Feels like a friday

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I know you guys appreciate my honesty so I'm going to be honest. It's the second day of the week and I'm §$%#$&$% exhausted already. It feels like a friday. I just got back from the Nåløyet Awards and I've got to say that I am really impressed with the winners. Cala & Jade + Norwegian Rain were both worthy winners - and the teams behind the brands were so cool! I was camera fail ONCE AGAIN. This time I left the camera at a friends house. Fail. 

But I did come right home and take these photo booth shots to show you my outfit. And I've decided that I like my grainy photo booth shots, once in a while. Cause they're honest as well. I like honesty.

Things that I am really looking forward to:

1. An event that we (my work) are having on THURSDAY. A Norwegian brand that has completely changed their creative direction to make one of the strongest womenswear collections that I have seen come out of this country in a long time. PLUS - Sandra Kolstad is performing. Excited. Will try my best not to be camera fail this time. I'm really no good at these "seen and be seen" photo-ops. It has never ever been my thing. I've always felt like a bit of an awkward outsider.

2. Vixen Blog Awards of course! I cant believe I actually WON last year - like I said, I've always felt like an outsider, so that was a complete shock. This year I'm not even nominated - and this was not a surprise to me. :) Still excited for the show though! And to plan my outfit.


I am wearing a Dagmar top and leather trousers, a By Malene Birger blazer & a starfish cuff bought on Ebay. 

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