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Go Away Snow

  • 29.01.2012, 02:19

Ugh. I am still not dealing with the fact that Oslo is covered in frozen slush 50% of the year. I keep thinking about taking an outfit post in the snow but its so not tempting. Instead here's what I plan to wear in the Spring when the snow clears up. I'll try again tomorrow. Promise.

Sweater from Nowhere // Bag from By Malene Birger

Vintage Veteran

  • 28.01.2012, 16:25

I'm in the latest issue of Det Nye which is out in stores now. I'm wearing Dagmar - it's like my 'Acne' ;). In it talk about my love of vintage. I had such an amazing time with the writer Trine Saugestad Hatlen. We just hung around my apartment and talked about granny clothes and flea market finds. I wish I had more time for those things, nowadays my days always seem to be so full!

The next time I pose for a picture I'll also try to remember to not look like I really have to pee! XD

Vintage Marabou Feathers

  • 24.01.2012, 21:41

I'm really excited for the Costume Awards in a few days! It has been so long since I've actually gotten dressed up for anything at all. 

 I seem to have lost my knack for throwing together outfits on a whim because I've been having such a hard time deciding what to wear. This dress is pretty high up on the list - a vintage dress with marabou feathers over the shoulders. That's the amazing thing about vintage dresses - I bought this one three years ago (the pictures were taken three years ago as well) and the dress is just as timeless and beautiful as it was when I first bought it. 

I'm also really sad about a beautiful long velvet dress that I didn't buy from Dagmar AW2011 that I really, really wanted. It has such amazing leather details. Too late now... My guy always tells me: there will be a million more dresses. I always answer "but not exactly this one". *pout*

Seeing Stars

  • 21.01.2012, 19:33

Remember how I wrote that I was in love with Trop Belle's blog? Well I did some treasure-hunting on ebay and found my very own starfish bracelet - kinda like hers. I am so in love with it, I think I am going to sleep with it tonight.

I am wearing a scarf from By Malene Birger and my boyfriends ratty old knit sweater. 

Tuesday already

  • 17.01.2012, 20:01

Time flies! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately! I blame it all on the fact that the sun don't shine (I'm serious - winter Oslo is DARK).  In this picture taken a few days ago (where I look like I'm about to sneeze) I am wearing a new t-shirt from T by Alexander Wang which I bought from Luisa Via Roma. I've been wearing it every day. I'm gross. ALSO, as you've probably noticed, I'm back to brown... to make a long story short... my hair grows fast. Roots look nasty. And bleach kills hair.  I'll get back to blogging when I can produce something of substance.

xx Ingrid 

Stay at home and paint Saturdays

  • 14.01.2012, 17:31

I'm still sick-ish, so I've promised myself that I am staying home all weekend. Here I start with a blank canvas.


Friday Afternoon

  • 13.01.2012, 17:01

It's early on a Friday as I write this - but after I finish this entry I am going to call it a night. I caught some strange kind of flu that makes you feel like you've just gotten off a roller-coaster all the time, as well as being incredibly light-sensitive. I've been locked in my room with 2 duvets over me. Just looking at my iPhone has made me tear up. Luckily, I'm much better now. Thus the screen exposure. Before I kiss friday goodnight I thought I would first update you on small things that have made my week wonderful:


1. My new brassieres from Calvin Klein. They are so comfortable. I don't understand how I've been able to use anything else. Not only that, but if you choose the cups with least coverage (they have a system of 1-3 in coverage) you get some pretty nice (non-threatening) cleavage. I completely enjoy being quite small but a bra that manages to give me nice lift as well as being comfortable gets 10+ points in my book. So as they said in the nineties: from now on it's "Calvin Klein or nothing at all". Word.  

2. If you live in Norway - if you were to only ready one thing about fashion this week I would highly recommend the cover story on Charlotte Gainsbourg in D2 Magazine. I don't know how many times I've said this - and at the risk of sounding incredibly pretentious: D2 is the pinnacle of cultural journalism in Norway.  

3. I don't really like leopard print, and I'm not a huge fan of chunky necklaces. But I am a fan of sales. These things came home with me from H&M because I needed gloves. They're growing on me, but I might return the necklace.

