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Snapshots and Life Lately - @ VG Nett

  • 31.03.2012, 13:28

Yesterday I shot a trend segment with beautiful Sonia of Min Mote.I wore a dress by Ralph Lauren.

Tomorrow I am going to take the ferry boat to Nesodden to get back to reality: my baby brother, the forest and my cat. 

Hello Blog!

  • 29.03.2012, 22:04

Sorry about the disappearing act - I've been too busy enjoying real life to live my blog life. It happens sometimes.  ?

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to talk about Spring Summer trends and be filmed and have my face made up by a really fancy make-up lady so I'm excited! Here's my own interpretation of Louis Vuittons amazing SS12 collection. This summer will definitely be full of pastels, lace and summer-tanned limbs. More on that later, I have to be there at 7:30 am. 

Good night!

Todays Song III

  • 18.03.2012, 10:11

"I don't want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I'm not sure where that is but I know what it is like." 


  • 18.03.2012, 08:35

dress from Shop The Show

I've been thinking a lot about the choices we make and the paths that we walk. Where we decide to make our homes and how we choose to live our lives. I've come to the most naive conclusion of them all: just be good to the people around you, don't think too much about what other people think of you, and don't focus so much on the future that you forget to enjoy your todays. When I was younger the world was a huge undiscovered territory to be conquered and explored but as I've gotten a little older and a little wiser I've figured out some things, like where I like to spend my time. My world has gotten much smaller. 

I've learned silly things like: 

Ten minutes in the sunshine beats the most pumpin' party by miles and miles, the person that everyone judges is probably just misunderstood, nothing smells better than the air by the sea during Norwegian summers. Time goes really quickly, but you can trick time to go slowly if you spend time in the places that you most like.

Some places I like:

Nesodden, by the sea Cozy cafes in the sunshineGalleriesPeckham (even the dodgy parts)Libraries & bookstores

Here are some songs from me to you for a quiet sunday:

Cocorosie, Lemonade

Warpaint, Billie Holiday

Mazzy Star, Flowers in December

Al Green, Tired of Being Alone


Todays Song II

  • 12.03.2012, 18:05

ph: personal (Nesodden)

I wrote last week that I would continue to share some of my favourite songs, and this is probably one of my favourites of all time: 

Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan

Friends with Benefits

  • 11.03.2012, 18:03

Lately I've been spending time with friends that I literally disappeared from for about a year. A new job, a long cold winter, and other Things That Needed To Be Dealt With kept me away from my mobile phone, and away from a social life.

Suddenly it is almost spring and I am facing a world that I didn't expect at all. Suddenly I am well into my first real job, and suddenly I am expected to act like an adult. Suddenly I am also supposed to be a woman, and empowered, and career-oriented and determined. Out of all the women that I could have become in the world, depending on where in the world I decided to set my roots, I became A Norwegian Woman. Difficult. So yesterday I went to the bookstore and bought 2 books on how to be a woman. One in Norwegian and one in English. The Norwegian book deals a whole lot with sexual empowerment and things that make me want to hide under my blanket as I read. I missed my stop this afternoon while reading on the bus as the reading-material was so salacious. Lots of commentary about female discharge & self-satisfaction. I get off the bus (still reading), and make my way to a cafe where my friend and her boyfriend explain the wonders of being single in my mid twenties.

Apparently this is the perfect time to be explore the world, and myself, as Oslo is in the cusp of Spring, and everyone is feeling... at the lack of a better word: randy. I am guided through themes such as revenge sex, friends with benefits, toys, and other Things That Cannot Be Mentioned.  I start to wonder if I am abnormal, because I literally want to melt into the cracks in the asphalt and hide. I timidly ask my friend to write me messages on my phone instead of TALKING SO LOUDLY.

I am chided for being way too closed.

So here I am, unwillingly stuck in my very own scenarios in my very own SATC, Oslo edition.

I also realize that I'm happy.

