A morning at Høyer PR

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I generally don't go to many breakfast/daytime events because I work full time, but I made sure to make time for the BY BØRRE OLSEN event at Høyer PR a fews week ago. My friend Emilie that works there has supported me in so many ways possible throughout the years. She even stepped in at my position at Varier when I was in my maternity leave! What a girl. The event ended up being awesome, and I was teeny bit envious of the girls that get to attend every single event out there. Basically, I got to Høyer PR a bit after 8 in the morning, they handed me a great cup of coffee, an amazing juice and a chocolate croissant and then I was styled by the amazing team WICKEDHOUSE. I was so happy with my hair and make-up! Afterwards I got to talk to jewelry designer Børre Olsen, who draped me in a 500,000 kroner diamond necklace before I had a little photoshoot with photographer Anthony Huus.


Here is the final picture! 



On the way out my Emilie stuffed two more chocolate croissants in my bag and I left the event just feeling really pampered and taken care of. SO thank you Høyer PR! I had such a great time. 

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