5. I quickly just added my iPhone 45 because, shit, it's kind of amazing. I think Kim Kardashian called hers #swag on twitter and all. Right on.

That's all folks! Goodnight and soon it will be Saturday morning (at least for me)Be safe, don't drink too much, and wear a scarf. It's cold out. xx 


  • 13.01.2012, 08:30

I've been getting some requests on how I do my simple everyday make-up so here's goes:

Skin: 1. L'oreal True Match in 06 Golden under the eyes and reddish areas under nose as base. 2. Kanebo powder foundation in 204,5 applied lightly to the face with a powder brush. 3. Lancome Star Bronzer on the cheekbones 4. Nars Orgasm blush on the apples of the cheeks. // Eyes: 1. L'oreal Quad Pro for hazel eyes. (apply with a moist eyeshadow brush) 2. Maxfactor Masterpiece Max mascara. 3. Brown eyeliner. 4. Bare Minerals well-rested concealer applied under the eyes with a concealer brush. // Eyebrows: 1. Make Up Forever waterproof eyebrow corrector in nr. 2. 2. Mac Brow Set eyebrow mascara in Beguile. // Lips: 1. Savex lip balm.

The trick is to breeze through it and not over-apply anything. You want it to look super-natural.Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. xx

Mirrors and Elysian Gardens

  • 09.01.2012, 08:40

When I bought mirrored plates to put under my candles my boyfriend joked that my apartment is starting to look like one of those pompous party apartments from the seventies. This I loved. They're now strategically placed around the apartment, and as a bonus they reflect the light from the candles. This provides a cozy glow to otherwise dark corners. Amongst other things in the pictures you can see my new Voluspa candle which I ordered from Ebay ages ago, a chain bracelet from my mother, a Diptyque candle and rings from Indiska. 


  • 09.01.2012, 08:38

Sorry about the awkward background - just acquired a Canon G12 in order to update more - so I guess I will be posting a lot more awkward backgrounds in the future. I love my Nikon D3100 but producing shots out of that camera takes a lot of time, so I'm going to mix it up a little bit. In between my iPhone, my Nikon DSLR and this compact I think I've got all my bases covered. This outfit was worn as I was rushing out to a birthday this weekend.I was wearing: shirt from T by Alexander Wang, blazer from Zara, leather trousers from Vero Moda, shoes from Din Sko as well as my black Mulberry Lily, which isn't in the pictures.


  • 08.01.2012, 12:44

It's OK, be free...

photo sources: unknown

Feather/Leaf Bracelet

  • 08.01.2012, 11:26

(pictures taken with my Canon G12)

This has to be my favourite Christmas present this year... so beautiful.It is from my dear sister. She has a leaf tattoo exactly where I have my feather tattoo.People always ask me if my feather tattoo is a leaf, and people ask her if her leaf tattoo is a feather, so it was a very symbolic and beautiful gift. ?

The bracelet is from a Swedish brand called Lit De Parade.

An outfit that I never posted:

  • 07.01.2012, 17:14

Well lookie here! Kinda a bonus outfit, since this was never posted!

I am wearing old favourites - knit by Indiska,  sunnies from Karen Walker, leather skirt bought at JC, and Bianco boots.

I have a feeling I'll be dressing a little more ladylike when it gets warmer in 2012.

xx Ingrid

ap - art - ment

  • 06.01.2012, 14:25

photos: Petra Tungården      

 I've always been known to fall for antique furniture but about a year ago I fell in love with the Stark ghost chairs and now I covet at least one of them for my future home. My favourite ones are the ones with the armrest, but these ones look pretty great around the contradictory sturdy wooden table.

I also want a bison skull on my wall. This obsession started many years ago when I found a beautiful one draped in silver jewelry in a Paris apartment.  

