Good Night from Stockholm

05.11.2014 - 21:14 3 kommentarer

Sponset opphold

Location: Story Hotel. Stockholm, Sweden








Hello and goodnight from Stockholm! Story Hotel is one of my favorite hotels to stay in while I am in Stockholm and it almost kind of feels familiar by now. I really do love it here.  I am in Stockholm to learn about the fashion label MEXX which I have to admit that I am not too familiar with. I cannot wait to share what I discover! This is my first night ever without James and I miss him very much, but luckily I am knackered so I know that I will sleep. 

3 kommentarer


05.11.2014 kl.23:37

For et unikt hotellrom - elsker klesstativet og tapetet! Dette hotellet må jeg sjekke ut neste gang jeg skal til søta bror.

06.11.2014 kl.00:08

favoritthotellet mitt i Stockholm! :)


06.11.2014 kl.00:08

favoritthotellet mitt i Stockholm! :)

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