in Paris that she wore with everything (once again before Celine became so cool). Now that we are even older and now that we are finished with university her wardrobe has become decidedly more glamorous than in our high school days when we would wear and love the most awful things that we found on sale. Nowadays her wardrobe houses for example a Burberry Prorsum coat and a Hermès Jige clutch. 

As we met to drink beer in the sunshine in Frognerparken yesterday we discussed (her) future engagement ring, semi-precious stones and diamond earrings. We have always bonded over her love of beautiful things. After years of hoarding all kinds of knick-knacks she has acquired quite the collection, and her taste has become decidedly more expensive. She has taught me a lot about investing and saving for classical pieces (that being said, I have yet to save one Donald Duck Dollar. I've always been an impulse shopper that ends up eating oatmeal for a month if I buy something beyond my means). I have always admired her sense of style because it has never been dictated by the magazines or by trends that come and go. She has always just had her own way of dressing. She incorporated fifties glamour into her looks since our high school days, wearing red lipstick and red nails at a time when most girls were teasing their hair and making themselves look like oompa loompas with too much self-tanner. She decided very quickly that straightening out her natural curls was the stupidest thing ever. She has always been a little too sure of who she is, which has scared lots of people away, both boys & girls, but in my opinion has left her with the best ones. 

I used to post pictures of her on this blog all of the time, so here is a flashback to one of my favourite pictures of her taken in 2005 when she was just 18 years old, with her Celine sunnies and bangles. She would look just as stylish today. I always think about her disapproving look when I am about to buy a ridiculously trendy item that will probably end up gathering dust in the back of my wardrobe.

The Elle August Outfits Pt. I

  • 26.07.2012, 11:11

Sweater from BZR, net top from By Malene Birger, belt from Gina Tricot, shorts from Designers Remix and shoes from Bianco.

Stella August

  • 26.07.2012, 00:24

Denne kjolen, altså. This dress just kills me. I always fall for things with vintage appeal and summer dresses are just about my favourite clothing item of them all. They don't seem to work in the autumn with black tights and boots - but in the summer months - they're pure magic. I always have this theory that if you walk around in an outfit feeling like you are in a beautiful movie - then you've gotten it right. A friend of mine used to say "life like a fashion editorial" and although that may be a little bit extreme for some people, there's nothing wrong with creating a beautiful world for yourself - within reason. Or else you're just another crazy person. 

Elle August 2012

  • 26.07.2012, 00:02

The Elle August Outifts Pt. I

  • 26.07.2012, 00:01

Leather jacket and lace dress from By Malene Birger, sweater from BZR & shoes from Christian Louboutin.

 Sweater from BZR, shorts from Bik Bok, bag from Morris, vintage bracelets & shoes from Filippa K

Sweater from BZR, net top from By Malene Birger, belt from Gina Tricot, shorts from Designers Remix and shoes from Bianco.

A closer look at the Elle August outfits. :)

New Shoes

  • 24.07.2012, 13:18

I was just going to drop by the office to do some last minute things when I suddenly ended up in Bik Bok with the lovely intern Emilie... and suddenly we had both bought matching leather shoes on sale.They're amazing aren't they?  

Love is fragile

  • 22.07.2012, 22:38

photo via

Things which aren't love:

  • 22.07.2012, 10:49

Title found on the blog of beautiful Jay of Reality Coma via I wrote this for you.

**These shots were taken almost exactly 13 months ago. My hair was shorter and darker (but still just as damaged). I wore much higher shoes. My eyebrows were thinner. I had just started a new job. Everything is different now, and much better. I've learnt a whole lot. Now I keep my bills and accounting in folders, have a savings account (albeit an empty one), and I actually enjoy going to the gym. I am calmer, happier and healthier. I've found the time to drink beer in the sunshine, read books that I actually want to read, and I wear much less make up. I used to think that growing older and taking responsibility was awful. Now I've found that it isn't that bad. Growing up is an intimidating process cause you're just kinda thrown out into the world with the cards that you have been dealt in life and you have to make sense of things all on your own. Life feels like Alice in Wonderland: running around trying to make sense of many nonsensical things. I'm not sure if that ever changes but I'm starting to learn the things that work for me. 

Norwegian Summers

  • 21.07.2012, 13:34

I'm back in the south for another week of Norwegian Summer. Norway is the most surrealistically beautiful place when the sun shines. I couldn't think of being anywhere else in the world right now. I am wearing a bathing suit from H&M, sunnies from Triwa (available here), white bracelet from Indiska, bangle from H&M, braided bracelet from Bik Bok and vintage green amethyst ring. 

The one that got away

  • 16.07.2012, 14:51

I thought It would be fun to share two shots that didn't make it to the Elle August page, messy hair and all. Isn't the skirt just amazing? It's beautiful pieces like this skirt from Epilogue that make it so easy to pull together a great outfit. 

I am wearing sweater from BZR, Skirt from Epilogue, and shoes and clutch from By Malene Birger

Elle August 2012

  • 15.07.2012, 16:27

I don't usually overshare the dreary bits of life but I've been kind incapacitated the past few weeks from some sort of stomach bug. I've been feeling like I've just run the marathon even though I've hardly been able to get out of bed. Fun. Luckily it has just been "holiday time" here in Oslo. Even though it sucks, I'm happy it didn't happen during press week.

FINALLY, though - I am feeling much better and my rainy day brightened even more when I found the latest Elle on sale already! It's my birthday month issue and I'm in it! Wheeeee! Best birthday gift ever! Go buy it, cause I'm sure it will brighten your holiday weeks as well. Loads of inspiration. Now I am finally going to plow through the legions of emails that I need to answer (I'm so sorry - there are no sick weeks in blog world).

Big kiss from Ingrid x

How to be a woman

  • 13.07.2012, 17:07

Forget trendy, ironic, statement or brand-crazy.

Miranda Kerr in a pastel green dress. 

New Bag

  • 10.07.2012, 10:40

So happy with this vintage snakeskin handbag that I scored from an antique collector a few days ago here in the south of Norway. He had a barn full of wonderful items at amazing prices. I might need to fix the handles down the road but it was well worth it. It has the same size as a Kelly bag and the same classic appeal. In love.  

In between poses

  • 07.07.2012, 19:40

Here are some lost in between shots from the past few weeks. I seem to always choose really affordable items during the summer because I enjoy sitting on pavements, in the grass at parks, etc etc. I'm like a kitten in the sunshine. I just want to roll around on the ground. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer.

I am wearing Indiska dresses in both shots - and my favourite shoulder-bag from Morris

Southern Summer

  • 05.07.2012, 19:09

Some shots from lazy days by the sea. :)

Sandals from H&M, bikini from Bik Bok 

New Hat

  • 03.07.2012, 22:39

Just a quick hello and two snapshots from today (some of you have probably already seen them on instagram). I bought a new hat at my new Favourite Store Ever in my mans hometown in the south of Norway. I could have stayed there forever. A plethora of beautiful and strange tea cups like the ones pictured above (one for mum and one for dad - *melt*), lots of beautiful copper things, and lamps! Beautiful lamps with marble and brass accents. Nothing was too expensive as well. I was in heaven. 


  • 03.07.2012, 20:47

Spring Summer Twenty Twelve

  • 02.07.2012, 22:39

Just a catch-up of snapshots from SS12


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