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Here are two snapshots from my day today. John, James and I are finding our new routines. On Saturdays we like to make a good breakfast and then at around 12 we take a walk. John walks with his camera around his neck and we talk about all kinds of things. James looks up at us and listens. He laughs when we laugh, almost like he is following the conversation. We usually end up at a café. John drinks black coffee, I always have cake. We walk back when it is nearing James' naptime. He falls asleep in his pram as we walk back home.


Looks Lately

  • 27.01.2015, 17:44



It's time for my latest outfits summary! This time my outfits have been all about the COATS. It is after all proper winter in Oslo and I hope it's a short one... To be honest all I want to do is wear tons of floral dresses with bare legs at the moment. So which outfit is your favorite this time around? It's hard for me to pick but I think outfit nr. 5 wins, just because it's simple and I love those blue jeans. 



Face of the Day - Parisian Chic

  • 26.01.2015, 19:01







Eyeshadow - Lancôme French Innocence Palette

Mascara - Dior Show Mascara, one application

Foundation - Lancôme air de teint

Bronzer -Lancôme Star Bronzer, lightest shade

Highlighter - YSL touche eclat

Lips - Lancôme Lip Lover 402 Rose Bagatelle over lipstick NYX Paris


For this look I was inspired to use COLOR! Do you like what you see? 



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I am wearing sweater from MQ (ST CKHOLM), coat from By Malene Birger, leather pants from Wiksén, bag from Givenchy and shoes from More than Shoes



Lamp Lust

  • 25.01.2015, 15:08

Location: IMM. Cologne, Germany



This is not the first and most definitely not the last time I have fallen head over heels for a light fixture. I didn't get to take many pictures at IMM as I was working but one stand not too far away from ours brought me loads of interior inspiration. The Bolle lamp designed by Massimo Castagne and produced by Gallotti&Radice has not left my head since the first time it caught my attention. John and I have been hunting for the perfect home but to be honest we haven't found "the one" yet. We've both come to the conclusion that we're going to keep searching until we find one that we can turn into a beautiful space. Everything needs to fall into place: location, price (!), windows... if we have to wait a long time then we will. We're happy as can be in our home in Fredensborg. Until then this lamp is earmarked in my head.

Before I left for Cologne

  • 19.01.2015, 18:11


I wore this simple outfit: coat vintage, earring Jane Kønig, jeans Cubus, bag Givenchy and boots More than Shoes


  • 19.01.2015, 12:29


Hey girls! In this previous entry I share what lipstick and blush I used in the make-up look above. I've decided to show you a step-by-step guide of how I apply the eyeshadow for this look. This is such a beautiful and natural look that works beautifully in the daytime




As you can see, my palette is well-used! The Yves Saint Laurent palette is called COUTOURE VARIATION 10-COLOR EYE PALETTE and this particular one is called 1 NU.


1. Brush on the peachy eyeshadow marked with "1." with the fluffy part of the eyeshadow brush.

2. Carefully apply the matte brown eyeshadow marked with "2." under your eyes with the stiffer brush. 

3. Apply the eyeshadow marked with "3" in the crease of your eyelid with the fluffy brush. Blend  well!

4. Highlight the inner corner of your eye with the eyeshadow marked with "4."


I finish off the look with my all-time favorite cream highlighter KRYOLAN Cream Color Circle in CLASSIC  in the inner creases of my eyes and a light eyeliner. Rimmels Inliner in 56 Blonde is perfect because it isn't too white, so it looks beautiful and and natural. For my mascara I used Lancome Grandiôse Mascara.

Travel Ingrid

  • 17.01.2015, 17:31




I am wearing coat from By Malene Birger, crew neck top from H&M, jeans from Never Denim, sneakers Nike (YME Paleet), earring and necklace Jane Kønig and bag Givenchy


I'm heading to Cologne for a few days for work, so my weekend has been cut a little short. When I get back to Oslo it is Costume Awards so that is exciting! I've definitely become a much better work-traveller throughout the years. I hate checking in my luggage, so a handcarry suitcase is a must-have now. It's amazing how much you can stuff into one! My dream luggage is a matching set from Rimowa, both handcarry and check-in but I don't even know where I can buy Rimowa in Oslo! Does anyone know? Anyways, next stop Cologne!

Dressing up with Taco

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Happy Friday from us! Taco turned eight months old a few days ago. As I shared on my Instagram, somewhere along the line he sprouted two teeth! At the same time! He is supercute now when he smiles his goofy smile. He looks like a little Shrek! My friday plans are: call Line and babble on the phone, order pizza from Den Gode and start packing my bags because early on Sunday morning I am flying to Cologne for work. Have an amazing weekend folks!

Winter Coat

  • 16.01.2015, 11:49


I am wearing coat and mohair sweater By Malene Birger, necklace Dyreberg/Kern, jumpsuit Nelly, bag vintage and shoes Bianco

Giorgio Armani Red Blood

  • 13.01.2015, 12:18



I've been getting good feedback on sharing the beauty products that I use in my OOTD's and in my everyday life so here is another tip. I'm a bit late in sharing this as it is from the Giorgio Armani Christmas Collection. The color is called Red Blood and it is a classic color that I am in love with. In general I am very pleased with the Giorgio Armani nail polishes. The colors are vibrant, the polishes are a good thickness (sometimes just one layer is enough), and they are easy to apply. It is definitely worth checking out their nailpolish colors the next time you see their make-up displays. 


