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She Wears Short Shorts

  • 27.06.2012, 07:18

I'm pretty excited about the fact that I'm in the July issue of Stella! I share my views on how to wear shorts. 

In the picture I am wearing shorts (and a bag) by By Malene Birger. I also wore the same shortsto the Elle Summer Party this year with a matching blazer and nothing underneath. It was a fun night.

Elle Summer Party 2012

  • 26.06.2012, 22:33

The wonderful Alexander of The Sceptic and I

Pictures from my iPhone.


  • 26.06.2012, 22:30

Heading south for a couple of weeks with the man in my life. This picture was taken when I was there last. 

Deer Caught in Headlights

  • 26.06.2012, 19:25

My month has been so behind schedule. I cant seem to find the time to find the time.Next week I have a whole month off. This hasn't happened in two years.

I cant wait to:1. Do the things that I want to do. 2. Write the things that I want to write.3. Take the pictures that I want to take. 

So soon.

Sunday Kind of Love

  • 20.06.2012, 21:06

I'm so happy to be back in Oslo.

**Updated yesterdays post as well - blogging from my iPad was fail, obvz. 

Tomorrow is the ELLE party which is going to be extra special this year because it's

a huge anniversary. I haven't tried on my outfit yet, but I've had it in my mind for a few

days now. I'll do my best to document.

Happy sunday ya'll (on a wednesday).

My brain is fried, Stockholm was wonderful.

Sunday Kind of Love, Etta James

Summertime Sadness, Lana Del Rey

Summer in Stockholm

  • 19.06.2012, 19:37

Here are some snapshots from my past two days.

Getting lost in Stockholm while the sun sets - by the royal castle

Two snapshots from Ett Hem Hotel - a beautiful vase & an amazing little treat

A trip to the Sally Mann exhibition at Fotografiska. Very Recommended.

The cafe at Fotografiska.It has the best windows ever. Promise.

The bar at Ett Hem hotel.

The view from my hotel window the day I arrived.

Big Love

  • 16.06.2012, 21:15

Wilted Flowers.

  • 14.06.2012, 15:54

Things that I will do more of this summer:

1. Press flowers (like Jimmy)2. Read books3. Take photographs4. Be by the sea

Still Alive

  • 11.06.2012, 17:21

Hey kiddos, sorry for the quiet time. A little update from me: I just popped into the Indiska store today to pick some dresses for a fashion story at work. I found so much nice stuff! If you're looking for vintage-looking summer dresses, I'd recommend you look there. Otherwise I've also ordered two Nars blushes online (Orgasm & Super Orgasm). The original one is my all-time favourite blush, but I'm excited to try the new one as well. 

I'm cheating by posting an oldie outfit, but its still just as relevant cause I still wear those items over and over again. I've been thinking about all these crazy-amazing outfit posts that are churned out all over the internet on a regular basis and I've become completely sure that it just isn't always my thing. I've also been thinking about how one evolves from those outfit posts. Whats the next step? When it comes to clothes I've always just liked simple and classic with a twist of something good. I feel like all of these fashion blogs entice us to walk around in the craziest of outfits. Jeffrey Campbell shoes (which I own) Ombre hair (which I've had) etc etc etc.  It all becomes sort of "blogger-generic". In some ways I'm learning to appreciate clothes that have a good lifetime in my closet instead of the shock appeal, or the fad appeal (think Arty Oval rings or the latest it-bags). I will always love the aesthetics of dressing up. In some way I've finally realized why so many people appreciate The Sartorialist. It's those little things that give an outfit, and a picture - personality. I feel like I'm at crossroads with my blog right now, cause I'm going through some changes. My little space on the world wide web always seems to reflect those changes. I'm wondering how this blog is going to evolve with the thoughts that I've been thinking at the moment.

Indiska cardigan & skirt, Karen Walker sunnies, Bianco shoes

A song for rainy mondays

  • 04.06.2012, 22:20

A picture. Taken by a friend a couple of weeks ago, and a song for rainy mondays.

Tiger my friend, Psapp


  • 04.06.2012, 21:34

This has nothing to do with fashion, or art per se, but I just had to share...Because it took my breath away. "This recently discovered cave in Vietnam is massive beyond description. An entire forest is growing inside! There are no words to describe the enormity, and beauty of this natural wonder. The Empire State Building will (sic) fit inside."

I believe that everything and anything can inspire people, and therefore fashion(s).

Ph: Carston Peter, Son Doong cave, Vietnam

le corps parfait

  • 02.06.2012, 13:14

ph: tumblr

ph: personal

On my mind right now: beautiful lingerie, beautiful photography, and beautiful Oslo.

Ingrid Holm



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