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Window Light

  • 27.05.2012, 22:26

Source here

Little Wings + Feist Duet - Look At What The Light Did Now.

And I found the song here.

Ahhh Tumblr. ;)

The Tumblr Game

  • 27.05.2012, 20:49

It's a pretty well known fact that I take one too many pictures. Since they don't always fit into an outfit post or a blog entry I've decided to start a Tumblr account. It also

 helps me keep myself updated with that side of the world wide web as well. 

the girl ? that got away

Here you will find random personal pictures as well as things that are inspiring me at the moment.Join the fun. Ask me a question or reblog if I share something worth sharing.

Don't be a stranger. ;)

Undressed Dressing

  • 27.05.2012, 10:33

I wore this dress out for the first time yesterday, even though I've had it for more than a year.I wish Norway had this kind of weather all year long. Then it would be paradise on earth.

I am wearing an old lace dress, Karen Walker sunnies & my Mulberry Lily.

26 years

  • 21.05.2012, 20:13

Another summer. Tanned skin, longer hair and another try at making things right. When the leaves start falling I'll be 26.


  • 18.05.2012, 11:12

from here

Perfect Day, Lou Reed

*Song added with the utmost irony ;)

Red Shorts

  • 16.05.2012, 08:26

Red shorts, red lips - paint it all black. ?

Depth Over Distance, Ben Howard

May Two Thousand and Twelve

  • 13.05.2012, 17:55

Today I took some pictures for something that will be coming out soon! Not easy with a cold and a puffy face from crazy allergies, but hey.. I did my best. :)

Soon it is the 17th of May (Norwegian National Holiday) and the official sign that summer is just around the corner. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be the best summer ever. 

I am wearing sweater from BZR, dress and leather jacket from By Malene Birger and shoes from Christian Loboutin.

Nineties Fringe

  • 09.05.2012, 08:36

Stolen images

  • 09.05.2012, 08:33

I am wearing a jacket from Dagmar, sunnies from RetroSuperFuture, a vintage dress, bag from Morris and shoes by Bik Bok

If you're looking for unique sunglasses you should seriously check out

Amazing handmade Italian sunglasses.

I bought this pair last year.

Brown Suede Jacket

  • 07.05.2012, 08:05

Here's the back view of my awesome brown suede jacket from Zara.


Bambi Legs

  • 06.05.2012, 14:47

Sunglasses Karen Walker, necklace H&M, t-shirt Dagmar, belt Gina Tricot, jeans Never Denim, suede jacket Zara, shoes Miu Miu and bag Morris

I really have nothing clever to write, but I'll share a song that I've been playing on repeat lately because it makes me happy. Funny how songs that relate to how you're feeling at the moment seem to find you without you even looking for them.

Fink, Walking in the Sun (*thanks Anan)


  • 06.05.2012, 14:26

Pretty Pastels

  • 05.05.2012, 13:30

Here are some screenshots from the segment that I shot for VGTV (Min Mote) a few weeks back (in Norwegian). I spoke about the use of pretty pastels. I had so much fun shooting it and the best part about it was the fact that I could relate the trend to my own personal style. 

I never seem to smile in pictures for some reason, but I am always smiling in real life. The proof is in this video:

You can watch it here :)

Summer Sunnies

  • 02.05.2012, 21:46

Every summer I "invest" in a new pair of sunnies. Last years Karen Walkers are still constant companions, but I'm pretty pleased with these shades from Triwa which I am going to order for the summer months ahead. The ones that I am wearing in the first picture are just borrowed, as I was kind of sceptical to wearing pastel P-I-N-K sunglasses and had to test them out first. They're definitely approved!

Yay for trying new things, and yay for summer months ahead filled with summer, sun and ice cream.

Oslo is so beautiful during the spring/summer months. This picture was taken yesterday at Slottsparken, which is the park by the royal castle for all you non-Norwegian readers. I really need to get better at bringing my camera around and sharing pictures from this amazing little city.

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