Book of Taco

  • 12.01.2015, 07:28






Here is something that I have been meaning to share for a while... my Christmas gift to John. I worked well into the night for two months just to get it perfect. The book starts in the hospital on the day that James was born and ends around the time that he turned 6 months old. Some photographs are ones that I have shared on the blog and others (like the hospital pictures) are a little more personal. I've also glued memorabilia like cards from our family and James' hospital bracelets on special designated pages. When John opened his present this Christmas his eyes filled with tears in front of my whole family. I am lucky to be with such a talented photographer, not only because he takes beautiful pictures, but because he has taught me a thing or two about photography as well. In years to come our family will be documented this way. We still haven't found our family home yet, and we are still putting some pieces of the puzzle together, but we have each other and these photographs as our little legacy. They show us every step of the way.

Denim Overalls

  • 11.01.2015, 10:24





I cant wait to wear these overalls in the summertime! Today I am wearing denim overalls, cream turtleneck Benetton, coat Dagmar, bag BeckSöndergaard, jewelry Hermès, Marte Frisnes and other assorted, shoes Stockholm Design Group


Face of the Day

  • 10.01.2015, 14:57



Skin - Lancôme Miracle Cushion foundation in 04 Biege Meil. 

Eyes - Yves Saint Laurent Coutoure Variation 10 Color Eye Palette

Eyelashes - Lancome Grandiôse Mascara

Concealer - Clarins Instant Concealer 02

Cheekbones - Yves Saint Laurent Heart of Light powder blush 6

Lipstick - Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Nr. 244




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 Did you know that it was Mr. Max Factor was the one that transformed innocent Norma Jean Baker into the sultry Marilyn Monroe? Here is my 'transformation':




I've been challenged by the beautiful NetteNestea on my Instagram to share my most glamorous selfie so here it is! Basically, if you share your own transformation on instagram and hashtag it with #GlamJan #MaxfactorNorway you might win a makeover and and shopping for 5000 kroner with Max Factors make-up artist Linda Wickmann.




1. Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Pink Opal

2. Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Onyx, applied as winged liner with an angled eyeliner brush

3. Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Bronze

4. Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Scarlet Ghost


*Del dine mest glamorøse øyeblikk i januar, og bli med i trekningen av en makeover og shopping for 5000 kr med Max Factors ansvarlige makeupartist Linda Wickmann. Bruk #GlamJan #maxfactornorway

#GlamJan #maxfactornorway


January Reads

  • 06.01.2015, 21:31


A few days ago I finally picked up a copy of PS: Magazine. I found a very last copy in the dark little bookstore-café hidden in an almost forgotten corner at the top floor of YME Universe.


PS: Magazine was started by stylist Pauline Naerholm. Out of all of the people in the tiny fashion industry of Norway that I have been lucky enough to meet, Pauline is the one that I love and fear the most. She is diminuitive, but mighty. Her personality is both endearing and sharp at the same time. I have always loved her styling because it isn't heavily influenced by "the now". I don't give a crap about styling that tries to pinpoint to references that are incredibly "in" and "time-appropriate". This is why I admire Pauline so much. Her styling is timeless and at its best effortless. I love her sass. I was sad when I couldn't be at the launch of her magazine but I just didn't have the time, as much as I tried. Then suddenly, in the middle of the January sales rush, I stood in a dark and almost forgotten little café-bookstore, face-to-face with her magazine. I had managed to negotiate some Ingrid-time away from John and baby James for an hour, although John protested as much as he could as I walked away. After having pored over the publication, I have decided that I am going to purchase every copy that comes out. Because people like Pauline need to be supported. Recommended for those readers that are looking for something more.


I am lucky to be able to travel a lot for work and my blog and I seem to be in both Stockholm and Copenhagen quite a few times every year. So I bought little Wallpaper* guides to them. These little wonders are joining me next time to help me travel more effectively. I cannot wait to fill them with my very own notes. I also purchased the Oslo and Manila guides so that I can be a tourist in my own cities. I regret not ordering the Düsseldorf guide as I am going to be in Düsseldorf & Cologne in a few weeks time!

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OOTD and New Years Resolutions

  • 03.01.2015, 21:39




Hello! Here in Oslo things are q.u.i.c.k.l.y returning to normalcy. Work starts on monday, and my week kicks off with two photoshoots for a Varier Furniture chair that has gotten a bit of a makeover. People have been asking me if I have any New Years resolutions and my answer has been no. But, now that I've been thinking about it, maybe I do have some after all:


1. To finally get my drivers license. I'm so very close now! 

2. To always be at work at 8:30am or earlier. This is super easy for me in the summertime and so difficult in the winter months! Sleep is so important for my well-being and now that I have a son I need to be extra strict with myself so that I dont spend the day  tired.

3. To save more money. I'm (pretty obviously) not the thriftiest girl on the block. Although I have two savings accounts that are given a tiny boost every month, my closet seems to be where I put the most of my extra money. I'm sure there are places where I could save without completely compromising on my love of le clothes.  

4. To go on more dates with John now that our son is a little older. Although I love my son more than anything, some days I really miss my boyfriend!

5. To take more beautiful photographs.

6. To plan more. In general. 


I am wearing a teddy coat from eBay, shirt from Theory, skirt from Costume for Bik Bok, sweater from Benetton, bracelet from Hermès, rose gold ring vintage, and bag from A.P.C

Todays Details

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Here are todays OOTD details. The full outfit will follow soon! ♥


Ingrid Holm



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