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Wool and Gray Leather

  • 27.04.2015, 20:05





I am wearing alpaca knit here and leather bag here from Siri Brodersen, flared jeans from Victoria Beckham Denim here (more affordable versions here Nelly NOK 339 and here BOOHOO NOK 255) and love-tag necklace from Jane Kønig here


Is anyone else suffering from pollen allergies?? Let's all form a miserable club! My eyes are getting itchy just looking at these pictures. :) Hopefully I will be feeling better soon. 

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SNEAK PEEK: We Love Brows

  • 25.04.2015, 11:00

This is a collaboration with L?Oréal Paris




Eyebrows on fleek!

Very soon I get to share with you something that I and a few other bloggers have been working on for L'oreal Paris. I'm sure you can guess what it is about by reading the title!


Head on over to this webpage to read all about it.


I am super proud of this collabo! It was super fun to work on! I hope that it inspires you just as much as it inspired me.


Til mine fine norske lesere: snart lanseres et samarbeid jeg og noen andre bloggere har jobbet på i en liten stund. Er kjempestolt av resultatet og håper at det inspirerer dere like mye som det har inspirert meg. Og om dere fortsatt lurer på hva det gjelder, så er det enkelt! P.E.R.F.E.K.T.E bryn! Du kan lese mer om dette her

Wide leg, all white

  • 23.04.2015, 19:53



I am wearing white wide leg trouser from MQ.NO here, t-shirt from American Apparel similar here, bag from Leowulff, sunnies from Céline and shoes from Bianco similar here

Lace Dream

  • 22.04.2015, 19:18




I love this dress so much that I bought it in two colors!

Denne kjolen altså. Jeg tror at den blir flittig brukt i sommer. Jeg elsker kjolen så mye at jeg har kjøpt den i to farger: hvit og rosa. Jeg gleder meg til å bruke den med flate sandaler! Er den ikke fin? 


Hvilken farge liker du best? Jeg tror at jeg liker rosa aller best!


Beauty News: bareMinerals launches Complexion Rescue

  • 22.04.2015, 05:33

This is a collaboration with bareMinerals.


So what is Complexion Rescue?

Complexion Rescue is like a BB Cream, CC Cream and tinted moisturizer combined.

Complexion Rescue is a new tinted hydrating gel cream from bareMinerals. The cream gives your skin a youthful and dewy glow, and application is super easy. I recommend to just use your clean fingers. You don't need too much product, start with just a little. bareMinerals also recommends to apply the cream with this brush.  Here are som great facts about the Complexion Rescue: did you know that in a independent US study with 62 participants no less than 100% of the participants experienced improvement in skin texture? The cream does not contain oil or fragrance, it is dermatologist tested, SPF 30, hypoallergenic and non-comodogenic. Best of all, the product really delivers.



This is my review of Complexion Rescue:

I unfortunately missed the press launch for this cream as both baby and mama were sick that day, so I had no expectations when the products that I was going to test popped up at my door. Without even thinking I started going through the colors and decided that I was going to test a shade that was a bit too dark for me. I mean, summer is just around the corner, time to prepare! Tan 07 looked appropriately golden. I washed my face and started applying a thin layer without really thinking about what I was doing. I looked into the mirror and my first reactions was: WOW! Yes, the color was a tone or two darker than my original skincolor, but it melted into my skin, and my skin looked radiant and amazing! I seriously ran to the other testers and started to look for a color to "highlight" under my eyes, on my nose and on my chin, to make up for the darker toned 07 Tan on my face. I fell for the color Buttercream 03 because it was yellow toned and reminded me of another favourite from bareMinerals:  Summer Bisque Concealer. I read that the Complexion Rescue can be layered where you need more coverage so I layered just a tiny bit more under my eyes. I seriously felt flawless for the rest of the day.

After testing a bit, I have now found out that my proper color is Ginger 06 (for medium skin with golden tones) so this is the color that I stick to for everyday application. When choosing the right tone for you remember to check if you have a warm or cold skintone. I have a strange mix of both golden/yellow undertones and cool complexion but I generally gravitate towards colors with the word "golden" in it. 

Here is a quick look at the different tones:


You  can check out all the tones here, but since it is hard to see which colors are what, I have made a little guide for you here (from lightest to darkest):



Opal 01 - for the fairest porcelain skin with cool tones.

