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New in: for my feet

  • 29.06.2015, 19:56


New in for my feet: these beautiful and simple sandals by Camilla Pihl for Bianco with the prettiest leather ever, and two cooling nailpolish shades from the Essie Summer Collection: Saltwater Happy and Pret-o-surfer. Obsessed with both!


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Interior Planning

  • 28.06.2015, 21:04




It has been quiet from me because I am packing up the Oslo apartment. I'm glad that we bought a house, because I definitely do not want to do this again for a very long time! We take over the house on the first of July, and after some wallpaper-removing and painting we will be moving in! I promised that I would share both the renovations and interior decorating so here is a little moodboard that I have been working on. I have really thought through the interior of this house instead of making a "beautiful mess". I even made a color palette for the first time ever, so that the furniture, paint and textiles match with each other.  The house might not look anything like this in the end, but my ideas are starting to fall into and a strategic plan is forming in my mind.



Need some help getting started with renovations and re-decorating? Here are some simple tips:

1. Look at the furniture that you already have (and love). These will form the basis of your interiors. 

2. Come up with a color palette for your home (in my case: my living room). I decided to go for NEUTRUALS: black, classic white, smoke gray, golden brown and then I added white marble as there are a few marble elements that tie the different areas of the living room together. Marble is a neutral right?!

3. Figure out if you are a minimalist or a maximalist. I am unfortunately a bit of both. I try to be strict and only keep/display the things that I love. The problem is that I love so many different things!

3. Take one room at a time. We are renovating the kitchen and bathroom downstairs as well. I can't even bother to think about this until the living area is renovated.

4. Figure out a theme for your home. I decided that I want an interior that is timeless, so my biggest theme is "classic". My boyfriend John's love for modern furniture has rubbed off on me the past years that we have been together, so there will definitely be a strong modern influence. John's love of color has NOT rubbed off on me though, so we are sticking to very neutral palette, with just the minimum of  "color pops" to catch the eye. 

5. PLAN! I sketched my home using the free program Room Sketcher. There are other fancier apps/programs available, but this program is relatively easy to use, and free!



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Dress up your camera!

  • 27.06.2015, 07:22


I was at the Olympus Summer party with some of the other Stylista girls and I just had to share this shot. The camera itself is super pretty, but it's even prettier when dressed up! I am going to order a little leather house for it ASAP. But here comes the forever dilemma: BLACK or BROWN??

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Interior Lust List of the Week

  • 24.06.2015, 22:34


1. Cover Carpet by Linie Design here 2. Maze lamp by Northern Lighting here (already ordered in silver) 3. Marble side table Ellos here (already ordered) 4. Green marble side table Ellos here 5. Cement vase here 6. Marble coffee table Ellos here (already ordered)

I have had interiors on my brain since we are moving in a week. Here are some of the things that I have been lusting over. The green marble table is sort of the joker of the gang as it doesn't fit in with the color palette that I have set for our new home. But it is so so pretty!


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  • 22.06.2015, 22:23





I am wearing top from Bik Bok, skirt from Sheinside here, bag from Givenchy, sunglasses from Céline, shoes from Sheinside here (difficult to walk in, but super pretty)


You can find more outfit posts under the category "OUTFIT POST"


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My Favourite Lipsticks

  • 21.06.2015, 17:06




I am a dedicated lipstick hoarder.

This is a habit that I can justify because I wear lipstick literally every single day. I like to wear different shades with different moods, but I generally gravitate towards classic reds and pretty pinks. My obsession for the Lancôme L?ABSOLU ROUGE lipsticks started with one lipstick: Rose Amnesia n°244. This dusty pink color is based on a vintage pink rose. I love the L'absolu lipsticks because even after eating and drinking (which I do a lot of during the day) the lipstick stains beautifully into your lips until you decide to re-apply to get the full effect. 


Here are my three favourite shades: Rose Amnesia n°244 (lower lipstick in first picture), Rose Lancôme n°368 (top lipstick in first picture) and Rouge Amour n°160 (I am wearing this shade in the last two images.


Here is a "Face of the Day" post where I am wearing my favourite shade!

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Little Heart

  • 18.06.2015, 17:00


For those of you wondering,  little Tacos outfit from our last post together is from Lindex. How the little one has grown! ♥


James is wearing striped "camera" t-shirt NOK 79.50,-  here and denim shorts NOK 199,- here



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Garden Party with Ellos

  • 17.06.2015, 17:31









Yesterday I had the most amazing evening with Ellos

Me and my Stylista girl Benedicthe amongst other press and bloggers were given a sneak peek into Ellos' AW15 collections. So much pretty stuff! Inspired by the London mod scene, the clothing was right up my alley with lots of leather/patent leather, loafers, turtle necks and great cashmere knits. The interior items were JUST GORGEOUS. I fell in love with their green marble peices and a beautiful vase that I am most definitely going to order. All in all it was a really inspiring evening. Thank you for having me, Ellos!


