Breakfast with Mexx

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Location: Story Hotel. Stockholm, Sweden










Here are some snapshots from my morning with Mexx. President and Chief Creative Officer Julia Hansen flew in from Amsterdam to tell us about her journey with the fashion label and it was really inspiring to listen to her speak so passionately about the brand. The clothing items in the images are from their SS15 collection and there were some really good quality items that I would love to have in my closet. 

At its height Mexx was a revolutionary brand that challenged norms. They used Naomi Campbell as their model before she was super famous and created thought-provoking advertisements. Today Julia is working towards bringing Mexx back to its core. She spoke of how she was inspired by the idea of  taking a very street item and making it fashion or taking a very fashion fabric and making it street. During her talk she put a lot of emphasis on items that you can wear from morning to night with a few tweaks and this went straight to my heart. I don't have time to change outfits anymore so I tend to gravitate towards items that I can dress up and down. Mexx also has baby clothes and I loved how she used her own kids as examples - urban kids need clothes that they can run around in with a bit of edge. Kids nowadays are cool, not little dolls. :) 

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06.11.2014 kl.19:17

Hej söta Ingrid, så KUL att du var I Sthlm idag och att du kände precis som mig att Julia är inspirerande att lyssna på, hon är grym! Hoppas du hade en fin resa hem och jag kan tänka mig att det var härligt att komma hem till din lilla son.....
Kram från Annette (som ÄLSKAR NORGE). ;).

06.11.2014 kl.21:57

Det var utrolig hyggelig å møte deg i dag Annette! :) Kanskje vi sees en dag da St. Hanshaugen er rett ved der jeg bor! :) :)

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