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Life lately

  • 29.04.2013, 20:39

"Luxury can be very simple, for example, staying 15 minutes longer in bed."                                       Jean-Louis Dumas - chairman of Hermes

Or for example, in my case lately: waking up real early and looking forward to the day ahead. 


  • 28.04.2013, 16:04

Audrey Hepburn is the reason why the only designer bag that I've been wanting for a very long time now is the Hermès Kelly bag in black leather. 

I actually cannot recall ever seeing an image of her wearing one, but her style still represents why I covet one so much. It's just timeless and classic. I love to emulate a bit of her style in my outfits, but will always keep my hair long. Classic looks always look great if you successfully manage to bring in a few edgier elements into the outfit. Like patent leather shoes for example. 

Photo source: Vanity Fair

Five Days to May

  • 26.04.2013, 07:26

Song of the day: Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

Outfit 1 - Crop top, jeans (Super Flex) and belt from Bik Bok, jacket from ACNEOutfit 2 - Dress from Gina Tricot, boots from Savannah Miller

On the terrace, Spring 2013

  • 22.04.2013, 16:04

Jacket ACNE, Top Bik Bok, Skirt Choies & shoes Filippa K 


Lost in Pretty Pictures

  • 17.04.2013, 20:52

So this is one of the things that I've been doing the past few days! Going through an archive of beautiful pictures of chairs...This is the Variér "Peel Club" chair from my new job.

A New Day

  • 15.04.2013, 11:00

Today is a very good day, because today is my very first day of work at a brand new job. 

The company that I now work for is a Norwegian furniture brand called Variér. Their quirkily designed chairs are exactly the kind of thing that makes my heart skip a little faster. I will of course share what I am up to on this blog! From now on there will definitely be a few more interior entries in the mix as well.

For the Love of Leather

  • 14.04.2013, 17:40

For those of you who love the basics, like I sometimes do, leather pants and a slouchy tee will always be the perfect match. 

I found these leather pants and this perfect white t-shirt at the head office of Wiksén, as they are selling samples and other items all of April. Shopping there is a great way to score amazing pieces at good prices (but hurry up because the good things always go first!). They have a great leather mini skirt there as well, for those of you looking forward to warmer temperatures. 

Their address is:

Kongens gate 120153 OSLO

(they are open from 11:00-18:00)

Now you know.

Leather pants & t-shirt from Wiksén, necklace H&M NEW ICONS 

Todays Details: Home on a Friday Night

  • 12.04.2013, 20:23

1. I have a confession to make: I have become terrarium-crazy. More on this later.2. I scored this metal-top table at an antique market in Oslo and polished it back to shiny.3. I love to collect strange surrealist postcards 4. I?m quite digging the NEW ICONS collection from H&M.Happy Weekend to all!!

The Oslo Fjord Book

  • 11.04.2013, 11:54

On Curating Your Own Life

?People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.?  -Thomas SzaszOne thing that I love about living in Oslo (or should I say Europe in general) is spending hours in musty second hand shops looking at bric-a-brac and old books. If you?re lucky enough you can find little notes in these old books. In this one I found a handwritten note from 1975. March 1975. Little more than 38 years ago? and how times have changed. Books don?t look or smell the same anymore. Some books are simply data in a computer now, viewed through a screen. Even printed books look different. They?re almost too shiny, too perfect. Lately I?ve thought a lot about how I do not want to waste my time wishing things were different, as I sometimes do. I come from two worlds. I always feel like half of me is missing something, either way. I know that this sentiment is echoed by many who belong to more than one place. If there?s one thing that I am quite sure of, it is that I want to be the curator of my own life. I want to collect beautiful and nostalgic things. I enjoy it, and as long as it doesn?t bankrupt me, I don?t see anything wrong with it. I am quite certain that this flair for beauty is my filipino side. It must be. Therefore I embrace it.One thing that will change is that I?ve decided to branch out a little more on this blog, and focus on everyday little beautiful things and not just fashion with a capital F. Outfit posts will continue, but I will also share things like this book. I?ve decided at this point, I am more interested in the bigger picture.

Oh the places you'll go

  • 07.04.2013, 09:42

Lately my chunky platform boots haven't seemed so appealing. I've been enjoying walking around with these shoes, which are a much lower heel height than my usual. These shoes look best with ankle-cut jeans or short skirts. It's also great to mix the Doc-a-likes with very feminine pieces (a la nineties) or with very tailored pieces to mix things up a bit. The Doc-a-likes are from Din Sko and the pumps are from Epilogue x Eurosko.

Beautiful Couples: Salvador and Gala Dalí

  • 06.04.2013, 21:42

When that head splits

When that head bursts

When the head shatters in pieces

It will be the flower,

The new Narcissus,


My narcissus.

Life Like a Fashion Editorial

  • 06.04.2013, 20:40

Kate Moss has been championing the ?Vest With Nothing Underneath Look? for years, and well? girls everywhere have been championing the ?Kate Moss Look? since she first stepped in front of the cameras as a teenager. I am no exception. I?ve been donning a cream vest since high school; back then clumsily held together by safety pins.Vest from H&M Conscious Exclusive, Cropped Jeans ?Filippa? Gina Tricot, Leather Jacket Zara, Pumps Christian Louboutin


  • 06.04.2013, 20:36

Sunglasses from TOMS - Krogh Optikk


  • 02.04.2013, 22:51

Jacket and high-waisted shorts from Wiksén

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