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It's Dinner Party Time!

  • 16.06.2015, 15:00




This evening I am going to a dinner party, and this is one of my outfit options. What do you think? My pretty dress comes from SHEINSIDE here. I ordered size large and cut out the skirt lining that came with it. I kind of wish that I had ordered medium! I am wearing the dress with a nude slip dress.



I am wearing sunglasses Céline, watch Dyrberg/Kern, jacket Lindex and dress from SHEINSIDE here



You can find more outfit posts under the category "OUTFIT POST"


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Fashion News: Epilogue launches webshop

  • 16.06.2015, 07:44


1. Bond jacket NOK 4499,- here 2. Rose dress NOK 2499,- here 3. Element trouser NOK 1999,- here 4. Viola classic trouser NOK 1999,- here 5. Loafer snake NOK 4499 here 6. Costa Petit bag NOK 2999,- here 7. Pointed ankle boot NOK 3599,- here 8. Diver shirt NOK 1599,- here 9. Mesh skirt NOK 1999,- here



Det norske merket Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen har lansert nettbutikk

Det er nå enda enklere å få i tak i et av mine favoritt klesmerker. Jeg har vært stor fan av Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen i flere år, noe som dere faste lesere kanskje har lagt merke tilEpilogues kleskolleksjoner handler om rene linjer og sterke feminine silhuetter. For man kan være både sterk og feminin samtidig! Etter flere år i mote & interiør bransjen har jeg fått det i fingrene. Jeg merker kvalitet fort. Plaggene er alltid laget av gode kvalitetsmaterialer; blant annet god ull, myke skinn, bomull, silke og lin. Desutten har plaggene god fall og er tidløse i snitt, noe som er veldig viktig for meg når jeg investerer i merkeklær. Du får etter min mening mye kvalitet for pengene. Ett av mine mål som "voksen Ingrid" er å bygge en god basegarderobe med kvalitetsplagg. Epilogue er et superbra utgangspunkt til dette. Ta en titt da vel, og bli inspirert du og!  

// I just HAD to announce to my Norwegian readers that my absolute favourite Norwegian label Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen has launched an online store. Those of you that have followed me throught the years have probably noticed my affinity for their beautiful peices. Now it is even easier for me to invest in their clothes. 


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The Weekend

  • 15.06.2015, 06:00


Here is a little hello from Taco! He hasn't been on the blog much lately, because he hasn't really been into taking pictures. He has much more important things to do, like screaming Hiiiiiiii! smiling widely and waving at everyone and anyone that walks by. Posing for photographs is way too low-tempo for him right now. When we do try to take a decent picture of him the shot just doesn't make the cut because he is either moving around like a hurricane, or making a million expressions. To be honest he would much rather be trying to cause some sort of trouble and we have no interest in forcing him to be in pictures. So there goes his modeling career! Haha.


Anyways, to get to the point of this entry. I captioned my blog "The Weekend". The reason why I did this is that a lot of the material that I make for this blog is from my weekends. I don't write about work, meetings, and those kind of things. I've realised that I don't want to. I may put up a work-attire post once in a while, but it is important for me to have some separation. So my title is a pretty conscious separation from that side of my life. This blog is about weekend pleasures like dressing up, dinners, beauty tips, café visits and soon a whole lot of interior too. 


On many levels I am sharing pretty personal stuff, as I share little peeks into my family life, my home, etc... but for some reason it doesn't stress me. We're a pretty internet-savvy family and we know where not to cross the line in regard to inappropriate sharing. It is important for me to share something real, and I hope that you readers sometimes see other sides of me beyond the the glossy OOTD's and meticulously placed still-life images of beauty products and whatnot. I get stressed when I see the overly fabulous lives of some bloggers nowadays. Because it's not me, and I don't aspire to become that much of a caricature. I love pretty things and I have a weak spot for luxury, I do! But a part of me wants to revolt when it all becomes too much. I see a lot of beauty in being a normal human being in a relatively normal life. I know I am lucky. I get my fill of the glam life through this blog, and I work with interiors in a really pretty office, which I love. I buy way too many expensive shoes and bags (my weakness). But you know, even Anna Wintour goes home, takes off her expensive shoes and puts her feet up. I feel like a lot of things are going to fall into place when we finally move into our house. Space issues will be resolved, and we can finally renovate our home exactly the way we want it to be. We're installing a whole new kitchen and renovating the entire downstairs in the next few months. Not so glam, but this is so exciting to me! I hope that you readers will find it exciting too. 

PS: If you want to follow me on the daily then you can follow me on my snapchat.

MY SNAPCHAT: ingridho_lm


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MQ AW15 Press Launch

  • 14.06.2015, 14:34


I promised that I would share what I was up to in Stockholm this past week, so here it is! I was at a MQ press event getting some AW15 inspiration. 


