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This little luxury came home with me today, and I found the most beautiful winter jacket I have ever seen! Ack. I usually weather through winter without a proper one (just wool coats) but this one was beautiful and I could picture it lasting me for many, many winters to come. I am properly crushing on a winter jacket! Ack! You know those poofy shapeless ones that will never, ever be chic? Canada Goose style... Oh lord! Now lets see if I actually invest in one... they're bloody expensive.

Sometimes I think I need to remind myself that I live in Norway where a proper winter jacket is almost mandatory, considering the weather. Sometimes I do go into denial... especially when it comes between me buying something incredibly beautiful but much less practical.

Back to Voluspa. I ordered Elysian Garden on ebay but this one (Citron Vert & Vanille) was too irresistible to leave behind. Good things come in pairs right?  

xx Ingrid

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