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Vintage Triumph underwear! So pretty.






the new Magic Wire bras






Hey girls! I just spent the most amazing day in Copenhagen with Moteguri and Henriette to learn more about the new Magic Wire bra from Triumph. All I can say is that I am a complete convert. Here is a shot of me trying one on from my instagram account. I seriously didn't know that my boobs could look like that! Most importantly, the bra is really comfortable. Basically, Triumph has developed a bra that has replaced that super annoying underwire that digs into your ribs with a silicon 'wire' which is then embedded in foam. You don't feel any digging pain and your boobalas look like something out of a nineties Guess commercial. We have a winner! 


My first 'real' bra was actually from Triumph. I was about 14 years old and SO INCREDIBLY PROUD. I hardly took it off.  I think I may have slept with it on the first few months. I do remember it having an annoying underwire to 'support' my A cup (non-existent) breasts. 


Now that I've had a baby my boobs are actually a DD/E cup. I just found that out today! That is insane. No wonder I've been in pain, I've been stuffing my girls into way-too-small bras. The next time that you need to buy a new bra I seriously recommend that you try one of these new Magic Wire ones because not only will you be standing in front of the mirror entranced by your décolletage, you will also be so comfortable that you will not want to take it off. 


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