For all of my wonderful readers that have emailed me and asked me about my current status and how I'm doing, that's my answer. I'm happy. I'm sorry that I don't get to answer everything, as it can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming.

Love to you all xx

I am wearing a knit sweater/dress from Dagmar, Never Denim jeans (high-waisted), Din Sko shoes & an Indiska bag.

Covered in Crosses

  • 10.03.2012, 15:54

Here's a little secret about me: I am covered in little crosses. 

I don't know if it comes from a childhood in one of the only Catholic countries in South-east Asia, or because I have always read signs and symbols in the littlest of things, but I have always loved crosses. I've always found comfort in the symbolic use of the cross, and I like them even more when they are displayed in ways that are less forward. Like when it is  turned horizontal as it is in this necklace. I see crosses everywhere, but they are mostly man-made.  I don't come from a religious family, but I remember collecting rosaries as a little girl. I found them beautiful. Like jewelry. My favourite one was pink and made out of plastic. Another one eerily glowed in the dark. When I was frightened of something, I hid the pink plastic rosary in my backpack and felt safe. I barely knew what a rosary was used for. I am now 25 years old and live in a small country in the Far North, as far away as I could possibly be from my childhood home in a mass of islands in the Far East, once colonized by Spaniards. Now that I am "a grown up" I am covered in little crosses. Whenever I am frightened of something, I remember them and feel safe. 

Necklace by Dogeared. 

Last Night - Filippa K

  • 09.03.2012, 08:23

Lovely Maja Casablancas. Perfect Filippa K girl.

Singer Linnea Dale

Pretty Boys. Jostein of Grayzine & Jakob.

Marte & Thao who blog for Elle.

Hege from Costume.

Myself. Tired.

I think the most inspiring thing about last night was seeing so many amazingly dressed people in Filippa K outfits. 

Alone, I guess.

  • 08.03.2012, 20:30

I just came home from a Filippa K event, and I'm exhausted. 

I threw on this amazing cashmere sweater (from Filippa K obviously) Russian Red lipstick, and called it a day. I've also decided that I am in love with a Filippa K coat. This is the problem with working with so many amazing brands. You fall in love. It's tiring. Lately I've been writing a good deal about what I work with and I've realized that it is because that's what has become my life. These are the things that I work with every day, and they become my little passions. It's only natural that I write about what I spend most of my time doing.

I've also decided to spend my weekend focusing on another one of my passions. I'm going to spend my weekend visiting galleries and exhibitions. Alone, I guess, which sounds dreary, but isn't too bad at all. 

Todays Song

  • 03.03.2012, 14:39

ph: personal (Nesodden & my old London apartment)

I've decided to do a new recurring entry where I share some of my favourite songs. One song at a time. I tried to make you guys a playlist... but there were too many songs. There was no red thread holding it all together, and I gave up on whittling them down to my top ten. Please let me know if you can play the songs below - changing around the coding always shows up differently on different computers.

The first one is I Wanna Make It Wit Chu by Dessert Sessions. 

Because it is sexy. 

"I ain't here to break it

Just see how far it will bend

Again and again, again and again"

And the second one is You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones

"You can't always get what you want

But if you try sometimes you just might find

... you get what you need"


Just a Ryanair flight & some stashed away cash.

  • 01.03.2012, 18:20

All I want to do right now is take a week off from work, buy a cheap flight to Italy and take a dinky bus or train to some charming Italian small town by the coast (I'm not that particular, any old town will do). I would live on olives and pasta and make friends with all the local cats. I am enjoying Oslo on the brink of Spring, but I guess I've become a selfish girl because I want more. Don't get me wrong, I don't need anything fancy. Just sandals, cobblestones and some budget bed & breakfast with paper-thin walls. And lots of cheap bottles of Italian red wine, of course.

I am wearing a blouse and cuff from Indiska and a leather skirt bought at JC.

Ingrid Holm



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