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With Kindness

  • 30.06.2013, 16:10

Presenting my favourite simple dress of the moment, bought on sale! It is all wrinkly from spending hours in a cafe with wonderful people. I've been so happy lately. My two best girlfriends are moving back to Norway and the apartment is looking and feeling like home. I sometimes just find myself sitting quietly and just soaking in all the calm that has settled around my life lately.

For a while there, I was so tired of feeling tired. I felt completely drained. I've learnt a valuable lesson that I will never, ever forget. Some people bring with them darkness and thunderclouds and then blame the world for the thunderstorms that happen when the dark clouds that they themselves create in others clash with their own dark clouds. Those kind of people are dangerous to be around. Just walk away.

Dress H&M, shoes Miu Miu, scarf on my handbag from Holzweiler & jacket ACNE.

La Bella Vita

  • 29.06.2013, 21:48

This picture was taken by Yvan Rodic on one of those perfect Oslo days, on a boat in the Oslo fjord.

You can see the full series here.

Sweet Obsession

  • 25.06.2013, 20:39

Ok so I have a confession to make! The reason why it has been so quiet from me lately is because I have been busy fluffing and buffing and smudging and lining in front of my camera and after that LEARNING how to edit videos for the first time ever (ish). It has become a small obsession, and I find myself getting better for each time. I may also find myself single soon (just joking, I hope!) as my boyfriend is going nuts because as soon as I get back from work every day I've been shutting myself into the study for hours on end until it's bedtime, only to emerge with silky shiny styled hair and a doll face. I mean who needs dinner and clean socks when you're perfectly made up right?! He should have known something was up when I ominously started washing all my make-up brushes and lining them up on towels on the floor a couple of weeks ago as if I was preparing weapons for battle.

So this is a work in progress, but here is the first video I actually dare to put on my blog. Enjoy, and thank you for watching!

Products are listed below:


L'oreal True Match Foundation, Golden Beige

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC-3

Ready Foundation from Bare Minerals, Medium Beige N20

Lancome Star Bronzer Lumiere

Orgasm from Nars

Pure Radiance in TRUE from Bare Minerals


Bare Study from Mac

Satin Taupe from Mac

Blacktrack Gel Liner from Mac

Bronze from Mac

WILD MEGA VOLUME Mascara from Max Factor

Chocolate Eye Liner by H&M

Dazzle Dust from Barry M (golden bronze color)

Well-rested from Bare Minerals


Spice Lipliner from Mac

Natural Matte Lipstick from NYX Cosmetics

Fast Times, Oslo

  • 20.06.2013, 20:47

It is getting increasingly difficult to blog in the summer months. All I want to do is lay in the sun!So many things have been happening lately, so many exciting little changes! Amongst them:

1. For those of you who write me and tell me that they miss me writing about art like I used to do: here is a love story that I wrote for SVAMAGAZINE.COM about an iconic Norwegian designer. (read here)

2. For those of you who who have written asking me to share my make-up tips and beauty product favourites, I will be launching a beauty channel on Youtube. I will eventually be dragging my friends into the videos as well because make-up is all about having fun! Screenshot above. Although I am not a professional make-up artist I've known loads of them through the years so I have LOTS of tips and tricks to share. I'm excited to goof out in front of the camera.

Otherwise, it's all work and sunshine.Soon WEEKEND!!

PS: I'm wearing the Bobbi Brown lipstick that I wrote about a few entries down in the screenshot!


  • 17.06.2013, 21:37

I have to admit that every time that I am in a bit of a dressing up rut all I have to do is put on some red lipstick and everything else falls into place. Like with this outfit for example. I was admittedly a bit afraid of looking like I was wearing pajamas so red lipstick and a hint of balconette bra did the trick. Despite all the crazy-amazing sunglasses available I still love my big black "Italian actress" shades the most. They were the perfect icing to this outfit cake. Viva la diva!

I am wearing head-to-toe H&M

Product of the Week: Bobbi Brown Lip Color, Sandwash Pink

  • 16.06.2013, 21:55


I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect "every day lipstick" and this one comes pretty damn close. It is perfectly creamy, doesn't dry out lips and makes your lips look pretty without popping too much. I have an enormous collection of lipsticks and about 70 percent of them are in differentshades of nude pink. I think I have finally found THE ONE!

The Show

  • 13.06.2013, 20:30

be like the flower that even gives it's fragrance to the hand that crushes it                                                        - imam ali


  • 09.06.2013, 20:42

Today I wore this dream of a Pocahontas dress from Worn Pretty. I don't have much time to write today, as I am busy packing my bags for a work trip. When I get back though, I have some exciting news to share for you beauty junkies!

- Ingrid

Leather cut-out dress from Worn Pretty, shoes and necklace from H&M

Change is good

  • 06.06.2013, 21:11

Hi guys, I'm sorry for the little hiatus. And I was doing so well! I blame it all on the fact that I've been carefully planning to make a video blog for the first time in ages and when I finally sat down to do it just about everything went wrong. I'm not the most technical person in the world so I had to google what button to press to make a video on my DSLR. I've been wanting to do VLOGS for a while now, as I want to share a little more personality and not just pose for these outfit shots all of the time. If you want to know what I'll be sharing in video format, just check in on me soon.  

So I guess that's something to look forward to, if you want to see me dork out in front of the camera, that is. Until then, more outfit shots! ;)

Jacket vintage from Fretex Unika, t-shirt T by Alexander Wang, skirt 2ND DAY

Summer 2013

  • 02.06.2013, 21:55

Summer came overnight, just like the month of June. 

Ingrid Holm



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