Welcoming Hallhuber to Trondheim

29.09.2015 - 16:00 6 kommentarer

Sponset Opphold

If there's one thing that I love about being a blogger, then it has to be discovering new things. New brands, new cities, new impulses. I feel that I am constantly learning new things, meeting new people, seeing new places. This might sound crazy, since Trondheim isn't exactly a world metropolis, but I was so excited about visiting Trondheim that I didn't sleep so well last night. Trondheim is after all one of the larger cities in Norway, and I don't usually get to travel so much within my own country.  So, this morning me and a handful of other bloggers boarded a plane and visited the newly opened Hallhuber store that had just opened there. Have you heard of Hallhuber yet? Nope, neither had I! When I walked into the store I was pleasantly surprised. First of all because of the beautiful clothes, and then second of all because of the inspiring interiors! I found myself completely in my element, in a city that I had never been to before. So exciting!

So here are a few pictures from my day today. I hope that it inspired you to visit a Hallhuber store. Just go inside and have a little peek. I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

// Her er et bildedryss fra min dag i dag. Jeg og en knippe andre bloggere besøkte den nyåpnede Hallhuber butikken i Trondheim. Jeg anbefaler på det høyeste å ta en liten titt innom!

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29.09.2015 kl.18:44

Hallhuber har også åpnet dørene sine på Storo Storsenter i Oslo ????


29.09.2015 kl.20:44

Stemmer det!! :) Vi sees nok snart, er blitt helt forelsket i merket!
Dere må få inn Donna linjen!

Hanne Erøy

30.09.2015 kl.11:57

Så utrolig flotte bilder du tok! Tusen takk for en super dag :-) Her er flere bilder jeg tok av deg:



30.09.2015 kl.12:40

Takk søte deg! Koste meg veldig!


01.10.2015 kl.15:03

Hvor er de svarte skoene dine fra? De var såå fine!


05.10.2015 kl.09:00

Tusen takk! De er fra Ellos :) Her er de: http://www.ellos.no/ellos-shoes/loafers-med-frynser/484139?N=1z141mlZ1z141xbZ1z141od&Nao=25&Ns=Freshness|0&selArt=605620&pr=0C1B2S3T

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