Vanilla 02 - for light skin with neutral tones

Buttercream 03 - For light skin with golden tones *I use this to lighten up areas where the light hits on my face.

Suede 04 - For medium skin with cool tones

Natural 05 - For medium skin with neutral tones

Ginger 06 - For medium skin with golden tones. *My perfect shade

Tan 07 - For tan skin with neutral tones. *I enjoy using this on my forehead!

Spice 08 - For tan skin with golden tones

Chestnut 09 - For dark skin with golden tones

Sienna 10 - For deep skin with neutral tones


Being obsessed with bareMinerals products, I recommend Complexion Rescue 100%. 

The cream is especially perfect for the coming summer months when you don't want to wear make-up, but still want to look picture perfect. Complexion Rescue promises to improve your skin while you are wearing it!

In the pictures above I am wearing Tan 07 on my forehead and Ginger 06 on the rest of my face.

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Spring Baby

  • 21.04.2015, 09:28





I am wearing biker jacket Selected Femme similar here, t-shirt H&M, skirt NELLY here *now 50% off, bag A.P.C, shoes Birkenstock similar here, sunnies  Céline and love-tag necklace from Jane Kønig hereJames is wearing knit from Lindex, pants and sunglasses from Kappahl (affiliate)


James is such a freaking cutie in his baby-bans! He actually doesn't mind wearing them when the sun is bright (he hates getting sun in his eyes).


Get Golden

  • 20.04.2015, 07:43






This summer I am faking it.


John jokes that I am scared of that "yellow ball in the sky" because I always wear hats during the summer, when the sun is at its hottest. I NEVER go under the sun without some sort of sun protection on my face. Did you know that UV rays account for 80% of skin ageing? Although I could never stop letting the sun warm my face on a beautiful day or stop laughing to prevent wrinkles, I will always consistently protect my skin in small ways. One way that I protect my skin is by faking a deep golden tan instead of roasting myself. 

I credited Giorgio Armani for my "pregnancy glow".  Now I can credit this beauty brand for my summer glow as well! 


I just really love the way that Giorgio Armani marries luxury with this beautiful dewy glow that has become their signature. They keep me coming back for more every season. Being the beauty junkie that I am Giorgio Armani consistently tops the list when it comes to highlighters. These two products are no exception. 


Here's how to look golden every day, no sun needed!


1. For the signature "Armani" glow: start by applying MAESTRO LIQUID SUMMER (SPF 15) all over your face as a base. You can either use your fingers or a foundation brush. 

2. Either mix a drop of FLUID SHEER N°18 into your regular foundation if you want to give a dewy glow to tired skin, or  apply directly on cheekbones, forehead and where the light hits as a highlighter. Here you can once again either use your fingers or a brush.

PS: Don't forget your collarbones! I did... :P



The best part about these two products is that they feel light on the face and they aren't greasy at all! This is so important during the summer months because if a product already is greasy during application when it is hot outside, you will most probably end up looking like a shiny disco ball in just a few hours. With these products you just consistenly glow. Thumbs up!

If you only want to choose one of the products I would choose MAESTRO LIQUID SUMMER if you want to look overall tanned on your face, and FLUID SHEER if you are already very golden but either want to look more glowing or as a highlighter on your cheekbones, forehead and collarbones. Personally, I love them both!

Preppy shirt and biker jacket

  • 19.04.2015, 07:28





I am wearing biker jacket Selected Femme similar here, shirt Morris Lady here, high-waist jeans Never Denim, boots Din Sko, bracelet Hermès and sunnies  Céline


I just love this shirt from Morris Lady. Perfect for both work preppy looks and everyday looks. The collar is just the best!

White lace and bucket bag

  • 18.04.2015, 16:00



I am wearing lace dress NELLY, bucket bag Leowulff, knit cardigan Dagmar and sunglasses Céline

Sneak Peek into Spring

  • 10.04.2015, 21:13




I am wearing Elly shirt from SECOND FEMALE here, Elly shorts from SECOND FEMALE here, blazer jacket ACNE , bag Givenchy, shoes Dr Martens, and sunglasses Céline 


There was such a random mix of people out today! Some people were wearing winter gear (??!?), others were wearing shorts! And then there was ME parading around my gray pins in a matchy set! I've had the MOST STRESSFUL past few days so I've mostly been running around with no make-up, birkenstocks and pajama-ish pants but I sharpened my act up today and even wore glossy red lipstick out to dinner with John and baby James. We went to Munchies, I ate a cheese & bacon burger and the lipstick ended up all over my face. Glam. 

