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Song Cry

  • 26.02.2012, 20:04

I'm sorry for neglecting my little blog as of late - I've been remembering

how beautiful Norway is. I seem to forget this in the winter darkness. Here is a

little collage of some Instagram photos that I have taken the past few days.

My username is ingridholm. Add me if you wish. :)

Tomorrow I am back 100% to fashion. I would never be able to be do work

with something as menial as fashion if I didn't recharge myself with the beauty

of everyday life.

And trends - I find them so strange. I cant help but find the concept of being

"trendy" so awkward. I know that I've written this before, but since I work

with clothes and clothes-horses every day, I can't help but get a little exasperated

by the concept of it. I know that trends are a human phenomena and will always exist -

 but I guess I will always be a little rebellious... I just like what I like.

And I do like high heels. 

Spring 2012

  • 23.02.2012, 19:51

Baby, please come my way!

The Show Must Go On

  • 19.02.2012, 21:51

 photos: Yvan Rodic

Here are some pictures taken from Yvan Rodics photoblog from the Vixen Blog Awards! I wish I could keep Yves in my back pocket to capture all of the amazing little things that happen every day. Unfortunately the man belongs to the next fashion party in the next country on his endless list. 

1. Clutching on to a velvet seat for dear life.2. Dagmar dress!3.  Loubs and a Morrocan party tent.4. The beautiful Patriksson showroom intern/model or should I say model-intern Hodo.Googling her is painful, she's so pretty. 5. Barbro of (because she has the most amazing face).

The rest of the pictures of that night can be seen here, and they are worth the peek cause it was a fun night.

Oslo is a cool city when it wants to be. 

xoxo Ingrid

Fire Walk With Me

  • 15.02.2012, 17:25

Another nineties reference for the win!

This is what I wore to the Vixen Blog Awards this year - I changed my outfit plan when I was given the chance to wear Dagmar AW12! The dress was just incredible...

The night felt like a beautiful movie to me in so many ways - some good, some bad. Now I can't wait to mend a bit of heartache with a long and warm shower and some Cheez Doodles. 

I am wearing a Dagmar dress, Indiska cuff, Mulberry Lily bag & Christian Louboutin shoes. 

xoxo Ingrid

The Craft

  • 11.02.2012, 20:18

Nineties references never grow old do they?

When I was a teenager I remember thinking that I must be a witch as I felt such a crazy connection to the moon and nighttime. I loved being awake all night long - I climbed out of my window many nights to look for trouble. Nowadays I sadly conk out way before midnight with square eyes from looking at a computer for too long. Growing up sucks.

I just love the cut of this dress by Nowhere (worn as a skirt). I bought it specifically because I realized it could be used as a party dress or as a skirt under spacious sweaters. This perfect rust sweater is from Whyred. I have to admit that I put on some black tights before I left the house - but I like the outfit so much more without them.

PS: For those who don't know what The Craft is, here's a classic picture from the film.

I am wearing a dress from Nowhere, knit from Whyred, clutch from By Malene Birger, and a moon necklace from

This is how I want my world to look like:

  • 08.02.2012, 20:33

Vogue Italia // Photographer Vincent Peters

Feels like a friday

  • 07.02.2012, 21:58

I know you guys appreciate my honesty so I'm going to be honest. It's the second day of the week and I'm §$%#$&$% exhausted already. It feels like a friday. I just got back from the Nåløyet Awards and I've got to say that I am really impressed with the winners. Cala & Jade + Norwegian Rain were both worthy winners - and the teams behind the brands were so cool! I was camera fail ONCE AGAIN. This time I left the camera at a friends house. Fail. 

But I did come right home and take these photo booth shots to show you my outfit. And I've decided that I like my grainy photo booth shots, once in a while. Cause they're honest as well. I like honesty.

Things that I am really looking forward to:

1. An event that we (my work) are having on THURSDAY. A Norwegian brand that has completely changed their creative direction to make one of the strongest womenswear collections that I have seen come out of this country in a long time. PLUS - Sandra Kolstad is performing. Excited. Will try my best not to be camera fail this time. I'm really no good at these "seen and be seen" photo-ops. It has never ever been my thing. I've always felt like a bit of an awkward outsider.

2. Vixen Blog Awards of course! I cant believe I actually WON last year - like I said, I've always felt like an outsider, so that was a complete shock. This year I'm not even nominated - and this was not a surprise to me. :) Still excited for the show though! And to plan my outfit.


I am wearing a Dagmar top and leather trousers, a By Malene Birger blazer & a starfish cuff bought on Ebay. 


  • 02.02.2012, 20:51

Nothing worth having comes easy.

 I'm wrapping things up at work right now and I just wanted to check in once again to say that I miss you guys, and my blog. It's funny how one slice of your life can sometimes be the sweetest.  :)

Cant wait for: 1. Shower 2.  My comfy bed 3. Getting lost into the fantasy worlds that is other peoples fashion blogs.

Can't wait.

Two Shots

  • 02.02.2012, 16:20

Costume NO December 2011

Mag January 2012

I'm working over today, but due to guilt in my stomach for not updating my beloved little blog I've decided to share pictures that have inspired me lately. First one is a beautiful lace dress under a leather jacket (so iconic and beautiful) and another is a beautiful girl in a beautiful feather necklace from Indiska.

What has been inspiring you lately? I'm so tired of trends.

Ingrid Holm



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