Sweet Christmas

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I think I am still in post-Christmas shock! Too much sugar, thoughtful presents and love all around.

I've been having so much fun navigating through the many blogs that my extended internet world brings me to to see all the wonderful and stylish presents that everyone has received from friends and loved ones. I got my guy a black silk bowtie from Hermès that made my heart skip a beat as well as a clock from Triwa that I knew he had wished for. Unfortunately the Hermès bowtie wasn't such a hit! That's what I get for trying to get a guy that isn't too interested in style to wear something that I would love on him... never works! ;) He is more of t-shirt and baseball cap guy (with a pair of Nikes). Very American for a European. I will try to snap a picture of the bowtie before he returns it though.

Otherwise I have been lying around in a constant food-coma. I've also been trying to rediscover my (almost non-existent) cupcake baking skills! As you can see by the picture above, I've still got a while to go before they're actually picture-worthy.

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