Ten Basics - based on the Det Nye article

  • 05.01.2012, 20:22

As promised, here are my ten favourite wardrobe basics:    1. Pumps. They can be black or in a statement colour, depending on your personal style. Mine are patent Louboutins with skyscraper heels, but choose what suits you best! 2. A leather jacket. The biker jacket is still a great piece, but there are other alternatives. 3. A white shirt. A simple & sophisticated white shirt that buttons up is one of my absolute favourite items to match with everything. 4. The LBD (little black dress for you fashion-illiterate) - is always a winner.  5. Red lipstick is hard to pull off but it brightens up most outfits, especially the simple ones. Find one that matches your skin tone. This is easier said than done. 6. A knit sweater. Make sure it's warm, simple and of good quality. 7. Ankle boots. Refer to 90% of my outfit posts. They just work. Please buy real leather shoes. 8. Chain bag. They always look good. Refer to the Chanel 2.55. 9. Black tights. One of my mottos are: WWKD.What would Kate (Moss) do? 10. A t-shirt. My favourites come from T by Alexander Wang. Because they are perfect. 

You can see the full article here

My Favourite Outfit of 2011

  • 05.01.2012, 07:12

Here is my favourite outfit of 2011.

I am wearing:

Sunglasses by Karen WalkerMulberry LilyZara CoatWhyred knit sweatervintage braceletVero Moda trousersBianco boots

To review my latest outfit posts just click the link that says outfits on my sidebar. That way you'll get straight to the good stuff!

I wonder what 2012 will bring. :)

Outfit Review 2011

  • 04.01.2012, 19:28

I thought I would do an outfit review for 2011, but I realized that even picking favourites was impossible... there are just too many outfits. Instead I randomly went through my hundreds of folders and picked a few that caught my eye.

Brace yourself for a long entry. 

1. I wore a leather harness-belt from By Malene Birger during Oslo Fashion Week 2. I wore my favourite vintage dress from Hong Kong 3. I tried to get away with double denim 4. I played around with sheer dresses (this is one is from Asos) 5. I wore more double denim, and another pair of vintage Levi's

1. I bough a YSL arty oval ring and wore my favourite summer knit from JC 2. I found a perfect dress on sale at H&M and wore a beaded John Lewis bag which I received during a super fun press trip in London 3. I fell in love with Indiska and started buying a whole lot of blazers, this one is from Zara 4. I found The Perfect Sunglasses by Karen Walker

1. I wore silver jeans from Zara 2. I bought my first skirt from T by Alexander Wang 3. I wore this fluffy vest a lot 4. I experimented with capes 5. I wore red leather pants from By Malene Birger and bought my first pair of classic Louboutins 6. I wore vintage to the Vixen Blog awards where I won in the outfit category! The skirt cost me 30 kroner.

1. I was interviewed by StyleTV and wore my Miu Miu's and a trench coat from Henrik Vibskov 2. I started making plans for my very own online store (which is still in the works). I started looking at suppliers and found this dream of a dress 3. I still loved sequins, especially with rough boots.

1. Here I wore a skirt backwards for the zipper detail 2. I got my highest rating on for this outfit, inspired by a top by Sonia Rykiel 3. I wore my first of many items from Dagmar 4. I tried to look like a lady, sometimes.

1. I wore my cateye sunglasses from Ray-ban a lot 2. I started preferring faux furs. This one I bought on ebay 3. I loved the necklaces from and made a DIY vest 4. These shoes were too painful to wear for long and I obviously didn't brush my hair 5. I loved this classic wool dress 6. I wore white. I almost never do.

Then I gave up! But... soon I will post my favourite outfit of 2011. It is none of these. Can you guess which one it is?

Here are some key-words from my 2011 style: vintage, cat-eye, double-denim, lady, dresses, knits!

I hope you picked up some outfit inspiration. :)

Ten basics

  • 04.01.2012, 14:06

This month I am in Det Nye where I explain my top ten wardrobe basics.I've decided to do an english version of this, but here is a sneak-peek for my Norwegian readers!

I giggled a little when I read about black tights as one my wardrobe basics. I wrote WWKD (What Would Kate Do) and they wrote Kate Middleton! I meant Kate Moss (queen of black tights).

Det Nye is probably the magazine that inspires me the most in Norway, because fashion editor Rubi Sørvik and Beauty editor Mari Ruus really seem to hit the bullseye when it comes to what I obsess about. My latest obsession (which I found in the last Det Nye) is a pair of leather tights from LES CHIFFONIERS. At 660 EUROS for a pair (sans import tax) I think it will have to remain a distance-obsession kinda thing...

PS: The other girls in the article are Marianne of STYLEDEVIL and Maria of VANILLASCENTED.

Ingrid Holm



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