In the first picture I am in a sandwich with two of Norways best bloggers: Stylistas very own Nette Nestea and Tine Monsen. In the next two pictures you can see a sneak peek of the styling by well-known Scandinavian stylist Lisa Lindqvister and the last shot features the gorgeous location: Musikaliska in Stockholm. 

To read more about the event (in Norwegian) and to see more of the gorgeous styling please read this article on STYLISTA:

Sniktitt på høsten hos MQ



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*Sponset opphold

Linen Shirtdress

  • 13.06.2015, 20:09




Linen is just the perfect go-to fabric during the summer, and this floaty white kaftan-like shirtdress is perfect both by the sea and in the city. I found mine here



I am wearing shirtdress Lindex here, t-shirt Lindex, jeans Never Denim, bag Givenchy, shoes Valentino and sunglasses Céline and watch Dyrberg/Kern



You can find more outfit posts under the category "OUTFIT POST"


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Hi from Stockholm!

  • 11.06.2015, 08:54

Sponset Opphold








Hi my loves! There is super slow internet at the hotel, but just wanted to post some pictures from today. I am having the best time with some great girls.

If you want to see what we have been up to come back soon! xx

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*Sponset opphold

Blue Wrap Dress

  • 08.06.2015, 07:00




I am wearing blue wrap dress NOK 299,- Nelly here, shoes Savannah Miller, sunglasses Céline and bag Chanel


Here are some super-quick snapshots from yesterday. I have spent the whole weekend cleaning, throwing things out and getting ready to move out of the apartment. I am exhausted! I'm glad to have my big black Céline's to hide my tired eyes. I had to laugh when I saw my expression in the last shot. I'm happy, I swear! Just a little bit tired and missing lazy summer days. I can't wait to be "in place" in our new home.


I tried something new!

  • 07.06.2015, 20:20


Jeg har testet vippe-extensions på Rapide for Brows, Steen & Strøm

Jeg må inrømme at jeg har vært en skeptiker, men, jeg hadde ikke vært en fullverdig skjønnhetsjunkie hvis jeg ikke hadde prøvd det en gang i mitt liv. Her er resultatet av mine SJUKT fine vipper etter flinke Frida på Rapide for Brows fikset vippene mine for noen dager siden. Jeg var så redd for at vippene skulle se "fake" ut, men Frida var utrolig flink til å legge vipper som kunne nesten være mine være mine egne, bare mye lengre og finere. ANBEFALES.

Vippe-extensions koster NOK 1495,- og du finner Rapide for Brows i Beauty Loungen på Steen & Strøm.  


Interior Lust List

  • 02.06.2015, 07:00


Here are some things that I am lusting over for our new home:

1. Varier Date chair with wooden base here  2. Green marble table mirror   here 3. Northern Lighting ceiling lamp here  4. Marble dining table here 5. Aesop hand soap & hand balm 6. Night table here


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A typical conversation

  • 01.06.2015, 10:00



Me: John, I am so tired of this.

John: (rolling his eyes) What now?

Me. This. The way that I blog. I'm just tired of everything.

John: Everyone gets tired of things once in a while. 

Me: I just... don't know what kind of blogger I want to be any more. BTW, could you help me with some shots of my outfit? Nice to get it done on the weekend.

John: (rolling his eyes and smiling) Of course. 


Have you ever felt that you get set in your patterns? And just get stuck somehow? That's me right now. Let me tell you a little secret. This blog should be called 'The Weekend Blog', because I finish most big entries over the weekend. I do my OOTD's, take pictures of my favourite outfits and John and I use our collection of cameras to capture the moments that I share here. I time my entries in on Sunday and live my quiet "weekday" life from Monday to Friday. I wake up early and go to sleep early. I start my days with my two favourites. We usually make a pot of coffee, baby James has his breakfast and we just hang out. My mornings are definitely not "blog-worthy" but they fill my heart up. I almost never switch my laptop on in the mornings unless it is to check the weather or the news. At around 8:00 a.m. we leave our home to drop James off with my aunt that watches him during the day and John and I head to meetings and work. Those are my weekdays. Cozy and quiet. 

The only problem is that this leaves me with little time to reflect on how to develop this little space of mine on the internet. I hate the feeling that things are stagnating or repetitive. But you readers are surely just as bombarded as I am with a million and one fashion blogs. I can't be the only one getting tired of this? If I make/read another entry called "The Perfect Skirt/Shirt/Dress" I am going to throw my laptop out of the window. I mean how many perfect items of clothing can actually exist?? According to the blog world at least a million. Don't get me wrong, I truly love fashion and clothes and will continue with my outfits... but I want to do more! 

I have a month of summer vacation in July to focus on moving into our new home. The way this blog looks is going to change as well, which I am very excited about. In four weeks there will be no more outfit shots on the cobbled street outside of our Oslo apartment. Maybe the change of scenery will make this blog feel less repetetive. Maybe the changes will come naturally, and I won't feel as stuck any more. I hope so. 


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