The Show Must Go On

19.02.2012 - 21:51 Ingen kommentarer

 photos: Yvan Rodic

Here are some pictures taken from Yvan Rodics photoblog from the Vixen Blog Awards! I wish I could keep Yves in my back pocket to capture all of the amazing little things that happen every day. Unfortunately the man belongs to the next fashion party in the next country on his endless list. 

1. Clutching on to a velvet seat for dear life.2. Dagmar dress!3.  Loubs and a Morrocan party tent.4. The beautiful Patriksson showroom intern/model or should I say model-intern Hodo.Googling her is painful, she's so pretty. 5. Barbro of (because she has the most amazing face).

The rest of the pictures of that night can be seen here, and they are worth the peek cause it was a fun night.

Oslo is a cool city when it wants to be. 

xoxo Ingrid

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