I am ALL ABOUT matching sets at the moment. I am also ALL ABOUT blue apparently. I've told myself I need to add more color into my wardrobe and I seem to have gotten a hang-up on baby blue. For some reason this set gives me Wes Anderson vibes. I just feel that he would approve. 

A morning at Høyer PR

  • 09.04.2015, 19:16

#bybørreolsen #wickedhouse #anthonyhuus


I generally don't go to many breakfast/daytime events because I work full time, but I made sure to make time for the BY BØRRE OLSEN event at Høyer PR a fews week ago. My friend Emilie that works there has supported me in so many ways possible throughout the years. She even stepped in at my position at Varier when I was in my maternity leave! What a girl. The event ended up being awesome, and I was teeny bit envious of the girls that get to attend every single event out there. Basically, I got to Høyer PR a bit after 8 in the morning, they handed me a great cup of coffee, an amazing juice and a chocolate croissant and then I was styled by the amazing team WICKEDHOUSE. I was so happy with my hair and make-up! Afterwards I got to talk to jewelry designer Børre Olsen, who draped me in a 500,000 kroner diamond necklace before I had a little photoshoot with photographer Anthony Huus.


Here is the final picture! 



On the way out my Emilie stuffed two more chocolate croissants in my bag and I left the event just feeling really pampered and taken care of. SO thank you Høyer PR! I had such a great time. 

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that dress

  • 07.04.2015, 20:27





This dress though! It is such a dream. I have a feeling that I am going to live in it this summer. I cannot wait for summer-tanned skin and warm summer nights. And have you noticed the new pumps? I'm trying to veer away from all-black-everything. I've been feeling a little bit tired lately. I need some brightness in my life.  ♥

I am wearing dress from Twist & Tango / MQ HERE, love tag necklace from Jane Kønig HERE, beaded bag from John Lewis, bracelet Hermès and pumps from NLY HERE 


Back in the city

  • 06.04.2015, 17:43





So I'm back in Oslo! James has a new tooth sprouting! Soon he will have three teeth. :) Maybe by his first birthday?

Take Care

  • 03.04.2015, 20:35







I have always believed that the life that you live shows on your face. 

I'm 28 years old, but I don't always live the life of other people my age. Now isn't the time for wild parties or careless travelling. Right now is the time for building my nests, focusing on what makes me happy and taking care of myself. 

One simple way that I make time for myself is by having a proper skin care regimen. Lancôme Absolue L'Extrait Ultimate Elixir-Concentrate promotes youthful glowing skin. It comes with a massageing petal applicator which you run under hot water for a warm facial massage and then under cold water for a cooling effect. I have to admit that I don't always have the time to massage my face with it, but it is a wonderful and relaxing ritual. Having a baby has changed my life in so many ways, but the best thing about becoming a mother has been my shift to looking inward instead of constantly looking outward for fulfillment. Taking the time to take care of my skin with my little rituals helps to calm me. 

Life is long. Right now my world is very small. It is a little boy, sunshine on my nose and time for myself and the ones that I love the most. It's a tiny little bubble, but I've never felt more balanced and whole. 

Your first Easter

  • 02.04.2015, 19:18




Dear Taco,

This has been your very first Easter holiday in the South of Norway. You've cuddled with your grandparents, played with your four cousins, hiked to the top of Langenes and looked out to the sparkly ocean. You're determined to start walking now, and you try to every single day. You also had your very first "grown up" meal - your Pops' curry! You loved it. After your first bite you looked up to me and said NAM! I don't get you 24 hours a day, every day, but I wish I did. I'm glad that we have weeks like this. You are the most wonderful little boy.

Love, Mama.

Easter Details

  • 01.04.2015, 13:23




I'm now in the South of Norway with my camera in tow. :) It's always nice to have family time, and some time for myself too. I have to admit that I haven't exactly completely logged off from my work mails just yet, but I am hoping to do so in a day or two. 

Ingrid Holm



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